hi guys I want to talk about the simple steps that can bring a lot more joy and happiness in our life recently I read the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma and it inspired me a lot to create this video the story tells us about the lawyer and his out of balance life he graduated Harvard and I was very successful living in a mansion making great money driving his Puri and wearing Armani suits but he is not happy after he has a stroke in the middle of a court hearing he decides to sell everything and go study seven virtues of sages of Savannah in Himalayan mountains there is a lot of wisdom you can learn from this book but today I want to focus from simple healthy habits that are easy to incorporate in our life which he talks a lot about in the book and I also practice myself and always notice how it changes my mood the way I feel in the way my day goes before we get started make sure you subscribe to my channel if you like healthy habits videos because I'm gonna do a lot more of them number one a long time it can be 15 minutes or 50 you get a better understanding of who you are and it helps to reconnect with a creative part of your being you will notice you have a lot more energy after this in a chaos of modern life we constantly worry about things and this quiet time alone allows us to come out of mind and it reflects on the way we feel and even the circumstances happening to us you will sleep better and feel balanced in your everyday life you can pretty much do it anywhere but it has to be quiet ideally it should be nature for example the ocean is a big source of energy for me beautiful views help us to relax and recharge it can also be a room at your house where nobody will distract you you want this a long time to become a habit so it's better to do it at the same time every day number 2 physical activity take care of your body and you will automatically take care of there is a hundred sixty eight hours in a week at least five of them we should spend on exercising yoga Pilates running swimming walking it doesn't matter what you do you want your body to move breathe right most of us don't do it properly and we don't inhale enough oxygen the right way to do it is pretty simple you want to put your hand on your stomach and if it moves when you inhale you do it right number three healthy diet but diet can be one of the biggest reasons for our dissatisfaction with life believe it or not it sucks the energy out of you affects your mood and interferes with clarity of consciousness the way you treat your body is the way you treat your mind plant-based diet will make you feel and look a lot better nothing you need to stop eating meat you do what you need to do but adding more vegetables salad fruit in your meals will make a huge difference number four dive into the knowledge to start read for thirty minutes every day and the rest will come along with that I believe that our teachers will always come at the right time number five self reflection in the end of everyday sit down for a minute and analyze everything music two columns in one write down all your actions the relationship you had with people your mother your husband child walls rent and in the second column say if it was positive or negative write down the thoughts you had on your mind for example negative beliefs you can change to positive and then look for those examples around you for you trying to send this better I truly deeply believe that the woman always choose between career and and for me to change that I would have to say a modern woman can do both and have her life balance and then I'll have to look for those examples around me and find it to prove that it is possible and by the way if you know those examples let me know because I'm having a really hard time with that the only way to make tomorrow better is to figure out what you've done wrong today and then make a plan how to not let this happen again number six wake up early in the book he's saying that sleeping is a habit that you can train and most people sleep way more than they need to usually six hours is enough to stay healthy before you go to bed it's important to relax maybe make yourself a cup of hot tea open the windows to get some fresh air and don't get sucked into your phone or watching TV the better the quality of your sleep then less hours of it you need number seven music music can make you laugh sing or dance whenever you feel tired or downhearted listen to the music make sure you find time for it everything it can be brushing your teeth and dancing or listening to it on a way to work number eight mantra a combination of words for a positive influence some people prefer to say it out loud some to write it down for example when you need to work you can say many times I'm inspired and disciplined I am enough jad words affect our mind a lot and our mind affects our life and everything that happens to us this is a very powerful part that you actually can control you are what you think all day and you are what you tell yourself and do if in your own eyes you look like a person who's not confident enough to do something great all your actions will be limited to this view and the opposite if you see yourself fearless and full of energy all your actions will match this qualities number nine balanced nature of your being your actions become your habits and your habits control your faith diligence passion honesty patience and courage if all your actions are in balance with these principles you will experience a deep sense of inner harmony this will happen because you will be doing what you think is right and you will leave by the law of nature and universe it's important to keep purity of thoughts act right and listen to your heart number 10 simple do not let yourself to drown in little things focus on what really matters and your life will be free and peaceful the main character the book was sharing that he stopped wearing expensive clothes and stopped reading newspapers every day stop feeling that everybody always needed him became a vegetarian and was eating less he was trying to reduce his needs to achieve peace called otherwise you never satisfy he said the real happiness comes when you go for your dreams but it's important to make sure that your dream is not a Gordon chest there are different ways how you can incorporate this idea in your life stop spending hours on your phone and watching TV spend more time with children and people you love don't buy things you don't need that are not gonna bring joy in your life spend more time outside watch sunrise and sunset more often I know that for a lot of us this sounds very extreme you can take whatever you want from this video and leave the rest I would highly recommend you to read the actual book I'm sure will give you guys a lot of motivation to make positive changes in your life I would love to know your thoughts leave a comment let's discuss this thank you so much for watching please make sure you subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye


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