10 Ways To Be Happy & Healthy – Life Hacks For Happiness

Hiero welcome back to my channel so I hope you are having a fabulous day in today's video I wanted to share with you 10 bit easy and super basic tips to help you lift your mood and become happier and healthy I feel like these tips are perfect for anyone that is kind of stuck in a rut which I select follows on it from my last video if you've not seen that I'll list it in the description but these tips are perfect for anyone that needs to take some baby steps each day into lifting a mood and becoming happier and healthier these things are so easy to add to your daily routine super simple so if you do enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe if you are new welcome to the family and let's go ahead and get into the 10 tip I swear every time I go to film over here he's got to be making noise he's running through his tunnel now literally five minutes ago asleep on the couch now he's running to resell oh dude yeah I stole him I live streamed on Instagram the other night as well and he was a main star on he live Instagram so you should definitely follow mine through them because I'm going to start doing more live instagrams I love answering your questions and I know it's so much fun so definitely check out my first tip it's so simple and that is to just drink more water each day whenever I have two days where I keep up with my water intake I feel better I feel in a better mood and I think there's a difference I finally have less headaches when I have had lots of water to have and I'm still better overall water is going to help your body function better on top of that if you're working towards like the daily goal of drinking two liters it means you've kind of got something to work towards that day and if you achieve it that's going to make you feel great and you're going to feel like you've accomplished something which is always a fabulous feeling and that's always going to make you happy so I would suggest setting yourself a goal you don't have to start with the full two litres everyday working up to it you could start with a leader if you even start with 500 meals it's just up to you and I think it's a great way to have not only a little goal and something to work towards and something that you can feel proud of achieving but it's water it's good for you and it's going to make you feel better tip number two is to put on your sneakers and go for a walk going through a walk is so so easy even if it's in winter rub yourself up and if you just walk around the block or just walk a hunter meet it down the street and back at least you're getting up you're being asked to be of your outside and you're doing something and again you could set it as a little gold you could set goals each day for walking further and further and I feel like again when you achieve these goals you feel good that's going to boost your mood that's going to make you happy and of course walking it's so good through that it's going to make you healthy number three is to eat more fruit fruit is good sue obviously don't go way too excessive on the fruit but if you are not having enough fruit every day then you need to pick that up I try and eat at least one piece of fruit a day sometimes I have more sometimes I have known as just a pen but Bruce it's so good for you and you can feel good knowing that you're putting something good into your body number five compliment a stranger and I feel like if you work in hospitality or retail this can be so easy for you because you're already interacting with people but be genuine in this and don't go out of your way to compliment people in order for you to feel good if that makes sense like this has to be a naturally flowing thing but I find that when you make other people feel good it just makes everybody happy it makes everybody feel good this well does not have enough compliments in it and even if it doesn't make you feel good you need to be making other people feel good make someone else's day make someone feel good about them and just know that you're creating good karma but you have to understand that you can't go out of your way and do this intentionally it has to come naturally and organic quit it it's really hard to explain because you can't do good deeds with the intention of getting something back from it but I'm saying you should definitely do good deeds when the time is right because it's going to make someone else feel good and I think that's really really important number six is to stretch for five or ten minutes each day this is not only going to increase your flexibility it's good for you it's going to be able to give you something else to concentrate on rather than all of your stresses and it's going to make your body feel good as well there's nothing better than a nice little stretch so take a spot on the floor get in some conflict clothes and just go ahead and stretch it out from head to toes number seven have a cup of green tea and get cozy it is okay to take some time to chill out have environment get really comfortable but also drinking green tea is amazing for you it's tilted if it still did good stuff so you know it's good for you but take some time to get cozy and just take some time for yourself because that's going to make you happy and that is going to be really really good for your mental health number eight is to eat more green vegetable green vegetables are so good – they're one of the best kinds of vegetables so stock up on lots of green leafy vegetables and start putting them into your body you don't have to eat them regularly you can put them in smoothies or you can put them in juices but you should definitely up your intake of green veggies because it's going to make you feel amazing and it's so good for you number nine why not give meditation ago it's actually really really easy you could do 15 minutes 10 minutes I've seen people talk about doing five-minute meditations on YouTube and day up there are so many guided ones on YouTube you could just Google like 5 minutes guided meditation or Google like 10 minutes guided meditation and you just listen to it and you just kind of do everything that the person is telling you and it is so good for your mood it kind of takes you away from all of your stresses and brings you right into that moment and trust me you'll feel so much better as the day goes on if you do it and number 10 is to give yourself some real self-love give yourself some affirmations in the morning wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and say you've got this you are beautiful you're amazing you're hard-working you're worthy whatever it is that you want to tell yourself that you need reminding of make sure you tell yourself because you need to understand that you are amazing and if you can love yourself then trust me your life is going to be amazing when you learn self-love nothing can stop you it's incredible and you will feel so happy there will always be this underlying happiness when you learn to love yourself even on the days that you're bowing your eyes out and crying and things are crappy that's still a level of happiness underneath it all because you love yourself so the best way to do that is to start reminding yourself every day of how amazing you actually are and don't feel stupid doing it because I think it's very very important so those are the 10 tips that I have for you of things that you can do every single day to lift your mood and get you happier and healthy I really hope you guys enjoyed the video leave any comments down below if you have any other suggestions I'm always looking for your suggestions I love to learn more things and if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any videos up the top here you can check out my last video it's down the bottom I will leave links to another one of something video I don't know and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


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  2. Listen to music, read, call a friend, meet friends, enjoy alone-time, just sit and do nothing

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