hi friends over here so today I'm going to talk to you about 10 motivational tips for eating healthy so let's get started so tip number one is to drink one liter of water first things first when you wake up in the morning and then follow throughout the day I personally like to drink one liter of water when I wake up because if you think about it your body's pretty deprived of hydration and while you're sleeping whether it's six hours to 12 hours whatever it may be your body hasn't had the hydration that it needs so it obviously needs it first thing in the morning I know sometimes it can be hard to drink but I always motivate myself by saying you need to drink one liter of water before you get to eat your delicious breakfast so let's get started throughout the day I will refill my water bottle or my glass numerous times and I'd always make sure that I feel like I'm quite hydrated before I'm going to eat a meal so tip number two is to grocery shop for Whole Foods so this is fruits vegetables grains you really want to make sure that you're buying yourself those fresh and full nutritious items this works really well for eating healthy in two ways because first of all your nourishment foods and second of all you will not want to eat out as much when you know that you have perishable food items at home say fruits and vegetables that need to be used up so I find that this really helps me in making healthier choices after work and throughout the days tip number three is to stop buying foods you don't trust yourself with so I'm gonna give you an example here I cannot be trusted with Nutella it's an item that I absolutely love to eat in the past I am vegan now so I know that Ella's made with skim milk so I will be eating it anymore but in the past I remember more specifically when I was in staying in Athens and I bought a jar of Nutella and I literally spent the entire day in the hostel because there was some type of riot going on outside and what I wasn't allowed to leave the hostel anyway so I spent the whole day chillin on the hostel balcony reading a book and eating a jar of Nutella so clearly I had no issues eating a full jar day so I know that I cannot be trusted with that type of fib because I will consume it all so don't keep items that you find a risk of binging on in your house don't buy them tip number four is when you're hungry go to the fridge and not the cupboards the items that you're gonna find in the fridge are going to be a whole lot healthier than the items you're going to find in the cupboard so for example and my fridge I'll find fresh fruits and vegetables and in my cupboard I'll find things like peanut butter that I love but I shouldn't be indulging too much in tip number five is to incorporate a fruit or vegetable into every single meal I find that this is one of my favorite tips because it really works for me and it really helps me to keep a health conscious mind so for my breakfast I normally eat fruit but say for lunch if you're going to eat say a sandwich make sure that it's packed full of grains and nutritious foods and same goes for dinner and all your snacks in between you want to be incorporating colorful healthy nutritious foods into every single meal tip number six is to pack your lunches every day for work school whatever it may be and make sure to only pack healthy items be sure to pack enough items so that you don't find yourself running off to the convenience store or grabbing a quick fast-food pickup because you want to give nutrients to your body every single day especially if you're out busy and you really want your mind to be functioning you really need to fuel your body with the foods that will grind you success number seven this is another one my favorite tip so this is to have fun with your food by decorating with it so if you guys follow me on snapchat a link up below I always like to decorate my little banana ice cream bowls in the morning or say oatmeal for lunch I love colorful salads so have fun decorating your food and you'll appreciate it a lot more screw what everyone says about don't play with your food because it's a really fun and it helps you be a whole lot more creative so eight eight is to start taking more of a conscious effort to notice what foods feel good in your body and which ones don't so for example if you are eating something like froot breakfast you know that that feels really good when it goes into your body it gives you energy right away whereas if say you're having a pizza for lunch you're gonna notice that maybe your body feels a little bit more bloated because of all the sodium or whatever seems to be on that Pizza started taking an effort into noticing what makes your body feel good what doesn't and try to eliminate the things that don't I know in the past I had issues with dairy it would make me very congested so what's the point of eating something that your body doesn't like start respecting your body and feeding it the fuel that it needs because it does grant you so much in this life tip number nine is to count chemicals and not calories it doesn't matter about the calories in your food as long as you're eating whole foods that are nutritious delicious and colorful whereas if you're gonna packs a protein bars into your body make sure that these are all-natural if there's a million different ingredients on there that you can understand for example aspartame the chances are it's probably not very good for you and you probably shouldn't be putting into your body so take a conscious effort when you're buying packaged goods like that because you never know what could be inside fuel your body with nutritious delicious Whole Foods because then you're going to feel a whole lot better tip number ten is to workout when you're working out you'll probably notice you feel a whole lot more motivated to eat clean because you put in that effort at the gym and you don't want to see it go to waste so fuel your body with what it needs and I hope that you guys take these tips that I've mentioned I hope that they help you make smarter choices for more healthier eating and I'll just toss one last little tip in there and that's to go vegan but anyways I hope this video helped you guys and if you have any other tips leave them below because we can all help each other out here and I'll talk to you soon bye


  1. Zoey this is such a helpful video ilysm

  2. Thank you for share….

  3. Brilliant Tips Zoey, spot on with your advice, i try to eat really healthy and look after my bodyas well. i love your tip to not count calories and count chemicals. it drives me crazy all the crap they put into foods and then package them to look healthy.
    keep up the good work
    thanks Pete

  4. lovvee!! go on<3333!! SUPPORTING

  5. These were very helpful. I am always eating healthy and I loved these tips. Also, I love your background by the way. Just subbed and messaged you Zoey.

  6. Thank you for all of these wonderful tips. I'm going to try them out especially the water and fruit one. I hope these help me out (: Much appreciated Zoey! ❤

  7. Great Tips! Thank you! I find drinking a whole litre of water in the morning so difficult..sometimes it works though..I guess I should start waking up half an hour earlier just to be drinking water before I make my breakfast XD Go vegan is really the best tip for eating healthier…for me at least. I find ever since I went vegan the options around my home are just automatically a lot healthier. My friends always say: you are SO healthy..even on one of my ''unhealthier'' days XD

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