10 Stages of Being on a Diet


  1. What up, fam? Let's talk for the next little bit for #SuperSixty! How's your day going? <3

  2. Lily: I am fit… like 10 out of 365 days a year.

    Me: Dude, you look like a runway model!

  3. I was eating ice cream while watching lol

  4. "Envy"
    Me: you mean POND ENVY!? XD
    (If you didn't read my name you won't get it)

  5. I Was eating chocolate and then I forgot I was on a diet well watching this video great good start🍫🍭

  6. Hmmm I am trying to be on a diet but my school food is ruining my diet 😔

  7. I am consedring beinv vegitzrion

  8. honestly, it is hard. since I go on stage often, dieting is a normal routine for me and also I have to perform, go to classes, go to school, and perform so it is exhausting but now I am used to so it's all fine, mostly.

  9. I’ve been on a diet for a while now (just trying to eat less junky snack foods) and every-time I have one teaspoon of Nutella, the next thing I know half the jar is gone 😂😭

  10. Lol I was eating popcorn too😂

  11. Hi Lilly I love your vids ur the most cool person I know

  12. Lily: I’m good at math

    Lily: I’m fit about 10/365 days which is about 40% of the time


  13. I'm watching this while eating chicken nuggets lol

  14. WHAT THE F 🎵🎵

  15. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. “It’s much gooder than 0%” 😂

  17. Correction 7:09

  18. This is soooooooooooo relatable

  19. Where are stages 7,8 and 9-!!!!

  20. Diet


    This is the first ever comment of this.

    No one copy.

  21. Me:I'm gonna start eating healthy *feeling motivated *
    Also me : *calls friend *bro I legit need to go eat something I'm hungry come go get mcd

  22. Emily Rose died of starvation and dehydration

  23. 0:53
    Actually popcorn is considered a healthy snack (when it’s homemade with no salt or extras)

  24. I love your hair

  25. Lol. U are totally bad at math 10 off 365 day cannot be 40%

  26. She made video about us

    Time to tell our mom we're famous

  27. Love u without much makeup

  28. Lilly i just want to say that you inspire me and make me think positive about everything im going through ive been going through depression and anxiety and you make me happy and you work hard all the time ilysm♡

  29. 0:10 Lilly says she's GOOD at grammer
    0:20 Its GOODER than %0

  30. I am so excited for ur late night show
    Who else is
    Plz like

  31. 😂🤣 yup

  32. Who is the other actress in this video? Cause she's hilarious, and I feel it is not brought up enough

  33. Me dieting:
    eats cheeseburger with bacon
    eats Nutella sandwich
    eats grilled cheese
    eats spaghetti
    Me: omg I’m so damn skinny why tHe hEck am I still underweight?


    she was eating CARROTS!!

  35. This is how many friends Lily lost from her breath

  36. 2019

  37. I want to eat healthier but I am super picky and hate any vegetable and most fruit


  39. or just don't eat anything and workout you lose calories and never gain any

  40. And here comes me… The really skinny girl with a "good" body.. I'm the type where no matter how much they eat, they don't gain weight easily


  41. Girlll it’s 7:09

  42. I'm watching this video while eating a hole bar of chocolate

  43. 365's 40% is 146

  44. What are you talking about your super skinny

  45. Number 1 this is a L 👩🏽‍🦲

  46. I want to buy a onesie..but I know it won't suit me.

  47. I like onions and liver!

  48. No but I want to

  49. Don’t cus

  50. Yeah diets are great especially when your family supports you through it…
    And by that I mean go to the grocery store and bring every single possible junk food and then order pizza and take out. IT'S GREAT.

  51. The word is not gooder it better

  52. you said gooder proper grammar

  53. Who get help of this movie??

  54. I’ve already given up on ever going on diets because I know that I’m just gonna give up halfway but I will try to work out whenever I’m not feeling lazy

  55. When lilly said:for the next 10 minutes you have no problems.
    Menwhile im over here sick as f throwing up

  56. "For the next 10mins you have no problems Okhae. Just laugh with me"
    Felt that on a Spiritual Level

  57. you know I have a great talent. I can get tired by doing nothing.

  58. Lily: 2:21
    Me: *starts reading Schindler’s list*

  59. That scream tho

  60. Before this vid I got an ad for burger king

  61. what a waste of onions XD

  62. Try this product I have lost the weight but needed help in my belly area ..

  63. I'm watch this while in on the toilet and eating fruit loops

    Don't judge me…

  64. I’m on a diet and working out everyday and i haven’t missed or cheated on it yet for a week so far.

  65. Me😂😂😂

  66. she said be healthy I was eating cookies

  67. I’m on a diet right now! Ive lost 6 kg so far, wish me luck!

  68. I have a six pack

    Or maybe…. a chocolate pack

  69. she said gooder not correct grammer

  70. Do you have a boyfriend

  71. Lilly but u are a hot person

  72. Why is this totally me😂😂

  73. Stage 10 was piece of art!

  74. I once went on a one meal every 10 days diet, it sucked, but I mean, I was trying to lose weight…

  75. I’m on a seafood diet… whenever I sea-food I eat it.

  76. Omg me right now lol

  77. 6:00 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  78. I just ate 5 cookies I had a dite……

  79. She said “gooder”

  80. Do onions grow your hair?
    If they do

    Give a tutorial

  81. It’s much “gooder”?

  82. this video was published on 4/20

  83. I'm on I diet AND quess what


  84. I don’t like how relatable this is

  85. 10 stages of a diet in 7 minutes.

    S T O N K S

  86. I think she said gooder at the beginning

  87. 5:00–5:25 I'm WEAK 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  88. I’m one of those lucky people who can eat however much and whatever they want and not gain a single pound- gottem

  89. I have a high metabolism so I don't gain weight easy

  90. Who else is on a diet while watching this☺

  91. Not gonna lie, your little motivational sayings you tell us at the first moments of the video just, don’t make me stressed anymore :,)
    Especially this one :,)

  92. My diet is actually pretty easy. I was 155lbs and 5'4 and I noticed I needed to lose weight. I ate healthy and a month and a half later I had a cheat meal which I didn't enjoy because I almost got food poisoning from raw buffalo wings. Lost 17 pounds so far with the support of my family and dont regret it.

  93. im good at meth too lol

  94. Me: I should go on a diet

  95. I vant to stress eat but I’m not tHAT hungry and I wanna keep my caloric intake under 1500 or around 1500 so this video really helps. Thanks.

  96. IAM in fourth stage right now😂😭

  97. “And magazines are just shiny books.” Shiny gossip books. Shiny gossip books with hot people in them.

  98. I have a six-pack

    of cupcakes

    jk I probably more roles than the bakery

  99. Yo Lilly, you’re much hotter than me. Period.

  100. (gooder)

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