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hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today is just a really quick video on ten healthy habit stats I adopted myself in which I feel it really did give a positive impact to my lifestyle and it changed that overall for the better and yeah so yeah without further ado let me share those ten and healthy habits with you one on the list is adopting a daily routine not just necessarily now that I've started working but even back in University where I did have a slight structured routine I would ensure I wake up early maybe for lectures I do go I did actually go into majority of my lectures not kidding I did go having said that with my current daily routine with a full-time job etc I make sure I get up early I guess I'm about five ish I know that's not a bit grueling but I do do that and then I go for good exercise a good workout because really I'm just sitting in an office or there I'm not guessing that much physical activity and I don't know like that feeding off the morning workout is just I feel so much better some people say oh I'm eating more tired but me myself I just I befall working out in the mornings anyways because after work I'm just completely dead and then of course within my daily routines I make sure I prep all of my own meals so I know exactly what's going into my body I know it's food groups that I enjoy something I like and you know it's new its nutritional its healthy and it will benefit my bodies for the vector instead of me rushing out at lunch looking for whatever that's available and having to cute ridiculous queues New England number two is getting enough sleep so with my daily routine as most of you may know if you haven't seen my baby moves in it or if you're not familiar with it I'll leave a link below somewhere I get up fairly ridiculous hours I guess I'm at 5:15 so I make sure I am in bed by 10 p.m. because number one if I don't sleep enough I get really bad Darkstar pause number two it's great from skincare as well it cetera and I get really cranky at work and I don't have enough energy to train let alone actually get my job done that work and so a falling asleep in front of the computer so I make sure I am in bed by 10:00 p.m. on a weekday on the weekend it can be completely different because I don't necessarily have to wake up that idea the next day but on a weekday yes a disciplined structured lifestyle I mean it works for me I love it I enjoy it it really helped keeps my life in order especially if I'm living alone I just there's no one there to tell you to do things as a certain time so you have to count on yourself when you're living alone and hence such a structured lifestyle works for me myself personally others may disagree on the others maybe that oh you're not enjoying life but me that's two rakat one number three is walking as much as possible you know even during your commute even if you are going to the toilet getting to work etc taking the stairs instead of the lifts and stuff that escalators if you know you can get from your house to the station within 15 minutes or there's a bus available why don't you walk it walk it instead of taking the bus I just I feel it it's so good to get some more physical activity it's better for your body lots of people you know they rely on going to gym and having a great workout but really these tiny small changes of walking more often and being more active generally throughout the day may have a greater impact than your one hour and gym I think it's a great habit to adopt and it's something that I've really enjoyed doing myself I mean I I can walk for miles literally I love walking if you ask my friends if you got my boyfriend oh my gosh you understand because even on a hot sunny day in Hong Kong I've managed to drag him I mean there were stops that were like only four or five spots on the MTR or like on the tube or whatever you call that and I'd be like hey let's walk it I really feel like walking and he'll be like please please it's so but I love walking so if any of you guys ever see me in Hong Kong I wanna go for a walk before is planning ahead for anything or everything as much as possible even back in university I knew exactly what my deadlines what my assignment was as soon as I was given them I would you know I would I wouldn't necessarily write it down or put it down in my phone as a note I have it in my mind anyways like I know exactly when I have to hand something in so I can give myself enough time to do it all in LA that's just it's about being organized and and even now I still live such a planned and organized lifestyle because if I didn't my life would be an absolute mess honestly I'm really being in my early twenties I really don't want to be living my life in such a mess already I mean I've still got so many years ago please I don't know like it just it helps keep me stress-free because when you're in a model and when things aren't going your way you are I get stressed I mean I get stressed I learn about you but I get seriously so I get stressed before even the problem happens so I pre stress for the stress if you go I mean learning everything ahead and being organized is a key a key point in my life I would say number five is being punctual and on time okay this is so important I always set my watch five minutes later I know it sounds a bit crazy some of you like it's wrong but I always set my clock my watch five minutes later I mean realistically I know I've set it later myself but just so you know when I wake up in the morning I just have a clock and I'm like oh my gosh no I'm nearly late but really I still have five minutes to spare I always make sure I am on time for everything or I'm always on the dot okay I'm either really really long time or even earlier but never ever late because I've actually got a little story my dad taught me a lesson once where I was late after school and he was picking me up and I'm always there I used to always be late when I was a kid and he thought he'll teach me a lesson one day and so um he came to pick me up and I wasn't there and then he drove off and then when I was there well if by the time I got down I was like hey Dad where he was like I drove off because you're late you're always late and it's ridiculous because yeah you can't always be late in life it's not gonna do you good and living life like that when you're an adult is even worse because some people may see you less reliable when you're late and you're not when you're not punctual and so after that day of him driving off and just leaving me at school for a good twenty to thirty minutes and then afterwards coming back I was never late honestly it really did happen and being on time is so important for my friends that they were always late you know who you are stop being late number six is a following in the 80/20 rule so this rule is where I eat hopefully 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time I would eat not necessarily whatever I want but things that I enjoy that may still be healthy I mean just because it's healthy doesn't mean I don't enjoy it Monday to Fridays I do try to eat as healthy as possible on the weekends when I do hang out with friends family or my boyfriend I wouldn't necessarily restrict my diet to eating more perhaps eating my meal plans for lunch except our outdoor meals I'll try to pick the healthiest option possible I've eaten two ativy I wouldn't count calories I just want people to understand that that 20% on the time does not necessarily mean I'm scoping down the cheeseburger because cheeseburger may not necessarily be my thing I mean I like seeing fish so maybe eating more of that or eating more fruits etc or maybe having ice cream because I am one major street to another pair drove a beautiful baked cookie yes the 80/20 rule not counting calories number 7 is finding yourself a group of friends or a workout partner etc people who live a similar lifestyle to you or have the same not necessarily beliefs but the way of living like you guys are quite aligned in terms of the way you think and your eating habits women etc and to see you having someone there when you're working out you don't necessarily talk at a workout but just having someone there it just if resourceful yeah we're so much better it's more encouraging and also it becomes more of a sociable thing you look you're less lonely when you're going through this whole fitness lifestyle etc it's not easy to find that person that lives sort of similar to you but you know you've got this guy's just look for one and you'll feel a lot less lonely and you'll feel a lot less crazy because you know you'll realize oh someone actually looks like me too it's not just me number eight is having some me time so spending some time unplugged and taking time to yourself really during the weekdays are after work I actually enjoy having some me time I like to spend that to myself it sounds really selfish or some people might just say you're lonely you don't have any friends but I don't know because living in Hong Kong is so chaotic it's there's so many people by the time I get home I just I just want to sit down have some peace and quiet and you know not be scrolling through my phone constantly what's up in people but just sit down have a rose have a drink not a drink I have some water I mean have a nice dinner and maybe watch some TV that's that's how I spend my entire time it really does help enjoy my own company especially when you're living alone having this me time means I'm able to be comfortable when I'm by myself I don't necessarily have to rely on having people around me constantly because I know some friends who he might be by themselves for five minutes and they might drive themselves a little crazy they're like oh I feel so lonely I need to find someone to be there with me but sometimes it's just it's quite nice to be alone even by myself and having that me time that relax some time peace and quiet is just it's a good session of rebooting rebooting my brain for the next day because I know I have to drag myself up at like five ish again so yes it's all in the mind number nine is thinking more positively so me coming from London being from London I can be quite a pessimistic person to be honest I don't know if any of you guys can agree with me especially those from London we are quite a negative people no offense I hope this doesn't offend anyone else it offends me as well because I am from London but we are quite pessimistic I mean being more optimistic really does make me a lot happier you dream my days for example I can't go to work on the Monday like oh it's Monday yes there are days where I'm miserable but think of it in a happy way you could be like it's Monday that means we've only got four more full working days until it's the weekend you know just seeing things in a different perspective one that's more positive and one that will uplift your mood instead of making you even crankier and even more moody to be honest being more of a positive person and you know giving a positive vibes to other people it's just people would enjoy your company a lot more some some of my friends might be that work don't know who to Suzanne there is but but honestly after quite a while I mean in photography I've learnt so much throughout this year being in Hong Kong and I feel for example throwing negative comments or negative vibes up their work what only get you so far and it will just drag other people around you down as well as they'll probably just cut you off in life as well so if you want to live happier you want to be a more cheerful person then be a bit more optimistic lastly is don't give up don't ever ever give up okay save yourself a bowl doesn't matter what god is it could be a fitness goal it could be an academic it could be what it could be you want to be the worst braces singer at cetera and just work hard at it I remember a year ago a year and a bit ago I started this go green go anything it wasn't necessary to become like oh my gosh it was greatest fitness guru but it was more of an account to help me lose weight help me get into a better healthier fitness lifestyle fitness situation it's been a year I have had so many people laugh at me I've had friends who have made fun of me though I mean give me like but at the end there just wipe it up like just don't care keep going do what you do and the same goes for University I remember I've had lectures where i sat there like what on earth is he saying I do not understand what he's saying you know doing all these tutorials like I'm never gonna get this in an exam like I'm gonna look at the question and just a freak out but work hard just keep working hard at it honestly a practice makes perfect and the more you study the more you work hard towards something the better results you achieve there will be your downforce there may you know it may be a rocky journey but don't ever give up and something good will eventually happen hopefully you guys have enjoyed this video not really sure how long this gonna turn out I always say it's a new quick video and then and then editing just obviously proves me wrong but if you guys did like this video then please give me a thumbs up and remember to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you know exactly when I upload and I will try to observe as much as possible or as often as possible yeah so I'll see you guys in my next video bye


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