10 Tips For A Healthier Life

hi everyone it's Laura and I hope you're all doing well so for those of y'all who are new to my channel I'm a registered dietitian and I'm all about helping you live a healthier life tip number one is to never get too hungry because when we get too hungry that's when we make poor decisions and that's when we're just wanting to get something in our bodies because we're so hungry and at that time that's when we make rash decisions and aren't thinking clearly so never allow yourself to get to the point to where you're too hungry and to go along with that one tip number two is to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods don't get to the point where you don't have any food in the house to where you don't have any healthy options to where the only options you have or unhealthy and not only in your kitchen but in your purse in your bag in your desk at work in your car wherever you need to keep a healthy snack keep it there because if the foods not there you're not going to eat it so make sure to keep it stopped tip number three is to not focus on numbers don't be so critical of the calories of the protein of fat of the carbs but instead listen to your body because when we start becoming too focused on the numbers then that can lead to disordered eating that's when food starts impacting our mood because we become discouraged because we went over the calories that we wanted to go over about 200 calories that day and that's not how food should be that's not how living a healthy life should be it should be all about listening to your body listening to what feels right if you're hungry then eat if you're not hungry then don't eat tip number four is to get adequate sleep I can't stress to you how important this is making sure to get at least seven hours of sleep a night is critical especially if you're wanting to lose weight if you're wanting to give your body time to restore time to rest it's important to get that sleeping tip number five is to avoid crash diets diets that claim to lose a bunch away really quickly those diets you'll gain it back just as quickly I promise you and the majority of the time you'll gain even more back so stay away from diets that say lose 10 pounds in a week or take this pill or take this supplement or drink this tea and you'll lose a whole bunch of weight stay away from those because those aren't the mindset that we want you to be in we want you to be in the mindset of these are changes I'm going to see myself to doing for a very very long time for the rest of my life so if you're dedicated and you're motivated to lose weight and keep it off and stay away from the crash diet tip number six is to focus on the present moment focus on today what can you do today to be healthier what are realistic goals for today for this week that will get you to your goals and being realistic about them not trying to make a whole bunch of changes really quickly but taking it a little bit slower figure out what you can do right now today to be a healthier version of you tip number seven is to pack in the fresh fruits and vegetables pack in fresh ingredients and just get away from the chemicals from the processed crap because that isn't given you any nutrition that isn't given you any energy that isn't making you healthier that isn't helping you lose weight well we'll help you lose weight is consuming the fresh fruits and vegetables fresh whole grains fresh nuts and seeds things that are alive things that came from the ground and that are fresh and nutrient dense tip number eight is to take time to enjoy your food and to slow down with your meal because whenever you don't take the time to enjoy your food it leads to your stomach not having enough time to register to your brain that you're full and as a result you end up eating more than you need because it takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell your brain that it is full and so the quicker you eat the more likely you're going to overeat because your stomach it had time to talk to your brain and as a result you're going to get to the point where you're just so full and it's just going to hit you and you're going to be so full and two full and we don't want you to get to that point so take time enjoy the food you've prepared it takes 20 30 40 minutes to prepare a meal and so the amount of time it's taking you to prepare that take time to enjoy it take time to appreciate it take time to be grateful for the food that you have and not just rush through your meals tip number nine is to get support so reach out to a friend reach out to a loved one reach out to there are various different websites and forums online full of people that are wanting to lose weight and get get healthier so give that support get that accountability and get that motivation as well my last tip tip number ten is to appreciate and recognize your successes and this journey of getting help there you're there are going to be times when you disappoint yourself or when you make an unhealthy choice when you had every intention of being healthy and that's okay but what you should focus on are your successes where did you succeed where did you do exactly what you intended to do and focus on those and recognizing that your successes are what will fuel your motivation for the future so I hope these quick little tips helped out if you have any suggestions for future videos please feel free to leave them down below I'm available for meal planning I'm also available for counseling the skype or telephone or in person if you live in alabama um anyways I hope you all are doing well and i'll be seeing on my next video bye so like I mentioned I do have dry skin and so for a scrub I use this about once a week if I need it if I don't need it I don't use it because it is rather harsh but it's this brightening facial scrub and it's from a cure

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