10-Minute Flat-Belly Barre Workout

feel the burn with this 10-minute ballet bar ABS class designed by dance and bar instructor Jake Dupree hey guys all you need for this workout is a yoga mat and you can either grab a ball you don't have to have a ball at all or a throw pillow to take the place so let's get started bring your knees into your chest lift your shoulders lift your head arms reach out in front of you legs go on the high diagonal let's pump the arms pump two three four curl up and up pump two three four curl up it up really glue those thighs together bellybutton is pulling toward the floor last one holding that curl up bend the knees into a tabletop now pump the arms pump two three four curl up and up now as you curl up pull the knees into your chest into your chest here we go inhale and exhale exhale two more pump two three four curl and curl last one inhale holding back curl up right knee in and the left leg long and switch and switch try to get that knee up to your chest just a little variation on the AB series for Pilates let's go in and in oh you're welcome pull both knees into your chest arms and legs reach out and circle the arms pull the knees back in go out and in inhale out exhale in keep that belly button drawing towards the floor the entire time three more two last one right leg up left leg long take your fingertips behind your thigh not this is too much keep the knee bent leg is straight now curl up and up tiny little curls always try not to bring your chin so much toward your chest try to keep that neck nice and long switching sides up and up and alter Nate clapping the fingers behind your thigh for ten two three four five six seven eight nine and ten arms and legs straight up rest your head arms go out legs go long then bring them back together out four two and up Fritz you the key right here is to keep that lower back glued to the floor AB are pulling down nice you're welcome oh my good more two more yeah large on during this lunging it so is leg stay up hands beside you now tiny little pulses up with the hips lift and lift for 10 2 3 contracting those lower abs 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 oh yes legs go long arms go up over the head a full body roll up and roll it up here we go up Cheil 3 & 4 take your time articulate through that spine let the lower back hit then the ribs Bend the head yes roll it all the way up to 3 & 4 legs are long Fiser glued together don't make me sound like your mother keep your thighs closed please uh-huh last one on this last one roll up into a teaser legs and the upper body lift now this is too much the knees to be bent or feet down on the floor now here we go arms go down to first out to second then up to fifth for those of you that are familiar with ballet terms congratulations that's what these arms are doing good here we go four Oh Mike we're going to chin five you're welcome six seven eight reach up to that ceiling nine and ten gorgeous hug those knees in rest for just a second now this is the portion if you have a ball you can use a child's ball whatever you need place it behind your lower back or you can use no ball or you can use a throw pillow press your lower back against that ball or nothing at all hands behind the thighs thighs are glued together here we go take it back and up the key right here is to keep those abs contracted the entire time so if I came and touched your stomach with my fingers it will be hard as a rock arms out in front of you now tap the elbows down to the mess and punch it forward you can go as back as far as you possibly can or take it really easy if your arm if your abs start burning you're welcome ah arms up to the ceiling take it up and back as hard without a ball about your welcome hands behind the head take it twisted the right then press it back twist the left and press it back now you can really increase all the reps of these movements and really get further further deep into your burn nice last that last set coming back Center flex your feet slide the legs out further now pulse it back to tempo again keep that waistline pulling in for 10 – year well go three four five six seven eight nine and ten good job grab your ball if you have a ball if you do not grab your throw pillow lie down on your mat legs go up to the ceiling place that ball between your ankles toes are pointed now this is where the tops of your abs reach it up and down lift and lower now if you don't have a ball just continue tapping your ankles or as high as your hands can reach if you guys can touch your toes I love you forever Wow up and down four more up and three more two more two more last one hold it up now tiny curls up to tempo keep that neck long yes for ten two three four five six seven eight nine and ten oh yes been the knees for just a rest for a second hands beside you legs up to the ceiling point your toes now take the legs to the right circle it down around in all the way up now to the left Circle it down around them all the way up keep that lower back pressing firmly against the mat behind you to the left to the left to the right to the right really getting those obliques fired up right here you're welcome to the left hold it up right there now let's repeat those hip lifts yet again for 10 – I love the lower abs yes three four five six seven eight nine and ten and bend the knees if you have your ball then grab it if you have your throw pillows and grab it if you don't have anything just this their hands besides you now if you have a ball lift your hips up if you have a throw pillow place that ball of the throw pillow underneath your lower underneath your sacrum so that nice area between your lower back and your booty cheeks hands besides you if you don't have a ball just keep your lower back against the floor knees into a tabletop go right toes down then left toes down really working those lower abs right here good now if that burn is something serious you can write me a thank-you note I'll give you my address how about them okay thank you coming uh-huh last set take both knees into a tabletop now here we go slowly down for two and up for two keeping that 90-degree angle behind your knees the entire time yes now as you let those legs lower their tendency is going to let your ribcage fly open like a chicken I don't want to see chicken ribs so keep it closed in down for it to and up for two last one down for two you hold it up right there now tiny pokes forward and forward imagine that you're poking somebody right in front of you I don't know why you're on the floor poking somebody but you are yes poke it forward for ten teal three four waistline in five six seven eight nine and ten legs straight up flex your feet take it down for two point and lift / – yes yes flex for two point and lift for two down for to keep that waistline pulling in let those ribcage just fall heavy toward the floor you're welcome yes last one last one hold it up now this is kind of fun open those legs up take it down Circle it out glue it together yes really stretching the insides of those hips good letting those inner thighs do some work as I open up now let's reverse it shall we out around it up nice nice down Circle it out through it together last one hold it up right there bend the knees into a tabletop now tap the toes down to the mat down and up down and up to tempo good now if you want more of a challenge arms can go straight up to the ceiling really causing that balance to be stabilized here we go for 10 yes – you three after drawing in for good yes there's six three here we go seven three more three more eight jumar two more nine and ten place those feet down grab your ball or grab your pillow or nothing at all pull the knees into your chest lift your shoulders lift your head look toward your bellybutton place the ball or the pillow onto your left side now if that pillow is a little bit too thin maybe folded and a half so it gives you a little bit of depth place the right elbow onto the ball so opposite elbow opposite thigh hands behind the head right leg goes out long now press your elbow and your thigh together nice now if you don't have that ball or that pillow really try to tap your elbow on your side together four three four five six seven eight nine staying curled up switch the other side place the ball on the right thigh left elbow on now press your elbow and your side together for ten two three four five six seven eight nine and ten rest it down lose your ball lose your pillow if you have one take a minute hands behind your head this is your last little push you do not quit on me lift your shoulders lift your head now here we go cross and cross really open that opposite elbow up cross and cross now take it double time here we go up switch switch switch for ten ten two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 six 6 seven 7 eight 8 nine 9 9 9 9 9 10 to rest it down good my goodness oh yes let those ABS sit for a minute let them burn baby oh my goodness and that's it how we feel your time I feel me well thanks to me I love it thank you so much for working hard I love them


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