10 Things Men Need To STOP Wearing At The Gym!

gentlemen the fact that you are working out is the most important thing I'm so proud of you I'm inspired by you yeah I get all excited thinking about you working out that's out of the way oh the other day there I am in the gym doing my thing and shredded and jacked all at the same time for the corner of my eye I spot him this dude wearing all like neon green spandex and at first I thought wow a superhero upon closer inspection he wasn't a superhero he did however look like a super douche she had all the gear spandex this and that head but like I'm looking at him and I'm just thinking to myself when did working out become that like a flash inspiration struck gentlemen today I'm going over ten things that men need to stop wearing to work out bring us the number one which is superhero gear and superhero gear is is what I think of when I see a dude and he is decked out from head to toe and some type of form-fitting spandex number number two denim everybody has seen the dude right he starts off with the treadmill walking with his jeans on you're like okay it looks hot uncomfortable definitely not breathable but we'll give the old guy some credit but then you'll see a dude and he hops on the bench and he starts working out wearing jeans I know that in your head you're like yo it's more important to get to the gym and hit it even though I don't have the appropriate clothing right wrong the third thing you need to stop wearing at the gym are those damn oxygen deprivation masks I'm not a violent person but this makes me want to punch you if you're an athlete if you're training for something if you're trying to simulate high altitude whatever fine but high altitude bicep curls it's just stupid number four is big baggy basketball shorts big baggy super long shorts just make you look super short it totally throws off the proportions of your sexiest body you know what else does number five which is big ass baggy pants I'm embarrassed to say that these sweet things are my old workout pants a little bit big and by little I mean totally human everybody knows I'm sure right I'm five foot six into half those pants make me look five foot two but I have like 10 pairs of them and I'd wear them to work out and I was like oh who cares right or baggy whatever I'm working out and then about a year ago I found my workout pants soul mate and today's video sponsor public Rec bang the all day every day pin by the company public Rec these pants I wear not only to the gym I wear running around because they look so damn dynamite I have fallen in love with these pants by public rec they're made of this like super lightweight stretchy spandex II lycra fabric the pin leg that's the one thing that absolutely blew me away is that it was tailored the other reason I love these is because they don't have a super taper or tight ankle all right they're tailored they're thin but they're not crazy tight like a jogger which means I can wear these out casually and still look super fly one of the design features that I love the most about these pants is actually the pockets you can't even see them when they're zipped up right but you can unzip them throw your keys through your wallet they're your phone in there zip them up you go running around town you're not going to lose it also though it has two pockets in the back pairen wearing is great but they also come in black and navy blue these guys are killing it the founder basically was like yo I love wearing sweatpants but I don't like the look of wearing sweatpants when I want to go run around and look super cool another cutting edge feature about these pants and one of the reasons why they look so damn sharp is because they're not a small medium large extra large double X type of thing they've actually got sizes just like pants so for me I'm a 30-30 the pair I'm wearing bang perfect you might be a 32 32 whatever you pick your size something else I want to point out this black pair I've had for about a year and the fabric still looks as good as it did the day I got them it also hasn't stretched out these pants are insane they've actually come out with some incredibly cool new products as well like bang three-button Henley what this thing is insane they've also got a hoodie it's like a v-neck hoodie this thing is just as incredibly comfortable the pants there Henley it's got a cool pocket but the coolest design feature about this it actually has a hidden pocket right there underneath of the regular pocket so you can stick your wallet or your phone and not have to worry about it falling out of this one public wreck is killing it in terms of sexy ass functional athleisure clothing you can wear it to the gym and work out and look super fresh or you can wear it running around town and still look amazingly stylish gentlemen link down below to all the items I showed along with a special discount code for you 6 thing you need to stop wearing to work out is anything and that exposes your nipple body wants to see your nipples when they're working out it's just not appropriate string tank tops no it was cutoff t-shirt thingies that are like that show you know number 7 I'm gonna get some heat for but those super huge headphones only does it look a little bit ridiculous it also is a liability you spend big money on those big ass headphones and if you're working out and you're doing it right you're sweating all that sweat will ruin them big in a sweat number eight is sweat bands on extremities like killer like it always it cracks me up right you'll see a dude he's working out and he's got sweat bands on his forearm never sweaty is only he's gonna lose his grip on the bar it's a fashion statement and this I say has to go number nine is in appropriate Footwear this includes but is not limited to work boots flip-flops chukkas double monk strap stretch there's anything other than appropriate footwear for the gym which is fashionable yet functional sneakers and last but certainly not least the ten thing you need to stop wearing while working out is too much cologne now I am a firm believer and that you should smell good right smelling good should equal deodorant because nobody wants to be in the gym yet alone next to somebody who's got bad body odor you know who I'm talking about you know who you are bully is nauseating when you're trying to do a set of bench with 375 for reps of twelve and you're sitting next to somebody who's just killed it with 27 squirts of Polo net right here right here this this is for you for working out congratulations working out is in my opinion the single most important thing that you can do for yourself it's not about anybody else it's about you you are incredible you're amazing start working out but don't wear any of these things when you do


  1. Let people wear what they want and mind your own business!

  2. STFU. A REAL man wears what he wants. Definitely not taking advise from a metrosexual posing as a man who's got it all figured out 😂!

  3. I guess they are being bothered because their penises are hanging out and the size makes them uncomfortable 🤣

  4. I don’t give a fuck what I look like in the gym I love alpha m great tips but I just get my workout done and leave

  5. well, even though I think Alpha M is more like a healthy Beta with a good attitude, its pretty decent video. i am surprised about the 15K negative feedback. He has good points about head phones and high altitude gear. About 99% of the people I have seen wear high attitude masks are NOT top athletes, the other 1 percent who do also consume alcohol, smoke pot or does some other damaging thing that an Olympic athlete would (should) never do. There are long articles of the negative things about high altitude masks so I will not waste time to write, Thumbs up for the video.

  6. Thank you

  7. why the fuck u checking out other dudes in the gym? what u gay?

  8. He keeps trying personalities like Peter Brady. Go work on your eyebrows, alpha.

  9. Tell juijuimufu to stop wearing jeans

  10. Great! Communist totalitarianism being hitler thinking one has any right to think someone needs to conform! Clothes don't mean shit in the gym unless you suck dick!

  11. do you wear gucci to the gym

  12. Lol this has gotta be the dumbest video I have ever seen. I though this video was gonna be about compression cloths. But nah instead I wound up watching a snowflake bitch about fashion for seven minutes, half of which was him trying to sell me shit. Ffs dude lol

  13. I could go to gym for 10 months for the cost of your sweat pants, wth

  14. $95.00 for a pair of sweat pants to wear to the gym? Are you insane?

  15. Wow 17kdownvoted vs 24k upvotes, could it be because this is a selling ad? Been subscribe for years but man stop selling, so yeah. Unsubd

  16. lol what a loser

  17. I wear whatever the fuck I want when I go to the gym.

  18. Who cares.

  19. Wear compression tights with shorts over top with a splash of neon. Look like a boss.

  20. I workout in my rammstein band t shirt with giant ripped sleeves lol

  21. Too expensive.

  22. All these dickheads, not listening to what NOT to wear are so funny!!
    But complaint when girls don’t even look their way!!! Look, if you don’t care for girls attention fine, wear whatever the fuck you like to the gym, if your number 1 goal is working out, fine, (which i think is bullshit!!, ) because good percentage of man if not ALL like to see the beautiful girls there!!! Listen, i don’t consider my self an extremely handsome man, but at 43 years old i wear proper unexpressive fitted shorts, v neck shirts and clean proper gym shoes, hair groomed and the attention i get from girls is amazing!!! Oh and don’t smell like ass!!, don’t want to wear cologne??? Fine, but just don’t smell bad.
    Me personally, my main reason for going to the gym is getting more in shape and girls are my second thing,
    Trust me being clean and properly dressed there will give you confidence to talk to any girl there. I don’t mean i talk to girls to hook up either, just as courtesy to others, groom yourself a little!!!

  23. Disagree with the gym vest idea…almost everyone wears them never saw it as an issue

  24. legit who cares what you look like when workingout

  25. What's the name of this workout gear manufacturer ?! Number 11 : jewellery. Earrings. FFS. Take off your bling Missy ?

  26. It's funny cos its mostly right, the big headphones thing is so you don't have to listern to bad music or the roid heads grunting nonstop, besides i like a podcast or audio book etc.

    Also i sense a lot of you hating are the smelly people in the gym….

  27. A skinny beat boi telling us hes excited about us working out….cute earings

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