not again you know her back I like to tell you was super easy to put up that 700-pound wall but it was it was definitely not you guys have no idea but you're about to this is this is how it happened so it turns out after two days of building the wall off camp it was it was too heavy to move so I had to buy a four hundred all occur just to bring it from the van through the wall then we almost broke it we almost broke it and it kind of helped but we still couldn't lift the wall onto the wall so we had to call my friend Mitch finally we got it out on the ground what oh we're done the voiceover aren't we I needed another minute why don't you just go back into the voiceover it wasn't long enough fathers no more footed we got to start the video we got started reminds me of school and more specifically recess and you know what game I used to always play at recess I usually I used to play tennis on the wall know what that leads right get on the wall comment down below you know what this game is called football did you really think that would work I don't I don't know why did that just it's recess that tennis I mean please tell us our recess anyway David david dobrik don't pretend this is true so him you know I usually do fun stuff like I jump off the walls up that's not happening today Brooke back ninja that's that's that's not cool oh you know what I'm starting to think it's cuz the ninja blades were just too small so we got a bigger one Oh where's your damage hey so no oh oh my god I think it actually did damage to the blade that's cuz it's not made of solid steel let's get it yeah spark let's check it out oh my god oh this was one of my favorite ninja blades hopefully it did damage upon close inspection you see this right here yeah you know this is he had a little piece of metal hanging on there Oh Mike that went into the turf where people walk and that might cut someone's foot I mean that didn't look at the damage you know that means as long as we throw this blade at the wall about two thousand more times in the same spot we make it through but the blade might not last that long Pabna another weapon here oh I need a new mind okay yeah oh good next up we got Rafael's weapons that's right I said Rafael's weapons because I don't I don't actually know the names of these and I broke one last time so the recorders are our files weapons what he's called I don't know you don't know comment down below if you guys know what these call I don't know what it did try to give you a heart is there a spark I don't think so now there's no spark but I don't think these are my throwing let's stop oh I did good yeah okay you guys see I should be the fifth ninja turtle oh maybe not well we got damage you see this you know that is that's that's great it's great yeah you know we call this grape damage you know what why don't we just we just see that there that seems dangerous let me just how much damage not much yeah next next time for something sharp let's get it oh you see I can see but I have brick dust am I your protective eyewear somewhere yeah actually remember guys safety first let's get it and I have to pick up on that drop these are more important I should really see a doctor that's sick but look look look here see this oh we drill for long enough in the grout this grout right but how long we go we need something that does more damage so you think I'm thinking something else something big some what is that no no but you know what I was also thinking what dragons are meant to fly baby cheers to safety Jeremy I almost forgot the classic you know I'm talking about right well I know what you're talking about all the time here we go what is a mallet broken I don't know let's check them out it's not Wow you guys see this it did not come from there BAM Jeremy yeah some don't call damaging the grout damage this one I call damage oh and I forgot to tell you guys that's on the way moving it here in the van and actually making it which took like a couple of days we may have dropped it on its corner so yeah the corner is broken I'm gonna try not saying for the corner we're gonna break it more you ever play Tetris oh yeah look how satisfying this is look jagged oh maybe only find that satisfying this results right and I'm bad I that was it sounds fun you ready for this I'm ready meow here we go oh that actually kind of works leave that you know this guy oh I think we're sharpening the cat claws oh I see it okay that's that is one that is one intense get doctor sharpening the cat claws you know if it US Catwoman also uses them what does he use thank not the whip I don't like this in any way whatsoever by because I don't know how to use it it's out of control I just don't like whips you know people always whipping horses and stuff that I like animals I'm an animal guy so I don't really like with it let's try it on the wall does that just hurt you to hurt your soul I give you shout ready yeah I'm done Oh Jeremy yeah any damage nothing okay I'm actually done now you know okay I just watched the movie I was on a plane they had a free movie okay so I've watched it and I was thinking the guy in the movie was pretty strong he can break a brick wall know who I'm talking about I almost fall into this at you though my bad so we got our boon you know that I think about it Aquaman would not have a harpoon because he likes fish and this hurts fish oh we got some damage that's damaged see that hole right there oh yeah I think it goes all the way through to the other side you think it really goes through the other side it does not go through oh yeah idea Aqua Sphere or no or no Aqua Sphere here we go come on like the bad guys in Aquaman now they look like this it's protecting what am i doing here we go nobody like in description oh that's a good one I might've just poked myself with a big brain yeah I'm trying to think though this mask might be the strongest right okay and he's out I'm on oh hey I just need another weapon and to be honest it's really hot in here there's really about good ventilation and my back hurts baby the floor floor is a better place I may because my head was in it oh you know that helmets been through a lot and it cost a lot sure spite are these real metal spheres in Sparta yeah I know words sounded promising but there's no damage we're gonna really have to baseball he's walking it's ball hey guy talking you talking to me both like I found myself a bozo the bozo one my hands are hurt my back is hurt I'm sick but I haven't used this yet okay oh oh yeah that's all great yeah the brick wall the buddies what happened was let me clear this TMT ramin sweat from my face my hear it vibrating and it made scratches usually this is where we cut and oh yeah but I mean we could talk about the damage huh you guys cuz here's today's was that a different weapon yeah mmm so what you're saying is there's there's no damage and the bows I want to pose the one but he didn't win the war Jeremy you remember how strong last wall it was don't you I do you're doing what was it made of crayon crayon we literally got 11,000 dicks hundred crayons last time and while we made a 100 layers of crayon wall you guys want to watch that cards up there links in my description down below we attack the front we're going for the back who's the bozo now oh how are you you gotta clean this all up about 1246 like in the morning in the morning I think medieval which makes me think Leo which makes me think this is another weapon just like the whip I really don't like you ready yeah – Jeremy yeah look at the tip see it yeah it broke the tip where to go oh my God look we might have to buy a new weapons after this video that did more damage last time did it hit here or here maybe both maybe go oh it's gotten prongs damn chisel chisel next weapon yeah hey low energy sword this can't do it maybe something else can but this should do it makes a nice sound it's like the instrument thing instrument thing that thing not a xylophone hey you like you hidden its two prongs that go blue it has a sound yeah yeah I know chungmu you guys know what I'm talking about comment down below honestly I'm starting to think that maybe I'm just doing more damage to the halo sword than anything yeah what I just saw will be here for five hours that would make it 6 a.m. ok next weapon next open wide you listen to me why would you save one more time oh my god notables listen to me why would you want more time it's like my favorite weapon oh my god what am I gonna tell Master Chief I don't know oh my god he's like no problem bull banners you saw it but be real careful with it and then and then Jeremy comes along and well wait that's just that hey look it looks fine right three good let's get back Master Chief won't won't care you won't you know like decapitate me whatever I think it's done I'm not calling them back you guys know what time it is it's blank time aka axe time here we go did you just get the brick to breathe no I got safety glasses on oh there's only one one care of those I think it's Freddy you have it yeah you guys just see what I see yeah yeah you know what does it even matter that I miss the wall cuz I got another one ah got it you noticed I threw it backwards there is no oh yes yeah we're right here really oh I'm sure we can't but look you see you crack that's a good crack that's a good crack yeah that means trauma blunt force trauma reacts maybe something else like a bigger ax here we go Jamie this is just hurting my ears like hey these video ideas are getting out of hand and they're like breaking all my weapons and like I mean cell phone use like a crayon wall or duct tape well but we have a brick wall a brick walls a brick wall like when you walk outside you're like oh there's a wall that I can't go through that's a boomy that's what this is it makes schools out of this and houses and buildings and things that they don't want people to go through I think the at my point yeah it's a hard wall so we should move on to the battle act don't show that I put a lot of stress on my ears and this wall smash that like button I don't need a reason I can't run I was gonna run and stab it with with this skull thing but it's probably best that I don't Who am I kidding the blades gonna break it's gonna slice me fully back it's not no fire no fire no this is not not a flamethrower it's a phaser check it out yeah this is it it is a phaser that was fun that's a wall not me I see what you're getting there piece of wood Corden's don't use wood wood yeah piece of steel uh-huh Sparta ahh oh you're there now oh yeah ears hurt kind of yep yeah you know that means if I just throw it harder more damage make sense make sense ah see that cloud of dust and it's satisfying that was fine you know sometimes I think my videos are a little bit out of control sometimes sometimes like that but with this we should we should probably stay in control with this yeah not one yeah exactly but we don't really need to go that crazy with it cuz I put a little dent but I was gonna say we don't need to go that crazy because if you could see here we already put a little hole and we could just drill it see what I'm doing yeah nice little drill right everybody gets drill on okay this is not working a little bit today yeah you know I'd like to just stop it but I really like this and I don't want to break break it anymore okay that was ever here well you forgot the little tired now yes good amount of damage that is yeah it is I knew it oh and it's still perfectly exact okay running out of weapons time for the small Karamat and the big Khurram bit gold and silver baby here we go these aren't even location what do they know you get to hold this one the other way yes yeah let's get it please tell me you saw the sparks yeah oh I thought you saw it yeah I'm on your side I thought imagine smell that that's fiery brick dust was like matches imagine this just right here Wow let me just say if this was like some Shawshank Redemption and I was like have one of these and I would just scratch them our way out still take a while unless you have the big one they know it don't think a while oh god all day next weapon oh yeah oh here we go we're getting somewhere yeah look let's just attack the grout it's going we hitting it we're getting it Oh enough of that we got an even sharper one hmm yeah here we go this is what I'm talking about Lee this is dick you're diggin oh yeah freedom is mine look I swear we can get through this is what I said we need drama let's get it get it all right no more playing games we're moving on to the big boys of weapons we got the blunt-force trama who's starting off with the mace here we go solid steel or diminishing it right here oh yeah – oh it's wiggling you can't break off yet though leave if you put a big crack right there open stuff through enough yet no Jamie you know what I've never done what oh we're gonna throw it I'm gonna throw it no it was a part of the the tetris tetris piece that was already broken interesting we should make the whole thing a Tetris piece don't you think yeah let's do that okay this is the last time I say no what I'm gonna say what Sparta here we go ah did you hear bricks land all the way over there yeah I did I'm literally breaking every tip of everything I should be sharpen yeah should do that I'm gonna do that look at this oh wow if we keep throwing this we're getting through but I think it's clear what worked best the blunt force trauma but the sharp was pretty good and why did Oh Jeremy yeah Oh genius the blunt force trauma and the sharpness you know you know what this makes sharp trauma I mean one sharp trauma you're not wrong sharp trauma aka the pickaxe literally nothing you stood up to the pickaxe no yeah I don't think any walls that if they always put the little hole I don't know about this one let's get it get it three to mean I was gonna say eye protection but maybe for protection too that's huge okay it's still moving but there's a big crack here and there's a big crack here I can't see the helmets on sideways oh my god guys without a joke I went to the doctor and I have pneumonia but I'm still filming this video I just want to go to bed smash the like button I love you guys just break this wall let's do it how we gonna do it though yeah yeah first of all is a for Brooke no good very good the wall broke almost there oh my god look we didn't just break the wall we literally crumbled the brick okay this thing we can dig dig okay but in all fairness you have to be able to cleanly walk through okay this is just a hole for mice to go through and well I was gonna say we don't like mice that's like mice I don't like mice no you never seen ratatouille Stuart little through school not right – II know we don't chef's I don't like rats he's a rat not a mouse he's a rat right into my house about a Dewey rattle cat's fur time to take this thing down for real okay this wall is so broken so ready to go that maybe maybe we don't need to go so crazy on okay I got an idea you've heard of the Three Little Pigs right yeah the big bad wolf he hog any puff a good way to clean the dust so I did something did something if that did son this is really gonna do something quick competition for all you guys that want to get a heart in the comments down below let's see if you guys can count how many bricks that wall was made out of the edge bricks count as a whole brick comment down below if you get it right I'm gonna give you a heart and I might just check out your channel think it's time to break the ball oh it's time let's get serious and you guys know whether I'm kind of breaking through brick wall or not I love you guys and I always like to leave on a high note who we're gonna be here late


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