10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch | Yoga with Amit

welcome this is ten minute morning yoga
stretch so be seated on the mat with your eyes closed take a moment to come into the present
moment where you can be one with body aligned on your mat open your eyes bring your hands
up over your head interlock your fingers give a good you stretch the body exhale
hands down onto your knees begin to rotate your neck easy movements and we
round bring the chin towards the right towards
the left in your own pace slow and easy words back to the center and now you’re going
towards the shoulder order back in talaga fingers rotate your
shoulders are the way around 22 back and spine circle smaller
or bigger or even bigger to win your own pace find what feels the best slowly
stop now bring your left hand onto the left
knee right and back easy twist to the left side right hand on the left knee
left hand back back to the center you will repeat this
one more time right side back to the center left side back to the center now
bring your right hand on the ground left arm going up with exhale stretching the
side keeping the hips on the ground back to the center
repeating the same on the other side inhale right hand comes up and exhale
stretch to the right body keeping the hip on the ground back to the center we
will do that one more time inhale exhale back to the center right side inhale
exhale back to the center for your eyes
becoming aware of the body seeing gentle stretches how they are
helping be ready for the tabletop hands under
the shoulders knees under the hips cata stretch onto your spine by bringing your
head up arching your back hips up with exhale rounding up the back chin towards
the chest you can do that in your own pace slow or fast see what he was the
best I’ll come back into the buttress now
onto knees Oh paninis bring your hands on the ground and
stretching your back all the way down cause he will touch your forehead on the
ground or elles use a yoga block will you come back stretch your legs bring your back straight hands on the
thighs chest out with each breed you exhale go forward slowly slowly slowly
you only want to do a small stretch each time so that you can stretch your body
progressively without hurting back to the center join the sole of the feet
together all with your hands shake your knees stop the knees and the exhalation slowly
when poured back up stretch your legs out and shake them lie down and relax becoming aware of the body becoming
aware of the mind seeing how they have been changed how they have been improved body is feeling stretched warmed up mind
maybe thinking less you


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  4. I feel so good after this morning yoga stretch. Thank you so much Amit!

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