hey guys welcome back today we are going to be doing a 10-minute Pitt style workout so today's workout is going to consist of seven different exercises we're going to be doing 30 seconds on 15 seconds off and at the end of the round we'll hold 30 seconds of plank or you can take a 30 second rest totally up to you and we're going to complete two rounds you do not need any equipment for this workout these sides a soft surface such as a mat on the mat that I am using you will need a little bit of space and also today I am using a ten pound dumbbell we're just going to be using this weight for one of the exercises and you don't necessarily need a dumbbell per se you can use anything you have lying around your house the exercise that we're going to be doing with this weight is basically like a jumping jack just popping the weight above our head so you can really use anything like a shampoo bottle of water grab anything you got girl and just use it so let me give you a quick preview of the exercises that we're going to be doing the first exercise is that jump with the weight the second exercise that we are going to do is some plank toe touches so you're going to come down into a plank position on your hands you're going to come up reach for your opposite foot back down to center reach sent reach Center then the third exercise we're going to do is sort of like a side shuffle with a twist we're going to come down to one side lift up twist back down other side twist duck like so the next exercise we're going to be doing you can either do regular mountain climbers for this exercise or you can take it to the next level and by doing sort of like adding a jump with it you're going to jump bringing one foot close to your hands then immediately switch and it will look something like this alternatively that's a little bit too difficult just do some regular mountain climbers legs so then we're going to pop over onto our backs for the next exercise we're going to make sort of like it's snow angel motion we're going to come out and then reach for the toes out and reach out and reach then our last exercise is a reverse lunge with a kick so you're going to take a reverse lunge stay nice and low pop up kick back down together lunge kick lunch together so we'll do 30 seconds of each of those exercises taking a 15 second rest in between and then after all that we'll hold 30 seconds of plank and then get right back into it again so grab your weight make sure you have a little bit of space and without further ado let's get to it all right guys grab your weights for your Dumbo whatever you're using 30 seconds nice and strong alright set your way to side we're going into our plank toe touches so get ready in a plank position on your hands here we go touching and reaching for our opposite feet opposite but I should say make sure you're coming right back down into center position a little booties down right in between all right 15 seconds we're going into our side shuffles with the twist here we up make sure you get right down touch the floor all right 15 seconds then we're going into our either our mountain climbers or mountain climbers with the jump here we go all right beats up minutes and then we're going into our star to crash perhaps that lower back into the floor only drop your legs to where your back say on the floor and if you got me expanding the Liz's Commons you don't get rekt oh okay 15 seconds for Voyager reverse lunges with a gift so we lunch lunch together all right 15 seconds you can either take this next 30 seconds other breasts or a little plank I highly encourage you to hold plank just push yourself second I still count rinse when they dad it already breaking I let him take advantage I was falling off record deals tell them Chuck a column for the quote on wrecking ball breaking I still wonder a ghost all right getting ready to grab for Dumbo right into those jumps bring your weight all the way down and pressing the weight all the way up over okay said that the both side before you turn flank odessa's stay nice and strong throughout this exercise and keep those booties down in between make sure you're hitting that plank position every time [Applause] exercises are side shuffle want you to focus on getting down up down pushing up and jumping in between each one here we go nice and tight [Applause] next time we're going into either mountains ours or jump 30 seconds nice and strong [Applause] fifteen seconds going into our starter and then do the back top crafts onto the floor good legs literally go to here that's totally fine and if your back makes farting noises that's totally fine too [Applause] all right 15 seconds last round of reverse lunge with a kick here we go sit down nice and deep into those lunges all right last 15-second break then memory into the last 30 seconds of this workout doing a plank holding nice and strong here we go you get out and rock forward and back even awesome hip dips alright guys so I hope you enjoyed this quick sweaty 10 minute hit workout if you did please make sure to give this video a thumbs up let me know how you did in the comments down below and make sure they are subscribed and you have your notifications turned on because I'm here every single day so I'm bringing you guys a brand new breakout video and I'll see you tomorrow you


  1. DAY 20!! Get ready to sweat with this 10 min HIIT! How'd you guys go? Let me know down below 🙂 See you tomorrow! – Maddie

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  8. I did the workout and I am real sweaty BUT I am feeling real good! Thanks Maddie💖😇

  9. Her last name is lymburner 'limb burner' burning fat on the limbs. Nvm, I explained a joke and it's not funny.

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