11 Benefits Of Eating Oats – Oatmeal Diet For Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Pressure & More


  1. oatmeal sucks i can eat tons of it and still feel hungry as hell

  2. Ah, yes…we all "suffer from blood pressure.."….it's called being alive.

  3. Unprocessed long oats with salt , cinnamon , pinch of cayenne, & turmeric powder is oh so good for you. With no sugar and no milk. And you need to know how to make it without being runny and eat with a fork. Boil the water and drop in the oats to match and turn off the heat and wait 5 to 10 minutes depending on cookware you use. I use brown glass cookware so this holds the heat & makes nearly perfect oatmeal. The consistency is correct when the flakes just fall loosely apart! You can also slice on fruit to taste, but i do not use any milk at all. You can add any herbal flavoring to this mix that you like. I eat this every morning much of the time. You will not even need sugar if flavored correctly. Another way to eat clean organic oatmeal is raw, & that will give energy like nothing else. I wonder why this happens to horses that eat raw oats? hmmm? If made right this is one healthy tasty treat.

  4. dry oats

  5. i.eat raw oats I mean without milk or mixing anything is it gud for

  6. add honey in it

  7. if you dont want to put sugar in your oat meal….what can. i put in my oat. meal to replace the sugar i tried bananas and blueberries but that's not enough Sweetness for the oatmeal

  8. but i don't. want to lose weight im not a fat 🐥 chick

  9. thаnks, goooood

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