10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout At Home – No Equipment Butt and Thigh Toning Workout

hey guys it's Kelly from fitness blender comm and today I have an at home button thigh workout for you that doesn't require any equipment at all you can do this anywhere I haven't included your cardio warm-up but I will provide you a link to one otherwise let's go ahead and get started okay so we are doing 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest so it's a quick transition here we're starting off with bodyweight squats you can have your feet shoulder-width apart and be sinking back start that motion with your hips so you're sticking your butt out behind you and then sink down make sure that you're keeping the majority of your weight in your heels and squeeze really press up as you come back squeeze your glutes keep your back nice and flat your eyes up so you're not rounding over your body you can go as fast or as slow as you want to just make sure that your form is clean in terms of the depth of your squat you want to go down only as far as you can control I know a lot of people like to say if you're not going down to the grass it doesn't count and that is not true you can engage your glutes without going all the way down and to stop where you can control is better than to go down too low so if your knees start to waver or if your back starts to round make sure that you don't go down as deep as you are all right next up we're going to have a reverse lunge plus a kick so during these rest intervals at least do a boxer shuffle keep your feet moving so reverse lunge plus a kick we're going to do three on each side before switching so here's one two and three four sighs so you're dropping down right in between those two feet again you're keeping a back flat try to pull in your core as you're doing this if you can't kick very high that's totally fine just do what you can and like I said remember you can move at any pace you like you can also make this a lot harder by holding onto weights which I definitely encourage you to do it's a fastest most effective way to change the shape of your bye-byes and also to burn a fat to none alright it was two down next up we have a side squat plus a calf raise three more seconds here alright so we're going down to one side come back to the center squeeze your calves as you push up on your toes can also how to jump you don't make it harder keep it going over halfway done fifteen seconds left five seconds alright next up we have a ski squat so a narrow stance squat plus reverse lift so be nice and close together sing up nice and tall alright so squat and then come up lift and squeeze back down lift on the other side if you need to you can always hold on to a counter top chair table well whatever you need to to help balance as you go up into that reach but try to um move slow and deliberately on this one speed is not necessarily your ally you want to take your time and move squeeze that leg back up there 15 seconds left three seconds all right next up we're doing a curtsy lunge plus an outside thigh raise so another one that's going to use some core some ab helped because we were balancing here so the curtsy lunge back and behind yourself come back up and lift that leg to the outside so this is another one what you don't want to use momentum you want to be in control of that leg lift if you want to get harder never set your foot down so come right here and go straight into that leg lift requires more balance otherwise you can always stop here getting control and then do that leg lift that's halfway right there okay said if you're holding on to weights and definitely make this a lot harder five seconds would be dropping down to the mat for this next one so I'm going to go do my other side I'm gonna be doing inside thigh raises so get comfortable down here point that toe and here we go so lifting just up as high as you can control again no momentum go swinging no cheating nice and slow just let it burn keep it going right there I think when we go we have 20 seconds left we're going to switch to pulses make it really burn just a few more seconds here okay right here we're going to lock it up there and just hover right here so it's not a lot of range of motion but you're definitely going to feel it in those inner thighs feel free to drop your leg if you need to take a quick break otherwise keep it going five seconds to one all right that's it for that sighs we're gonna do the same thing on the other side high three two one here we go get that foot out there go to your happy place keep breathing we're almost done with this routine already so ten minutes is really short it's definitely way way better than no minutes it's better than nothing but a long shot however I do recommend you do you know 20-30 minutes a day is good with a few couple rest days a week so this goes up really well with the cardio routine here we go with those pulses right here this also makes for really awesome burnout after another one of our more strength training heavy videos so after you've lifted heavy this 10 minutes we'll definitely finish off your lower body so it makes a really good add-on or second workout today all right so next step we're going to be doing a bridge so we're gonna lay on our back feet on the ground be pressing up through those heels and squeezing so right here press so really focus on squeezing right here as you drop back down don't rest on them on the ground just barely hover but don't like your muscles rest so they stay tight the entire time they're working and you should be feeling this in your butt and your thighs as well as your lower back a little bit just about 10 seconds left if you have weights you can hold them right here definitely steps up the challenge alright these are the last two intervals right here I'm going to be doing a reverse leg lift on each side again with those pulses just to make sure we really burn those muscles out so get that leg up there and you're tucking in and then all the way out in under your body and extend back out squeeze once you're there make sure you're doing each one of these motions like you mean it if you tune into your workout it is much more effective than if you're just going through the motions so do your best to stay present and to push yourself alright we're going to go two pulses in just a couple seconds I should get your leg up there and you're going to poke a hole in the ceiling with that toe so again a really small range of motion but you are going to feel it so feel free to drop your leg if you need to for a break but if you do get that leg back up there as soon as you can five seconds left three two one and relax okay now I'm going to do that on the other side we have 50 more seconds of work and then we're going to have earned our workout complete so keep it going to one all right pull it in press it back up pull in your core squeeze everything all right just about ready to go into this pulses in just a couple more seconds okay get that leg up there try to keep it up there for the last little bit of this routine you know 15 seconds left here we go five seconds left keep it going two one and relax all right so that's it we are already done with that so if you made it all the way through great job if you were going on to another workout go ahead and do that now otherwise do not forget to cool down a stretch it's very important and good job guys this workout is complete you


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