13 Healthy Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss


  1. New subbie here! Thanks for showing how easy meal prepping can be. Not to mention healthy too! Thanks and please send more videos.

  2. Easy delicious and healthy thank you

  3. 素晴らしい料理👏👏👏👏👏(* ´ ▽ ` *)

  4. You can't cook chicken all the way!!! 🤦

  5. Prefer the chicken well done

  6. That first recipe the chicken looks undercooked

  7. Do u have any similar recipes that don’t include oregano or a substitute for it? I don’t really like it or cilantro.

  8. I find it funny that until youtube, only people who were passionate about cooking were great chefs. Now I'm making meals of this quality 3 meals a day and have many friends that do the same. I think back to how overcooked, soggy, bland, or just plain gross my parents cooking was. Never again will I have to force food down.

  9. Your ideas, production quality and choice of easy to make dishes earned you a +1 subscriber 😊👍🏻
    You’re really killing it with these videos, great job!

  10. Hello lovely people 🙂 Im starting a much needed weight loss journey on my YouTube channel and would love to have some help and support! I’d love you to subscribe and help my channel grow! I make a variety of videos now but the weight loss vlogs are a work in progress. Thanks for stopping to read! Have a great day ❤️

  11. Amazing 🌷chef

  12. This is just stomach stuffing most of the chicken in the recipe was uncooked and u cant add cucumber to chicken in a recipe , i prefer other recipes that u make

  13. La pechuga de pollo de la primera receta está cruda. No me como eso ni locaaaa!!!

  14. ABSOLUTELY fantastic

  15. Chicken is not cooked properly.

  16. That looks so so so good😍😍
    I love your videos!!

  17. So nobody is going to talk about how raw the first piece of chicken is

  18. I'm love this.👍👍👍💋

  19. I really have been enjoying myself watching all of your videos but I honestly do love all the healthy lifestyle that I really have been having from watching all of your healthy meals, and just watching it really made me loosing a lots of weight that I really am trying to do for my self but I have lost 55 pounds lighter

  20. Yummy so great recipe nice job

  21. Looks delicious but first recipe chicken needs another 5 minutes to cook

  22. All this recipes look delicious. tank you sooo much 😊

  23. ماشاء الله ..جممميل👍🌷

  24. Can you pls tell me which brand olive oil u use for cooking. Thanks for the vedio and recipes.

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