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hola muchachos welcome back to my channel so many of you were so scared with my whole rebrand and relaunch and doing new types of videos you were so scared I was gonna let go hola muchachos no hola muchachos is here to stay even though so many people are really offended because muchachos refers to like boy or like the male gender but then some people I talk to they say muchachos is just is for everybody so this is me as a non spanish-speaking person being completely confused what do you think it means down below do you speak Spanish let a girl know but for today's video I wanted to start off we're talking about some healthy habits that you can implement into your life I'm all about having healthy habits and having routine in your life that's very beneficial to you your body your mind your family the people around you I think it's really important so we want to share some of my habits that I personally do I have tend to show you and I hope you like this video if you have healthy habits let me know what they are down below or is there some things you want to start implementing and introducing into your life all the more so I want to know so leave me a comment down below oh also be sure to subscribe to my channel if you're new and hit up my Instagram if you want to check me out over there that's everything so we're gonna go ahead and get I really wanted to tackle this healthy habit first because I believe it is the most important in my body in my lifestyle and that is stretching so for over a decade I have been doing stretching and stretching exercises every single morning implementing stretching into your morning routine has so many benefits to it a lot of people don't think much of it but I thought I would talk about some of the benefits as well as why I personally do it so one of the benefits of stretching is actually to reduce stress stress can encourage your muscles to tighten and contract and that can lead to a lot of negative effects on your body both mentally and physically so to counteract that stretching especially in the morning can awaken and really refresh the mind and the body and it also encourages blood flow which leads to healing of the body and the epidermis it also corrects posture over time when done properly as for me I'm doing exercises recommended by my previous dance instructors chiropractor and my massage therapist so I've been going to see professionals a lot when it comes to my back because I have a crooked spine so stretching helps to relieve pain and swelling of the area it also increases stamina flexibility energy it reduces cholesterol and helps with just overall soreness and it's a good injury preventer a lot of people don't implement stretching because they don't think there would be a lot of positive effects from it but I can tell you all the beautiful people that I see with amazing posture that work on their flexibility are very active later on in their lives have less health problems and I find that to be really important too already pair my body for the days ahead being well into my second trimester as well it also helps my body to stay in a looser state and that's gonna help aid me when I'm in labor with baby number three a [Applause] great habit to get into is drinking your greens in a smoothie everyday so what I like to do is use spinach and/or kale the spinach I have here is organic and I do freeze it the reason I freeze it is because it just last longer and I can also put it into smoothies and it really does not chunk up you never get any spinach chunks because they're already kind of hard and they blend in really nicely with the smoothie another way I like to get my greens in is with my Vega protein and greens powder this is my favorite one it's vanilla makes your smoothies really creamy so I think it's important to have your greens every single day my kids also partake in having this smoothie because they won't eat salads their little teeth can't take it right now but I thought I'd let you guys know if you want to see a video on this classic green smoothie let me know down below because it's literally going to help you lose weight clear up your skin and pay your MasterCard bills so spinach contains potassium magnesium carotenoids vitamin C kv6 b9 and E it also contains a lot of folic acid and iron and most importantly for me calcium I'm a dairy-free person and a lot of people ask me how I get calcium without having cow's milk spinach is a great way of getting all the calcium you need without having to have any dairy so I have this every single day it's a great habit to get into another healthy habit I highly encourage is to naturally deodorize your clothing these are little cedar packs they work great in the beginning because they do smell just like cedar because there's cedar wood inside but over time that smell does fade but you can still use these little packs I'm using my Young Living Essential Oil this isn't citrus fresh this is a blend if you want to buy either like cedar packs or the essential oil I can always put a link down below and you can check it out so I'm gonna put a couple drops into the cedar wood it's really good at holding on to the smell but not so much that doesn't help disperse it so I'm gonna make a couple of these and put them into our clothing drawers I'm gonna make a special one for my husband to go in his sock drawer I find his work socks can get a little stinky so I have northern lights black spruce it's a very manly smell and it also helps to keep away moths I found so I'm going to go into the room and I'm gonna stick these into our drawers so many people like artificial fragrance when it comes to their laundry and for me with kids being pregnant I know it's much much better for my overall wellness to keep fragrance as natural as possible so this is something I do every week or so and I really enjoy it we live in a world and a society that is obsessed with technology and a lot of people find relaxation and being on their phones or watching a TV show and I encourage you to step away from that and find a tech free hobby that's so much more fulfilling than that for me it's sketching right now I'm sketching my new niece Beverly I'm obsessed with her I can link my sister's Instagram down below and you can check out some more photos of her and I find sketching baking sewing so many other hobbies way more fulfilling than spending time on my phone or on the computer when you unplug I find that it's so good for your mind and it encourages just overall creativity and that's really important this may seem very simple but I do want to encourage people to wash their pillowcases about once or twice a week I think it's really important if you want to have clear skin if you want to make sure that dust mites and such aren't overtaking your bed make sure you're washing your pillowcases so I have some white ones as well as some red silk ones the red silk ones I will wash in a warm wash and then the white ones I'll wash in a hot one that's to help remove any sort of bacteria bugs dust mites and it's good for overall cleanliness and just health I really enjoy having fresh herbs on hand I think that they're great for cooking they're great for medicinal properties and the sunflowers have nothing to do with this except that I got sunflowers on the side of the road and they needed to cut them up and I thought this is a great time to do it I also enjoy the idea of just having the ability to have fresh herbs to dry out herbs I find that I can be really creative with having herbs and there's so many again medicinal properties even just this mint right here and I'll go into it later in the video you can make mint tea and it's so good for your body so I encourage you firstly it's gonna save you money to dry and make your own herb kind of blend or mixes and it's also just great for creativity to put whatever you want in what you're cooking you can even bathe in herbs it's good for overall health and for me it's actually just a really fun hobby and I really enjoy doing it so many people are encouraged to drink lemon or lime or grapefruit water and they usually just say oh it detox is your body so do it but I wanted to provide a handful of benefits of why you should be doing it beyond that so it reduces the chance of cancer asthma stroke gum disease and kidney stones it also boosts your metabolism your moon system and it limits the damage done by free radicals and it's also full of vitamin C and antioxidants and that doesn't convince you I don't know what will drinking a big glass of lemon water is really good usually I try to accompany this with warm or hot water but it was 40 degrees Celsius which was a really hot day so we need to cool down a little bit this is so good for your body and yes it is a really good detox getting fresh air is important for your health period it's also good for your lungs and this is something I like to do every single day winter summer get some fresh air in your house in BC there's been a lot of wildfires so they've actually said keep your windows closed this was finally a beautiful day to let some fresh air in I wanted to talk about some essential oils I have tranquil this one is by Young Living I like the roller balls because I find they're really easy to apply and I also have Sangre de fruta it's a go Tanika one and these both have lavender in them so check with your doctor to make sure if this is okay I checked with my midwife because I am pregnant rubbing this on the bottom of your feet within I think it's like a minute it's gonna go into your bloodstream and it's gonna calm your entire body giving you a good night's sleep next I want to talk about drinking tea and not just drinking any tea but drinking tea that's gonna help with your body and eating any concerns or issues that it may have so to give you an idea tumeric tea is fight inflammation of the body such as arthritis and acne green tea promotes overall wellness and cleans your gut black tea protects your lungs from smoke and other pollutants and white tea it recedes the chance of cancer tea is so affordable and I really think there's no reason not to drink a good cup of it every single day so here I went for tumeric to help clear up my skin a little bit and just for overall wellness thank y'all so much for watching today's video I hope you really liked it if you want to see more videos like this be sure to give me a thumbs up and I'll see you all very soon I love you Kate bye


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