10-Minute FULL BODY Dumbbell Home Workout FOR BUILDING MUSCLE

what's up for ChaCha's it's a boy Tanner Waggoner barbarian body today I've got for you a killer whole body or a total body home dumbbell workout routine that we're going to be going through here we're hitting chest shoulders arms legs quads glutes everything is going to be hit at we're hitting everything we're gonna go through the first round here you want to push yourself try and do it twice if you're sincerely crazy I dare you to try it three times and once you've finished this whole workout routine let me know down in the comments how far you were able to get was it one was it – or was it three rounds let's get straight into this one reference your boy is going to be using a pair of 25 pound dumbbells now we're gonna be getting this thing off here with our first exercise which is going to be some dumbbell jump squats and actually they're gonna be more of a Devon if you're just gonna carry them to your size now how we're doing this is pretty distinct so you're gonna keep your feet shoulder-width apart you're gonna come down nice and slowly getting down nice and low and then up land softly come down nice and slowly and then up so slow on the way down explosive on the way up when we got a total of 10 repetitions ready and go nice and slowly and explode you want to think of it like you're a coil or a spring and as you're slowly coming down you're bringing all the force and then explore simply coming up fine or driving through those heels as you're coming up three two last one – and good next exercise we've got are some good old Romanian deadlifts or those hamstrings she's gonna be hinging at the hips butt it back nice and straight bringing those dumbbells down just pull the knees and come right back up hill we go too little of 10 repetitions ready and go coming down nice and slowly and you want those hands just to glide with those legs there two three and you'll see as I come up snapping those hips those hips squeeze the clues by half way six form our necks and slow on the way down three two one more and then we're going to hit the deck boys some hip thrusts and good tops one dumbbell hanging over the other one where are you coming down here we've got 15 total repetitions so what you're going to be doing heels or sorry feet planted you're gonna toss dumbbell right in front to your hips and what we're gonna do is drive through the heels pop the hips up and I'm pushing my weight into my shoulders coming down next explosively and squeezing those glutes we got a total of 15 repetitions ready and go nice and explicit at the top and hold just for a second as you squeeze those glutes three four five six and this is really great for targeting the glutes as well as the hamstrings eight nine six more holding at the top for about a half of a second four more three that's explosively as you can on the way up two more that's it last one is explosive cold and good work next exercise we're giving here are some good old slow push-ups so you're gonna want to grab your dumbbells set them up about shoulder width apart and you're gonna be using these as your grip this is gonna prevent a lot of dorsiflexion on your wrist is there so what we're doing you're coming down for a tool of one two three and then up this is really going to put a big demand on the slowest wear out of your chest and if you want to alleviate some of the joint pain you might feel a little you can slightly rotate your dumbbells outwards and we go to total 12 repetitions ready and go one two three now if we're not able to do this from the position that happen simply get on your knees and perform them from there three four squeeze in the chest keep that thing activate six halfway five breathing I wanted to come up three one two last one and good next we're gonna be getting into some two old pros when I want you to focus on the club to the camera grip you guys an example it's squeezing the shoulder blades together as we're growing upwards it'll make sense as we go through the motions here so what goes to become nice and wide is your bottom up squeeze your shoulder blades together we've got a total of 15 repetitions background 45 lower back nice and straight ready and go so as I mentioned squeezing the hell out of those shoulder blades holding the top for a second to emphasize that contraction there five we'll call that five five six we got nine more eight seven six five squeeze those shoulder blades joy last one and good checkup and a prep result some water to need something are you getting into our next exercise some unilateral Ottoman crisis so we got a total of ten repetitions so starting with the palms facing forward and then rotate outwards unilaterally so one arm at a time we got a total of 10 10 reps on each arm here ready and go and and that's one and you feel like an aerobics teacher and three and four good job class that's four total under control here keep that core nice and tight why pop you'll feel this one the school is for sure four more years three that's it to keep draggin one more each hand good coming down here now we're going to be getting our some good old trunk walls with the traps so start with the dumbbells facing forward we're gonna take it up and back back and forward for a total of ten repetitions sir from the front ready and go holding that squeezing those traps as hard as you can that's it three four five six seven eight I'm gonna bump it up to 12 nine three more two more last one and good next thing against the arms whatever finishing off with the ABS baby twelve repetitions for the bicep curls starting down here super native prep palms facing up that's what that means bring those dumbbells towards the armpit ready and go now I want you to focus on squeezing those biceps preventing yourself from doing a lot of swinging here don't just drop the weights as they're coming down slowly lowering them that's sex half with seven eight squeeze those biceps three more two last one and bring it down nice and slowly and good shake those hips up maybe get a little bit crampy right now okay next we got some dumbbell kickbacks for the triceps we're gonna be doing these ones unilaterally as well starting with the brighter arm so what you're going to be doing is position your hands on your left knee and what you're doing is you're trying to keep the elbow and your shoulder two parallel to the ground upper arm there as best as you can and what we're gonna be doing is extending locking it up holding for a half a second just emphasizing the contraction of the triceps we got six repetitions on each arm ready and go holding it there for a second five four three halfway do one last one yeah I don't think that one's tough for the triceps last time I'm ready and go five hold up at the top for a half second four three two more last one good shake those things up you got a final exercise we're just going to be getting some sit-ups with the dumbbell on our chests for our abs hit the deck here let's just get straight into this one getting those soldiers off of the ground we're not going full we're doing a cruncher that target will see your upper abdominals 20 repetitions ready and go holding at the top there for half of the second exercise the squeeze of those abs three four five focusing and keeping that chin off of the chest that will prevent a lot of the next screen that can potentially happen 13 more 12 holding the top for a second 10 halfway 9 just get much look legs off the ground always breathing 7 6 that pattern right now three one two last one and good work so there you guys go that's your total body holding dumbbell workout as I said you guys want to push yourself go ahead and try and repeat the video total two times if you're sincerely crazy you want to decimate your body and then go ahead and do three total rounds and however far you get to be sure to let me know down in the comments section I'd love to see how far you guys got I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did be sure to give your boy it like down below and also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss thank you so much for joining me you guys I'll see you in the next video


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  8. 2 rounds. 15lb dumbbells. Good workout.

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  11. Awesome! Did two rounds, included some Bulgarian squats as well:) Would you say 2×11 pound dumbbels is enough for building muscle? ( for a girl)

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  13. I'm a woman trying to build muscle at home. How often should I do this workout?

  14. Tanner you rock! I've been killing your workouts and I must say I actually feel them working.

  15. Enjoyed, but I've a request fr you to get a monstrous trap (No Equip) workout ,if you fine with this please upload it. and Luv u dude.. šŸ˜˜

  16. I did all 3 round let's go

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  18. Coincidentally i was planning on doing full body today, will definitely be giving this routine 2 goes, maby one of your chest / upper body ones as well if im up for it.

    Thanks to your workout videos i have lost 5kg so far (in about 1 month)

  19. What's up . I'm new to this channel and so far so good. I will definitely check your videos out more .

  20. I have been following your workout routines for about a month and half now…and at my age of 38, definitely have seen a lot of change..keep it up with the excellent vids.

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    At least I can catch my breath!

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  28. Great workout, will save some days when I only have 15-20 minutes in the morning.
    I got halfway into round 2 with 20 lbs. But the dumbbell sit-ups are really the worst. Trying it again tomorrow with normal sit-ups and will see if I can finish round 2.

  29. u r fantastico

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