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  1. Paper towels have the advantage that they get used to collect potentially septic substances and then thrown away to a safer place, unlike cloth towels that tend to hang around soiled and damp – increasing their septic tendency to re-pollute the area. Paper towels are also very useful splatter catchers and scratch preventers between your inductive stove top and pots & pans, and then later can multi-purpose as conventional counter wipes and hand wipes to be thrown out. It is handy to buy the half-sheet rolls, rather than the traditional sheet sized, so you can waste less than otherwise.

  2. She’s so sexy

  3. In Australia we have to pay for every “cable” channel. My husband and I constantly cancel and swap between them as soon as we finish watching what we’d like to watch rather than keeping the subscription.

  4. something si wrong with the title…EVERYDAY??? you throw away expired food? maybe your advice is BUY ONKY WHAT U CAN CONSUME FOR A WEEK OR MONTHLY BASIS SO NO WASTAGE…

  5. I love all of your pillows and think you should add and/or change as your heart desires. Design and comfort. Some things are worth the money. H8rs gonna h8.

  6. These advices are useless, the fact that they come from a us citizen, leads me to thinks that you people are used to expent money in the most useless things ever…

  7. Plz provide your room tour from which your are recording ..

  8. I find it interesting what different people consider essential spices. I put turmeric in almost everything. But I don’t buy chili powder, which I know lots of people use a lot of (just for example)

  9. This whole video is dumb, basically all this is about is "give up on convenience to save up money" and that's just wrong, save by avoiding expenses that don't add actually pleasure to your life
    Keep track of what you spend and then take a moment to think about if that purchase was actually something that made your life better

  10. Lemon and vinegar doesn't disinfect surfaces the same way as cleaners please research your tips before you make these videos

  11. Don't spend money on membership – she said while advertising for a monthly membership. For one year's worth of freshbooks you can buy quickbooks and use it for years. I have a 2010 version of QB which isn't supported anymore but of course nothing in accounting ever changes so you can still use it. The only downside when you use QB beyond support dates is that you can't import the data to turbotax anymore – it's the thing they do to "encourage" you to buy the new version (where personally I just input it by hand because it's only half an hour extra work)

  12. "stains" are just a state of mind! nobody actually knows your dress is stained! only you!

  13. I shop weekly at costco and use my credit card and make $116 cash back.

  14. I buy dog treats only on sale with extra coupons and I make dog biscuits.

  15. I only bu minimal cosmetics that fit in a small lunch box

  16. Use an apron when cooking, works for me.

  17. Turmeric is very good for you. You should have used it!

  18. Great tips, thank you!!

    For an even better way to save money on cleaning clothes, I would recommend an old fashioned soap bar made from fat. I make mine from bacon fat that I save and clean. You can go to the butcher and ask for some.
    It's literally magic and costs so little. You don't have to buy the expensive Tide pen.

    And for the turmeric… there are lots of great Indian inspired recipes that you could use it in. Golden tea too!
    I even sprinkle it on some
    Mac n' cheese for extra colour and flavour! 😉

  19. wowww so impressed with how you describe that whats better for the environment is also cheaper for us! Awesome video!

  20. The Brita filter is trash. It's generally made with plastic and although it's better plastic than the water bottles, it is still pretty bad and micro-particles of plastic will eventually get into your water anyway. Also, it is mass produced usually in China and, well, I don't have to say how much smoke pours out of those factories

  21. I use a straight razor to get my beard lines right, all you need is a sharpening strip and some good handwork… super great investment.

  22. I make my own pet food and my dogs love it. However, considering my dogs will happily eat the droppings from other animals, I don't know why I bother…

  23. Oh, I'm one of the folks using the h$ll out of my Amazon Prime.

  24. Over-zealous with the band gestures my dear. But good info.

  25. Buy the Berkey Filter system if you want actual clean healthy water.

  26. I use turmeric daily. It gives a nice colour and taste to the meal

  27. Amazon knows me personally

  28. So I know the zero waste/low impact movement has gained A LOT of traction since this video came out, but if you look for a razor on one of those eco websites they have some REALLY nice metal razors that she's talking about. And the blades come in huge boxes that will forever honestly.

  29. Chelsea, everything's a chemical. Even water.

  30. No one cares about your thin and teased manipulated hair

  31. I stopped with the woman, the best saving ever.

  32. brita filter adds more bacteria to the water, wouldn't recommend AT ALL

  33. I don't buy bottled water, and I don't use a filter. I just drink ordinary tap water. Somehow I still survive.

  34. 5. Connect to open, public WiFi.. What incredibly bad advice, safety wise. How much money will you eventually have to spend to get your private pictures etc back when you get hacked?

  35. I LOVE these suggestions – save money, be green, do what works FOR YOU.

  36. Is the soda stream as good as the sparkling water at Trader Joe’s? That is my favorite if it is I will definitely buy one thank you 🙏

  37. Research recipes and different cuisines and find recipes that use turmeric or the spice that you just purchased. One can never have too much turmeric…

  38. Turmeric is something you should learn to use on a regular basis. I add it to so many things! It is a super spice with antioxidants! I really don't use most of anything you speak of. Essential oils, vinegar, bleach, reusable rags are all things I was taught to use and frugality was too! I really never bought into our disposable society, fast food, and I was brought up on thrift stores and rummage sales. My Grandmother and mother sewed our clothes many times, canned food, and we had a garden. Living in the city does make much of this much harder, and I so wish I could sew better. I didn't realize how lucky I had been as a child to have been taught these things when most everyone around me was so different. The ability to cook has proven to be the most important skill especially when I went vegetarian and now vegan. You really have some great advice. Old fashioned wisdom revised for our modern times. I enjoy your videos and really like the new hairstyle, very cute!

  39. Your haircut is adorable😊

  40. Individuals with disabilities particularly those with missing limbs or mobility issues in the hands and wrists might absolutely need pre packaged food. Also some individuals might have allergies to certain soaps and might need bottled water on the go. I have to follow sell by dates religiously because I have mast cell activation syndrome. Some people need sterile products if they are immune compromised. Could you do a segment on how to save money as a disabled person?

  41. Data and phone plans are so freaking expensive in the us.

  42. Who replaces razors every 3 weeks?

  43. This all just so….privileged.

  44. But all dog treats are organic. Any thing with a carbon chain is organic. Unless those dog treats are just plain salt and water.

  45. what about when they say " you keep so much bacteria on rags by your sink

  46. Olive oil for cleaning make up. I will be totally doing

  47. I was asked to buy loyalty card of one of the biggest supermarkets in the country and I always say no. If I do the math, it was like donating the money to them. Php150 for the card valid for 2 years.
    1 point every Php400. Not a good idea really.

  48. microtransactions

  49. 90 % chemicals…. facepalm

  50. She’s so hot

  51. Organic honey as a face mask? That's more expensive than an actual face mask and not environmentally friendly either

  52. Love your information. Keep it up.

  53. Pro tip_ share all your subscriptions with your friends and family. I give my bf a spotify account and use his amazon prime.

  54. Great tips! BTW Your hair looks fabulous and I love your top.

  55. Using non commercialised oils as cleansers isn't recommended because they don't contain surfactants that help lift, suspend & wash away the dirt. & many such as olive oil, castor oil & coconut oil are comedogenic so they will clog your pores rather than clean them. Not to mention water & oil don't mix so washing off the oil isn't easy. It can cause more issues than saving a few dollars. You can buy cheaper alternatives but kitchen oils aren't worth the saving

  56. What do you order so much on Amazon prime?

  57. Netflix I miss u

  58. To also help you save money, here are some great grocery shopping tips: https://youtu.be/izOHWAGJfQs

  59. Thank you for saying "tuRRRRmeric"…and not TOOOOmeric. I don't know why and how all white people got the idea that it's pronounced like that but it's become the new "nookular" and is so grating to anyone of Indian origin!!

  60. girl that hair looks gorgeous! omg

  61. De saftey razors are awesome. No reason ladies can't use them too https://youtu.be/a0TibpHQvew. Caties bubbles makes awesome shave soap in great scents, many are gender neutral, some downright floral/fruity.

  62. I totally disagree with not buying pre-sliced food. Each time I slice the food I aggravate my arthritis, so purchasing everything pre-sliced does help to save time, avoid pain and control portions, paying more for that totally worth it.

  63. All is good but I would definitely suggest that you do not ask cafes etc for Wi-Fi passwords. I am a software engineer and I can assure that there are many of these outside places who offer Wi-Fi for free, so that they can snoop into people's phones. So it is okay to spend a few dollars on mobile data instead of risking your privacy and inviting threats and blackmails.

  64. Thanks for posting this. While there’s several items I can check off the list as “been there, doing that” there are a few that are food for thought. For example …

    On limiting food containers to just Pyrex dishes with plastic covers, I have a drawer full of them and use them every day – even eating from them to save dirtying an extra dish. But there is a time and place for the plastic boxes which are lighter, take up less space, and are unbreakable for travel use. I also use zipper type bags. They take for less space than the glass containers and shrink the size of the food they contain. I wash and reuse them. And I have an expandable file folder to store the used ones.

  65. lots of these tips seem like they’d be more environmentally friendly too!!

  66. 8:51 😂😂😂😂 “cut that shit out !” I had to pause your video so I could laugh, love it!

  67. Omg no a dermatologist would scream, Chelsea..

  68. Sorry but you are WRONG about paper towels – they save money and are good for your health. Do not use rags or microfiber cloth for your kitchen and bathroom cleanup. Use paper towels and throw the germs and bacteria away. You have to wash and dry the rags and microfiber cloths, which is more money and chances are you are not getting rid of the germs and bacteria. Throw the mess away! It is healthier and saves you money and labor. Paper towels are manna from heaven – ask your grandmother!

  69. For the razors, I will say this much. Cartridge razors leave ingrown hairs like it's their job. It's not a pleasant feeling. Maybe it is a hipster thing, but my ingrown hairs disappeared the day I switched. On the other hand, they are way easier to cut yourself with than cartridge razors.

  70. For point #9: also know that lots of times those spices you're not used to are actually blends of other spices or can be substituted with something you may have! (And sprinkle that turmeric on your roasted potatoes or add to curry)

  71. Since I got my amazon prime membership I haven't bought any DVDs any more. I have DVDs that had cost about 2000 Euros. They consume space and I don't watch them any more. I watch Amazon Prime. There are so many free shows.

  72. I put turmeric in my pasta sauce, in soups, even if I buy pre-made food I put additional turmeric and garlic into.

    … I love it and it is healthy.

  73. You’re stupid if you don’t use turmeric everyday.

  74. Inspired me. Thanks

  75. Please do not waste your money on a “cute” water bottle,🙄🙄…complete waste of money & unnecessary if you’re teaching people to not spend on unimportant things.

  76. You should check out the Leaf safety razor! It has a pivoting head made for curves!

  77. I agree that its a waste (on many levels) to buy disposable razors — but the non-disposable razors men buy do NOT have replacement razors which are 'pennies on the dollar' . Those razors blades can be really expensive.

  78. 1. I really tought the 1st or 2nd item will be coffee/tea/smothees outside home (prepare at home)
    2. I tought that you will mention about cooking prepare…
    3. Yes (as others), why some many pillows … decoration also I a waste money!

  79. 4:01 EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS. Everything you eat, everything you touch, everything you are is chemicals.

  80. 1 roll every 2 weeks of paper towels? What’re people doing that uses that much?

  81. Very true about the disposable stuff I have begun switching out everything disposable with reusable. I got my safety razor yesterday and I love it already!

  82. Very nice video. Thank you.

  83. Amazon prime has paid for itself like the first week lol

  84. Just subscribed 🙂

  85. Books/Audible memberships. You can read for free with the library

  86. where do you get the metal razors?

  87. I do not agree with you on stain removers. There has never been disappointed by using a bit of dish soap and cold water on a stain right away. Dawn is amazing (and Fairy if you're in Europe)! I was surprised at this, Chelsea!

  88. I stopped watching when she said she pays for Anazon Prime.

  89. I don’t relish the thought of my house smelling like vinegar though…

  90. How about sofa cushions ??

  91. If you are throwing out your Turmeric, you are doing it wrong.

  92. Thanks for reminding us that you live in New York in case anyone forgot since the last TFD video we watched.

  93. Cutie

  94. Use the turmeric as a Face Mask. It has been proved to give an instant glow.

  95. If only every YouTuber would create videos with the same quality audio as you have.
    I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with my laptops' speakers
    until stumbling onto this video.

  96. 1 drink tea tick 2 maybe not cross 3. Don't belong to anything surplus to requirements tick 4. I don't but got a husband that does crooss. 5 need to revise.cross 6. No pets tick 7. Need to review ajax used to do it all and now you can't find it. 8. Tick 9. Yes 1.0 bored… Make video shorter

  97. Call me crazy but spending money to support the crazy price structure for tickets for professional sports
    franchises, seems like an enormous waste of money to me. Not to mention the fools who follow teams to road games.
    For the price of 2 tickets to any game, you could watch from home on TV and place a significant bet on the game
    with the money you saved. Plus if the game gets boring, you can turn it off in an instant.
    I also seldom buy jerseys or other clothes with team logos on them. They are almost ALWAYS priced too high.
    I buy a ballcap once in awhile, at a discount sporting goods store, period.
    Let stupid and/or rich people support your local sports franchises.

  98. Why am I paying $12 a month to Youtube premium so I don't have to see commercials,
    and then seeing commercials at the end of your video ??

  99. There are actually 7 or more shave clubs for women. 🙂 Google it.

  100. These are fantastic tips & different to the “norm” you usually hear. Glad I clicked & have now subscribed 😊 thank you 🙏

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