10 Healthy Life Hacks

it's melody and today we're gonna be talking about healthy habits that you can add in right now because these are habits that I do all the time and they make a huge difference in my overall future but also my day-to-day living I feel so much better so the very first thing is the most important one and that is to have a Productivity Center and the reason why I have a Productivity Center is because it makes such a big difference to stay focused for me and this is really important because everything is contained it's in one place I got over and there I see my phone I see my to-do list for the day and then I see my water and even if I have a really jam day I will at least do one thing on that list so I never get behind on anything and the very next thing is to replace sugar with something a little bit healthier so for me I've been eating an apple lots of apples and it's not because I've been trying to cut back on sugar but just so what happens that right now we're in Apple season and so old apples taste really good you almost can't pick a bad one and when you're eating a lot more fruit and vegetable it it's hard to eat anything else I mean it's hard to eat a whole bunch of sugar it's not a matter of what not to do but more or less to be focusing on the things that you really like to do so eating apples whenever I think of fall I always think of apples and so I have a bunch of apples in my house in any given time which today is no different so after this Oh eating an apple and the very next thing is to cut back on the blue light that you see on your screens so if you're like me and you look a lot in social media and you're also reading you know with your book or you have your your lights on that night you know because you stay up late all this is sending blue light blue light towards our ice and what happens is it so hard to shut down or it's so hard to fall asleep first thing that I did was I got these glasses this is the best way to block out all who light for me what really works is this app called night shift and night shift is this app where you basically hit right in the app you hit the button that says bright and then it turns everything yellowish and so I just keep it on like that all the time and it really makes a difference your eye strain is less I can act test that your eye strain is way less and there is something that you can download on your computer as well to do the same effect but of course it's not gonna block out the blue light from your lights and everything else so if you really have trouble sleeping or things like that or your eye your eyesight is going then these kind of glasses the next hack that I have is basically to organize your phone which I've mentioned this before but it's very important to organize your apps in kind of a pyramid or triangle shape because what happens is when you organize your apps like that so at the top I have my apps that I barely use because I'm trying not to use snapchat Instagram all the time and then over here I have the apps that I use often and I have them cascading like that because my thumb's are right where my thumb is having a little bit more efficiency makes a huge difference so if you haven't set up your your finger swipe on your phone and you haven't set up your icons like that it's a good idea if you don't have any yoga membership or you don't do Pilates or stuff like that then there is a book that I use which is a court boring book I got it when I was in the court brain school because I my wrist went out my wrist went out because I was using the computer too much and I was practicing too much so I start to have a lot of pain in my wrist and those stretches in that book feel amazing if you can do stretches and that bike I'll link it down below but there are little stretches that you can do every day so if you're always at your desk or you're always you have little hand motion it doesn't matter what you do you have a little hand motions and you're straining then those exercises are really good but also plunges doing lunges and squats then go walking outside and I can get this sign on my skin and I can also obviously I'm using my likes I don't need to do a bunch of lunges and squats but when I come home if there it's a Suns net out because it's wintertime then I'll just sit in front of sunlight that I got ever since I got that sunlight I haven't had trouble falling asleep at all which is amazing so I want to show you guys a really easy a really easy stretch because this is my favorite stretch out of all the ones in the book so basically you put your hand your your arm you straighten it out and you put it against the table or the desk wherever you're at and you put in a 90 degree angle like this your wrist and so the key of these stretches that you're basically doing them very slowly because stretches are not about sudden movements you put your you put your hand against the desk like this and then you move it very slowly to the to the right like that and then you bring it back to the center and then you move it back the other way and another another stretch that I really like I know I said only one but I just remembered another one that I really like it's basically to put your hand on the table and to pull back your middle finger and just pull it back really slightly and then go down go down to the rest of your fingers and it feels really good there's also this video online that I really like from one of my favorite youtubers of all time and it's basically a video on how to massage your face so if you don't go to the spa and stuff like that like I don't if you don't make time for those kind of things then doing a home massage like that or doing a facial mask like that can really make a difference when can really make a difference because it gets your blood circulating it's just like exercise it makes everything a little bit healthier they're not going to massage my face on camera because I'll just fall asleep so the next thing is to follow your passions so my passion is business and physics I have always liked productivity ever since I was a little girl all the other people were playing and where was I I was there studying or writing a book I when I was younger I was running this book called Kelly's journey and Beyond and it was really like a soap opera it turned into a soap opera because I had a very vivid imagination but friends implying when friends of mine when they would be really bored they would go and they would read but because it was very it was very dramatic the productivity for me like I said I was always like that my brother used to get spanked because he wouldn't study and I would get spanked because I would say too much and I'd be up late at night way past my bedtime eating carrots because I read somewhere that carrots would make me feel better I've been also reading this book called what is real within physics and science are another thing that I'm very passionate about and when I have free time I'll usually be watching YouTube videos and the YouTube videos that I watch are the practical things like how to make candles so the other day I was watching a National Geographic video on animals and then also I've been watching videos on how Stanley Kubrick makes his movies those filmmakers are very interesting to me their ideas you would just not even imagine how much work goes into making one film all of the detail all the inspiration which it's kind of the same for YouTube actually when you see the behind the scenes for YouTube YouTube's videos youtubers videos a lot of hours go into the final product but there's a lot of passion behind it to volure interest is always a good idea and getting your creativity out there whether it's through film or whether it's through writing or whether it's connecting in the community so the very next thing is I will often talk to my sister everyday I will text my sister talk on the phone sometimes and my brother my brother is not a texture but he is the master snapchatter he's got more points than anyone I've ever seen okay let me just say and I don't know a thing about snapchat so half of my phone calls to my brother are either a relationship question or I'm asking him how to use snapchat what does that PI me and also ask him if I think you a link can you click on that link I'm very close to my brother and sister but connecting with them everyone's wrong it doesn't take that much to just show appreciation everyone throw on something I got to remind myself all the time just like mindfulness it's like when we get a nice thing from the store it's so exciting for the first week after Christmas and then all of a sudden just blends into the background doesn't matter what that's just the tendency of humans right so to remind to dial back down and to be mindful and so that is another healthy habit is writing down a list of things that you're grateful for and the second is the last thing is to have a uniform so during the fall in the winter months dressing is very simple for me because there's a lot of things I can't wear outside of the house because it's too cold so dressing is basically mean a trench coat that's my go-to look and if I'm not wearing my trench coat then it is me and blue jeans and boots I basically wear boots alter out fall in winter and that's because it's just such an easy look and my feet are always warm so having a uniform like that even when it comes to makeup basically having the uniform that you can put together quickly because a lot of life to a lot of life for me was being indecisive about things and that just takes all of your energy so if you know you know you know your interest and you know the look that you're going for the things that are you you can easily put it on so I'm out the door very quickly because I'm always in my boots I'm always in my trench coat and out and so the very last tip that I have is to use aromatherapy in your life because it can make a big difference whether it's a perfume for me red roses red roses the scent of roses the color of roses like bath salts there's one that I really like called con which is a vanilla and it kind of smells like tuberose and jasmine it reminds me it reminds me of Hawaii every time I draw a bath and I put these in oh I'm back in Hawaii if I just close my eyes I'm back in my childhood and I'm walking down to the tube rose bushes and it smells divine Hawaii smells like two things it smells like sunscreen from the tourists and flowers those are the two things it sounds like so you would be surprised because you think it smell a lot saltier than it does but hey this is bath salts you know what I'm saying so you got it you got it both so these bath salts really put me in a good mood my rose candle and a perfume every once in a while and it can really lift my mood especially if it's citrus citrus simulates productivity if I'm in that mood but most of the time I just want to smell like a flower I hope you guys like this video if you did give it a like and subscribe I'll see you guys next Sunday thank you so much for watching


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  26. If you like Physics, you might like the Youtube videos for Professor Julius Sumner Miller; he made a series of physics demonstrations back in the 1960s and then rebroadcast on PBS stations occasionally in subsequent decades. I used his printed manual when I taught high school chem, physics and math, back in the 1970s and 80s [yes, I'm OLD]. Of course there are vintage b&w films of the old "Mr. Wizard" tv show, somewhere on the internet. He was the best for inspiring children and young teens in their interests in science. For current events in sciences and math, I encourage you to watch the broadcasts done for the public by NASA [JPL in Pasadena, CA].

    I agree about movie production; Hitchcock has always been my favorite filmmaker. His interviews by 'talk show' hosts such as Dick Cavett are terrific where he showed his very dry humor. Also appreciated the talent of Rod Serling.

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