“1111” Hz Master Frequency Meditation + OM 108 Times! (“11:11” Ascension Gateway) Law Of Attraction


  1. ✅Recommended Video: 1111 Meaning: Why You Keep Seeing “1111” & “11:11” (And How to Use It!) ➡ https://youtu.be/4hz4jgwwHUI

  2. 11:11 on November 11. Blessed BE 🙏🏼💚

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  4. wow i was the 11th view….I have a daughter who's birthday is today, born at 13:33 (133pm). Much Love and Harmony to all who are reading/listening.

  5. Thanks for this

  6. Thank you 🙏🏾

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  9. There's 111 likes right now

  10. 888 views and 111 likes!! ❤❤ On 11/11.

  11. Why should it be 108 times? What is the deep significance of 108 ?

  12. Thank you

  13. Came this video on November/11/11

  14. Thankyou you're amazing✨✨

  15. This is so amazing while listening his day along with music OM for 10min after that stop saying omg than your body will vibrate u will feel amazing and while listening think about what u want attract it will give amazing feeling I just now tried and I’m super energetic and powerful 🤩 since a week I’m keep seeing 11:11 time and here today is 11:11 date and month and I wish my my soulmate Sharavana return to me within this week ❣️❤️

  16. Thank you 🙏

  17. This is one of the best mediations I have ever heard. Thank you for doing this! much love.

  18. Best meditation ever, I felt so at peace it’s amazing! Namaste🙏🏻🙃

  19. Today is my birthday!

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  21. 💖💖❤❤🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️💎🙏🙏

  22. Wow this is amazing. Thanks a lot

  23. Wanna hear something eerie and interesting? I've scrolled past this videos thumbnail last night, didn't watch it. This morning a get a phone call/voicemail a bit after waking up. It was from an employer my cousin works for that I've been trying to get into.

    The voicemail entailed that I had applied for something that needed more experience (which they were nice about) yet encouraged me to come to a job fair held directly by them early December. Here's the the thing, I've been homeless for 5-6 months now, my dream car got totaled earlier this year, separated from family, laid off from previous jobs due to corporate bs, going from place to place and just haven't been able to see the light for many things for a very long time.
    I recieved that phone call LITERALLY at 11:11am today, once I left a voicemail I saw that it was that time then never realized this vids notification was sitting on my screen.

    Now I did apply for many other positions with this comp who pay very well and humbly pray that once I tell them I sent forth other applications…maybe I won't have to wait another month😞. Thanks for reading and in sorry for the lengthy story. Everyone, stay humbled, stay blessed, stay good to one and another, and stay free.

  24. That was wonderful thank you namaste but it make me feel so much sadness (I cryed) and I am not sure why, can you help me out please?

  25. This is magically beautiful ❤ Thank you so so much 🙏

  26. The time was 1:11 when I clicked on the video. 😉

  27. I am aligned with the money vortex

  28. Bought it!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you!!!🙏💖

  29. Today being 11/11: To all viewing I wish all of your dreams come true. I wish you all happiness, great love, and most importantly great health to live out all of your wishes and dreams.

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  31. Thank you

  32. Whole day I was seeing 111,1111,111 today is 11/11,just wondering what s i m gonna recive,but open to all the blessings gor me n the world

  33. Looked at the clock…it's 12:11 on 11.11

  34. I am peace……
    I am ❤️ love…….
    I am forgivenesses…………
    I am compassion…….
    I am health………………
    I am wealth………………….
    I am piece of GOD……..
    I am gratitude………………
    I am connected to ALL GOOD HIGH ENERGY…
    I am …………………………….UMhhhhhhh……..

  35. Beautiful

  36. You need studio speakers to get the full frequency from the OM's. Regular computer speakers won't capture the correct frequency of the vibration. Your best bet is to say the OM's w/ the video.

  37. What a wonderful meditation! Love it. Thank you.

  38. I love all of your meditations, as of now this is my favorite. I got very deep into it. Thank you for all that you do

  39. Today is 11:11 @ 4:52 pm added together equals 11

  40. Y’all know what day it is

  41. I was playing it saw 11 I say to myself what's the meaning I check my time and is 11:11 ooo naa wanders

  42. I was in the work place and my friend ask me that he don't understand why he normally take his time and is 11:11 o clock

  43. I found this video around eleven in the evening on the 11th of november 2019. Wow, has to mean something.

  44. Angels are really working today

  45. Today being 11/11: To all viewing I wish all of your dreams come true. I wish you all happiness, great love, and most importantly great health to live out all of your wishes and dreams.

  46. I see synchronicity all around me. I feel lucky, the Universe is telling me to keep moving forward.

  47. Beautiful music… very relaxing!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Peace and Love to everyone !!

  48. As I'm listening, the # 555 just now appeared. Angels are nearby. 😙
    I am Blessed!!!

  49. This is absolutely the best meditation I have ever heard! I experienced the most profound peace and I have been meditating now daily for over 4 years. Thank you for sharing this 🥰

  50. Thank you for this!! 😍😍

  51. ☺1111

  52. 📀💯🎬🥇📚👌🧑🎧

  53. I see 1111 or 111 almost every day

  54. Wonderful! I wish you can make some of your inspiring videos that can be listened without headphones because I also let my mother listen who is turning 88 years old this coming December 16 so she can benefit from your loving works you're a genius tysm infinite gratitude love and light from the Philippines 🇵🇭🙏😘👌😇

  55. Awesome! I saved this to my music playlist so I can listen to it often.
    Also, I was “Like” (thumbs up) number 999. Synchronicity?

  56. I am aligned with the Universal direction and wish all to receive their needs with comfort. >369<

  57. Remember guys advice from someone who's 🎂birthday is on November 10. A day before 11:11 do this meditation daily whatever you do don't get stuck in the 3rd dimension when there is a shift don't even wait a few months and if your procrastinating then don't give up
    🔑 the key is when you procrastinate you fail that means you haven't tried enough let's say you have low motivation and can only do it 1 time in a week just keep trying and your motivation will rise and if you fail then that's just rest.

  58. Today is 11/11 and we are all in this moment together seeing, feeling and believing that we are whole NOW and manifesting our dearest dreams…imagine the outcome and then enjoy the moment…then detach from expectations….allowing the universe to bring the golden light to you NOW! 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥

  59. I hope everyone,s life change is a miraculous way ,All of ur manifestations come to be ,Good health will follow ur loved ones may peace and love be placed in every open heart ,and weary mind U are beautiful ,and powerful full of Greatness now open ur mouth and lift ur Voice Give thank to the Almighty Great King that's sits high and looks down low ,and loves us thru all he see,s Shalom 😘 Shalomm

  60. Posted 11 hours ago… 111th comment. Synchronicity? 🤔

  61. Beautiful

  62. Beautiful

  63. Beautiful

  64. My Birthday is in 18 minutes!

  65. 11:11

  66. Trance

  67. My Destiny is about to unfold for my eyes.

  68. The Universe was calling to me and I am answering and ready to receive.

  69. It is all mine already.

  70. 7

  71. The worst energies I’ve absorbed have transmuted into some of the best energies I can emit.
    -The triumphs of an Empath 11:11


  73. 🔥🔥I found this to be amazing, it is astounding how at calm and peace you feel. When manifesting to the sounds of OM you feel the highest vibration frequency. You can actually feel the alignment resonate throughout your body. This is actually the best meditation music. At first relax… do some box breathing… clear the clutter from your mind… then allow the universe to talk to you and guide you.. have your heart and mind open to receive… know what you want and be guided to its manifestation… enjoy 🤟🏽😎

  74. Nice…calm my mind

  75. I won the euro million thank you universe so happy and grateful to fulfil my dreams and now I can help other too thank you thank you

  76. Perfect Bakwas

  77. OM , I AM .
    I am golden pure peaceful loving being . I am that unique infinite awareness, unlimited consciousness with limitless possibilities ready to manifest.

  78. Hey Dr. Connor, I guess I was born rhythmically inclined because literally as far back as I can remember I've had rhythms and beats in my head. Although I REALLY wanted to, but didn't have the opportunity to listen to this yesterday. But I did listen to it today and I LOVE IT! Thank you kind lady, for reading my mind lol. Peace and blessings, my friend

  79. OM means human in Romanian, interesting.

  80. this music takes me back to egyptian times. I can visually see myself as a person of the time like visions. This is out there

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