[Muziek] en boem alle boeken en gewoon hoe gaan back stellen aan en dan aan mikey als daarom bieden ansje mijn vader waar is je moet graven link-o-loon die was topvorm naast van en en de is een comedy van mijn let's go [Muziek] aan mezelf [Muziek] [Muziek] de aan hem maar aan [Muziek] a study on zo cool zo kwam er dus wel hij is waar artsen [Muziek] later virus zoomt in nou ja ik zou gaan naar parijs da's een atlas massaal aan [Muziek] het is u oké iskra arme kind [Muziek] vinden is oh [Muziek] nu jullie daar [Muziek] anema [Muziek] [Muziek] nou [Muziek] maar [Muziek] [Muziek] erg bang [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek] [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek] oh [Muziek] [Applaus] oh [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek] [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek] jullie [Muziek] twee waardoor villa kalinko drink dit zwemmen pour ce sedo zo in de war oh ja maar zo was in oh hallo normaal [Muziek] geer [Muziek] oh en mijn [Muziek] nou dromen en zullen wij staan stil bij mij is koning dit zomers laden nou zo dat zij hebben d zien [Muziek] hallo video een jongen [Muziek] maar hotel [Applaus] oh [Muziek] mijn [Muziek] dit zweven eenmaal [Muziek]



  2. Tnx for 1 million subscribers guys

  3. Look easy but don't be fool it's actually a killer excercises. Just do it.

  4. No natural at all

  5. Man I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I did that before bed

  6. haha ive been training all my life and it takes more than 10 mins

  7. Thank you bro😘😘

  8. Really nice

  9. I paused to get some rest lol

  10. very useful video

  11. Number of likes this comment get I do clap push ups for those

  12. I don't have AC and I'm in Texas. How about no.

  13. Lol. Highly doubt this workout for 10 mins a day will get a body like yours at all! 😂 I should a 90 day o ly 10 min workout a day progression vid and see if there any change

  14. Pls add link music bro

  15. Cutting steroids, plus these workouts

  16. What about Biceps working?? no moove to train them….

  17. Whats a Alternative to burpees

  18. How often should i do this in a week?

  19. I stopped working out for like three months, and i've been trying a lot of ab routines to get back in shape but they weren't cuttin it, this tho… Top f**kin notch bro. Keep up the good work. 💪

  20. Done thanks

  21. Come on Whopper eaters!
    Move it Big Macs!
    Where's that girl power Wendys?!
    KFCs, you ain't off the hook!!
    It's 10 minutes, but it looks intense.

  22. You might of well go to the gym before bed. Can you show the condensed version? Please

  23. 1 like = 1 night
    NO joke
    Edit: 36 😴😮

  24. 1 like – 2 Nights

  25. I've been working out since my early teens. Much older now. I can tell you for an absolute fact that there's no way you're going to get ripped and bulked like this dude doing these exercises. You can tell by his physique alone that he lifts heavy AF. It reminds me of those 80s and 90s infomercials of Soloflex and Boflex where the men and women who were in the commercials were ripped to shreds. Don't get me wrong, this is a great workout and you'll get fit for sure but you will not look like this dude.

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