what's up YouTube family welcome back to a new video and to my channel you guys have been requested home workout videos so today I'm here with you with a 10 minute AB killer we have 5 exercises that we're gonna go through every single one of them like when we have done the five of them all of them that will be three minutes and then we're gonna rest for about 30 seconds go the whole round with the final exercise again twist one more time for 30 seconds and then one less room so three rounds in total before we begin we want it like we want to feel the ABS a little bit so we're gonna do a little warm-up and we're going to do that vacuum cleaner and there's one golden rule here and there's only one and that is to breathe we don't want to have this crunching with your mouth closed and no breathing at all because you're not gonna feel your abs working we need to we need to bring it to being able to get the opposite oxygen oxygen you know when you're breathing we have to get that into the body to be able to get the muscles to work in a really easy explaining way this exercise it's really good when trying to really feel your abs and the muscle connection and the muscle mind you know I always nag about that one so we need to be able to do that first to get the best out of this 10 minutes absolutely up we're doing what we want to do here is that we're gonna sound like this and from this position you're gonna go and blow up openly and if you have Seattle attention in the end going on please and just by doing this like it's really hard I'm not kidding it's really hard just try to do 10 10 reps out of this vacuum exercise so the five exercises that we're doing I will put every single one of them up in the corners you can see the name of the exercise on the other side you will have a clock so you can do the exercises with me easy and then when I rest you wrist when I go you go we'll go through the wastelands through the highways through my shadow through the sun rays and and we'll probably number if you burn them to see the horizon and will grow the number few [Applause] welcome to the house [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I stayed awake last night cuz I couldn't close my eyes and see you I drove myself crazy singing you take my wildest dreams tear them all to the ground oh my god this is the time when you regret filming him man like I'm dead completely out Mike I'm not even kidding can't even I don't even do that anymore oh I have to close him out because he was all over me in the beginning you want a dream that you wanted to be nice do you she would turn out okay okay okay thank you so much for watching today you guys everything hope did you like the video give this video a thumbs up if you liked it or give it Ferrari you want some thumbs up I see you in my next video guys have an awesome day don't forget to subscribe will YouTube channel and turn a jebel so you never miss a video with the face see you in my next video bye


  1. Abraço de Portugal !!
    <3 < 3 <3

  2. Hanna omg how freaking insane I just realized Eminems daughter follows you on IG 😩😩😩😩 because she’s into fitness as well omggggg

  3. I Love you videos 😍

  4. Totally digged the at home video ( especially since “my gym” is at my house ). My abs are going to be on 🔥 , I can already feel it………… Your baby got so big. I remember when he made his first bedute on YouTube. So handsome 👌🏼💞

  5. Hi Hanna thank you for your fresh helpful and fun video .

  6. From now on I'll be doing this regulary. I really enjoy this workout – effective but not extremely exhausting.
    I'm used to support my body with my elbow when doing the side plank excercise..is this okay too? 🙂

  7. This abs home workout is really good! Please do more abs home workouts, Hanna!

  8. Thank you for not putting ads in the middle

  9. When you first look at this video and think…ok, it is only 10 minutes and then just after 5 minutes you are completely dead😭😭😁😁

  10. omg hanna i did a body read yesterday and it says i must focus on my abs more than the rest of my body.. apparently im over weight in stomach area! nd i cum on youtube nd BOOM YOU GOT ME! JUST WHAT I NEEDED

  11. I love this type of video! Doing the exercise along with you somehow made it better.

  12. 2nd day of doing the ab workout it’s killing me girl! I woke up sore this morning from my abs 😂 AAAAMMMAAAAAZZIIIINNGGG we need more videos like this love you🙌

  13. 😍😍😍

  14. https://youtu.be/zEAyXq5Dr5c
    ✅✅✅✅ #motivationtime

  15. Saved for later .. thank uuu sweet

  16. Nice workout, but my neck and back always hurts after.

  17. Tänkte bara ligga i soffan idag men såg din video och vet du, jag rev av detta pass med dig! Tack som fan! 🧡

  18. I looove this. I was definitely burnt out half way through the second round…. but wow 😮 I know I’ll feel this tomorrow. PS! I love the clock timer you gave us ! it was so helpful that way I could keep my Fitbit on to track my heart rate and workout time 👏🏼

  19. Your abs are so sexy 😍

  20. Love this kind of videos..please make more

  21. OMG!!!! i just finished the workout!!!! i hate you for it lmaoooo. you killed me with the side plank smh!!! over all its what i needed a push. i love you and thank you. pls keep doing these workouts i really enjoyed it. muahsssss!!!!!

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