10 Healthy Items At Whole Foods That Won't Break The Bank..And What To Avoid!

what is up you guys it's a Bobby and we're coming at you from Whole Foods for the next haul video listen we've done Costco you've done Aldi we've done Trader Joe's it's time to hit Whole Foods because we live in Lakeview in Chicago by this huge one and a lot of people think that Whole Foods is also called whole paycheck and that is true for a lot of really cool stuff up there but there's a lot of awesome stuff here under the Whole Foods 365 brand that it's not only a great price and it's an amazing quality so let's get in there and show you about ten items that are really healthy and great buys here at Whole Foods and about five items you might want to stay away from because we are gonna nail this Whole Foods haul and that's do it alright one thing I always get here at Whole Foods is the frozen items like corn and spinach because you don't have to buy organic to get non-gmo the 365 brand is the only grocery store brand I know where if you buy conventional it's non-gmo certified otherwise it's almost unheard of and the same is true with at imamat almost all edamame is influenced by our buddies over at monsanto and is GMO but 365 anywhere in the store is always going to be a non GMO which is really cool if you don't want to splurge and pay the extra price for organic now with this frozen spinach I got two really cool recipes for you up we got Jesse's keto fat bread muffins with frozen spinach instead uh they're absolutely delicious or I make my dairy-free creamed spinach served with butter basted chicken breast is fantastic I will hook you guys up in the description box down below but stock up on these items here for sure sticking in the freezer aisle this is kind of a splurge item but if you want a dairy-free ice cream this brand right here so delicious makes the best tasting cashew milk ice cream ever they also have looks like a coconut in almond milk but I would always go for the cashew one because the flavor is delicious the texture is like gelato the only thing I don't like art is look it's $5.99 for a pint last year actually I'm gonna put this back because I'm not feeling splurge II today last year at Walmart they had the same exact product Wow it was like two dollars cheaper per but over at Walmart they do have these so delicious almond milk bars these are fantastic and they're about a buck and a half cheaper at Walmart but if you want something dairy-free and you want good ice cream with a great texture go for the store delicious one the only thing that's gonna happen what's gonna hurt the wallet just a little bit all right Whole Foods is the place I buy my chicken for a couple of reasons number one the price for boneless skinless organic chicken thighs is $4.99 a pound which is fantastic and I don't know I always tell people life is too short to eat conventional chicken because they're bred to be very big chickens and the breast meat and if I meet is huge and it's very mealy and the flavor to me isn't as good as organic this brand right here pine manners has pasture raised chickens too so those are chickens that go outside and you can actually taste the difference when it's something is cage free that means it has a little extra room to run around we'll talk about that with the eggs but they never really go outside and the meat of those big chickens is Emilien mushy a lot of times when I cook boneless skinless chicken thighs people leave comments hey Bobby why that's so small the reason they're small is because they're organic they're not the ones that are bred to be huge now for the chicken wing video the baked chicken wing video we did the other week I bought these organic pine manner wings the flavor and texture of this was fantastic and if you guys are not sure how to cook chicken thighs or chicken breasts I have a video for three ways to cook the perfect chicken thigh and three ways to cook the perfect chicken breasts I'll put those links down below in the pan in the oven poached in the water we got you covered all right let's hit the oils and the vinegars aisle here I actually don't buy that many oils here because even though they're very high-quality they're too expensive but I wanted to touch on the apple cider vinegar we were talking about this at Trader Joe's you always want to buy the organic apple cider vinegar with mother which is the probiotic bacteria in the bottom because it's very good for your gut but look at this it's 5:39 for a 16-ounce jar everyone knows the brand Bragg's but it's too expensive we went to Trader Joe's it's half the price or no more than half the price is 249 for the same model of going back to the theme about 365 Whole Foods being a good deal same thing mothers present it's 32 ounces sucker for $4.99 so it's exactly the same price as triggered Jones you're just getting a 32 ounce bottle instead of 16 so you can buy it here and you can pay the same amount as Trader Joe's now going back here art let's follow up on the Costco oils video we did two weeks ago we just had a lot of questions because we didn't talk about peanut oil and art and I didn't talk about sunflower and safflower oil here everyone's saying hey Bobby I'd deep-fry in these oils so can I do that the answer is written very small here only if it's expeller pressed oil okay expel they're pressed meanings it's a one step past extra virgin or cold press there's a little bit of pressure to extract the oil from the nut or the veggie and it's totally fine if it doesn't say expel the press that means it's just as toxic as canola oil and veggie oil very highly refined and they use a chemical solvent to extract the oil the thing is art will you ever pay for 29 we're 8.4 ounces of peanut oil no the answer's no I would use that in like in two days okay but just to answer the question only by expeller pressed peanut oil sunflower and safflower not the regular one otherwise it's bad news all right let's go over here art okay we touched upon this art and I did back on the Aldi haul video tummy but only this my friends what's the only difference between this organic tomato ketchup and this organic tomato ketchup the only difference is this small bottle doesn't have sugar so they can put the label whole thirty keto paleo the thing is this one is 219 this one is $6 they're exactly the same thing this one just has sugar this one doesn't why do these brands think it's okay to charges two for me sometimes Forex price just because we have to cater toward our paleo gluten free keto or whole 30 lifestyle that's not cool I should do a video how to make homemade pita ketchup and the same thing is true with avocado oil mayonnaise 999 art look for 16 ounces you guys do you want to see me make a video at home how to make avocado oil mayonnaise because it's only you believe people have pay 99 for this that's crazy right you can make this at home for like $3 it's crazy man it's so there you go so when you started on this the cart there you go don't tell him that it's literally one egg yolk about a cup of oil and that's it okay so we're gonna do a video on that well up the instacart people have all the money order their own Oh Amazon okay Prime members all right this is literally my favorite aisle here at Whole Foods the bulk section you get serious savings on seriously good stuff here because you're not paying for the packaging it's also a place where they don't encourage it but I can't help it I love the free samples because how could I not try something when it's right in front of me before I get it now one of my favorite things to get here are check it out this is nutritional yeast aka vegan Parmesan if you ever want that salty nutty umami flavor buy this in bulk section we don't have to buy a big bag get bounces you can use that as a cheese replacement for my Kido cauliflower mash I normally grate some pecorino romano or some Parmesan cheese in there instead use that or just dust that over pasta oh my gosh it's so good now but the i favorite part of the section art is right down here the spices then we've talked about spices and every single haul video we've done but this one is fantastic because they have organic very high-quality spices that you can buy by the ounce you know they're fresh and the flavor is fantastic you want to buy really fresh high quality spices because when you're adding the conditions they have no fat that have no calories is just pure flavor and when you buy the spices on the aisle that are sitting in the glass jars you're paying for the glass jar number one and you don't know how long those have been sitting there ground spices have volatile chemicals or essential oils inside that start to lose their flavor after six months and they've been ground these spices go through very quickly they turn over the inventory so you know you're buying fresh spices like cumin paprika and sho chili powder mustard seeds so I scooped these all the time probably my favorite spice from ever using a lot of these spices including cinnamon is for my Moroccan chicken stew with my golden Quito cauliflower rice that is my favorite keto recipes ever I'll put that link down below but scoop the spices here because they are awesome all right I want to share this with you guys this is deci and my all-time favorite dairy-free yogurt it's actually made of cashews but the flavor and texture is almost spot-on it's much better in my opinion than the almond milk yogurt which has kind of a weird flavor and texture six bucks is a little pricey I know but if you want to avoid dairy that's the best thing you can do and then probably the most important thing in this video is right here let's do it quick because I think they're starting to I aren't and not right here I wish this video came out now because by the time this Saturday rolls around this sale is gonna be over but we've talked about this in every Hall video pasture-raised eggs are the only kind of eggs you want to buy these are chickens that actually go outside they eat bugs and worms and once in a while they get a supplemental diet of corn and soy the flavor of these eggs is far better than cage free or pastor or a free-range the color is vibrant and orange not pale and yellow they are six dollars a dozen are check it out which is a little pricey but I wish like I said this video came out now because they're on sale for the lowest price I've ever seen if you're an Amazon Prime member you get 10% additional off of that whereas I see a lot of people buying these 365 brand eggs if you go to something called the cornucopia Institute calm which I'll leave a link down below 365 eggs are rated very low because they're confined even though it says cage free Plus that means they barely have an extra five feet to go around and they never go outside so you always want to buy pasture-raised if you can find them around you you don't have to buy this brand if you get them from a farmers market that's even better but these are by far my favorite eggs ever and I swear by oh right here art also I buy now organic almond milk at Whole Foods because the price is unbelievable another 365 miracle organic almond milk for half a gallon look art it's $2.99 the same amount at Trader Joe's would be $3.58 but it's not even organic so once again this is the best price ever at all these two dollars and 39 cents for the same size but it's not organic and this is organic unsweetened I use it all the time for chia seed pudding from my dairy-free corn bread this is the place to get it alright one thing I cannot get behind is buying bone broth premade at the store first of all the homemade one is so easy to make and has superior texture and superior to anyone I've tried but more importantly look at this place it's seven dollars okay it's on sale right now but seven dollars for 16 ounces for a gallon of this then be 28 dollars you can make two gallons at home for like roughly eight dollars and it's so much better I know bone broth that's really popular right now I would never buy it but I wouldn't buy the powdered forms of mome broth powder or keto collagen peptides those are really good and in terms of the liquid stay away from that just make it yourself all right another one of my top top favorites here at Whole Foods is shirataki noodles also known as miracle noodles um if you're on the low-carb diet or keto this is your best friend if you need your noodle fix I talked about this stuff all the time on Instagram stories and YouTube The Price is Right look out for an 8 ounce pack it's on sale right now which is amazing but $2.99 is the normal price it only has for the whole pack 30 calories and eight total net carbs and two total net carbs I use this stuff all the time I have a recipe coming up pretty soon for my beefy ragu tossed in fettuccine shirataki 'z I have a ramen soup already out with beef lettuce wraps I have pesto pasta with grilled chicken thighs I'll put those links down below if you need your noodles you can't afford the carbs this is the best pasta zero buy nice soya it doesn't smell funky it doesn't have a weird squishy texture it's my favorite favorite noodle they also have it at Walmart but not all Walmart's have it they always have it at Whole Foods and I get it on a regular basis all right behind me is one of my favorite things also here at Whole Foods it's the farm-raised Atlantic salmon and you might be like yo Bobby farm-raised isn't that bad for you oh yeah if you don't do your homework I mean by bad farm-raised salmon it is but the one here is not only from Norway but it's also sustainably farmed and very high-quality it's also $9.99 a pound which is a great deal and because it's farm raised it's really really fatty and has this amazing juicy quality to it now bad farm raised salmon is bad okay they cramp them in pool they're swimming and poop they get really really bad feed it's just bad news but they really care about their farming here at Whole Foods and with this salmon because it's so fatty I make these Asian fish cakes that have sesame seeds green onions and because there's so much fat they bind together I also make crispy skin salmon and brown sugar glazed salmon with this stuff all three of those recipes are in one blog post I'll put that link down below but I highly suggest this farm-raised salmon here okay sometimes the wild salmon on sale too and I buy it but I love the juiciness in this guy all right one thing I love buying here because you can't find it everywhere is check it up fresh turmeric root art just said let me see I've never seen it before the reason why I love this is I combine it with fresh ginger root and make my immune system boosting tea which is guaranteed to keep you healthy in the winter if you have a cold it will beat that cold out of your body like Rocky Balboa you boil turmeric or simmer turmeric with ginger lemon peel black pepper cayenne pepper then you add coconut oil lemon juice it's the best drink ever I haven't twice a day and you need fresh turmeric because people aren't place City Instagram always asked me can they use turmeric powder yes you can but the fresh is best and they always have it here and a whole food so scoop that you guys often see me cooking with these Red Hot Chili Peppers are called finger peppers and I love them because they're not too spicy and they're really good for cooking with or garnishing dishes with and they always have them here at Whole Foods every week I get questions where do you get them from I always get them here so if you look at like my Kido almond crusted sloppy recipe from last week cooked with it and garnish with it my low-carb shirataki noodles soup with beef lettuce wraps cook with it and garnish with it I just love the color I love the heat pick him up for sure alright guys that's it we just crushed this whole foods healthy haul and we didn't get kicked out art and I are surprised because there are so many people giving us this thing god it's unbelievable where to next okay you guys have had awesome recommendations lately you want us to go to sprouts market we don't have in Chicago you want us to go to Sam's Club we're gonna do it Walmart supercenters coming up soon fresh time market I think Lydell new hurdle idol art little little yeah we don't have that here in Chicago buddy here it's unbelievable kind of like an Aldi competitor I'm so let us know share this video subscribe to our channel but we'll see a very soon until then keep on cooking now let's get the heck out of here


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