10 Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating And Why!

ten healthy foods that you need to be eating and why coming up a deliverer creators is a crush Grisham enter here again empowering you with great knowledge to help you to create the life that you desire so ten foods that you need to be eating that are very healthy for you and why right before we get into those foods and what all that entails let's talk about the body okay so a lot of us are very unaware that the body has an intelligence okay let's look at this if you look back and I've always mentioned this and I will continue to mention this because it's so profound in our consciousness you look back before 2012 and old energy right old negative energy as opposed to shifting into this new era of energy the new consciousness the higher consciousness if you look at the shifting right in old energy we really look down in our body and we just hope it works right we don't really know about her body we've used kinesiology to do muscle testing and so forth and you know the average person when they get sick you know when the body doesn't function properly you know they seek outside help such as a doctor or a medicine things of that nature right over-the-counter but do you really know your body do you really know what your body and the magnificence of your body and the intelligence of your body so I've talked about that before in a previous video called an eight you've got a lot of great feedback about an eight guys an eight is your innate intelligence your cells yes there are trillions of cells right but they're all communicating as one consciousness and that one consciousness is innate and so why do I mention about old energy versus new energy because in this new energy you can talk to your body you don't just have to muscle test or just have to hope it works or hope and pray that this medicine is going you feel better right you can talk to your intelligence because you're shifting into higher consciousness so now with that being said when you look at what you eat and we're constantly we're such a convenient society right we have convenience stores around every corner the grocery stores with miles of different varieties of foods and things of that nature and and you know all the beautiful marketing and packaging and so forth and and we go out to these wonderful restaurants and we taste this wonderful food and you know it tastes good go to places like Red Lobster you know good seafood right or Outback or you know and all this marketing and all these beautiful wonderful pictures that just entice our senses but when the food actually goes into your body do we really know what the body is perceiving or do we just enjoy the food now I'm not saying you can't enjoy the food but in this new energy we have to begin looking at the body from a different perspective it's beautiful it's magnificent it's you're co-creating your consciousness and Nate's consciousness you're together your melding together so it's a mutual respect right so with all that being said what goes into the body how does the body perceive the food that we are eating okay well first of all the body means certain macronutrients certain proteins okay and certain carbohydrates right and even fats that's lipids now what you want to do is you want to begin looking at your food from two different perspectives okay eat and enjoy your food but you can eat and enjoy your food and have for your body okay and Nate is very very intelligence and it and it melds with your consciousness so it you know it's it's a beautiful relationship and we need to really respect that so the first thing was potassium so what is a good food and very healthy food to eat and has potassium that's rich in potassium it's called the amazing avocado avocado a day we're really consorted keep the doctor away if you will right that old saying an apple a day but an avocado is rich in potassium in many other nutrients and of course it's a very good fat it's a healthy fact that one comes consumed okay so not only avocados are rich in potassium but if you like broccoli I love broccoli broccoli has potassium in it as well calcium and many other micronutrients the other thing is kale kale has potassium and a lot of people can't really eat kale so much so you have different alternatives right if you don't like kale you can eat spinach spinach on a salad right it's not cruciferous it you could you can break down in the best of course basically the reason why everyone eats spinach on the salad because they can eat it they can consume it right okay all you have to sort of cook it down so rich in potassium foods now what else does the body look for as far as a nutrient what does it need the next thing is it needs sodium okay so there's a there's a certain chemical interaction molecular interaction that's taking place inside of the cells cells needs sodium so they need potassium and they need sodium electrolytes right now what you don't want to consume is you don't want to come zooom table salt table salt is really sort of refined sodium you really want to use natural setting so always use Himalayan sea salt pink Himalayan sea something guys you can get that at a local Walmart it's right there it's it's not much more than regular salt but it it makes a big big difference in your diet okay and you can put it on everything all right and it's healthy in its natural form so sodium now the other thing that your body looks as it needs calcium well you can get that from milk of course right milk has a certain amount of carbohydrate to it so you want to kind of watch yourself when your carbohydrates but you can get calcium from your calcium from broccoli so broccoli once again is loaded in calcium okay now the other thing that the body needs is vitamin C we always hear that vitamin c really increases and boosts the immune system right body's defense system the vitamin c we've always heard and we've always been taught that you get that from orange juice orange juice is got vitamin C but orange juice also is loaded in sugars okay among other things so lots of sugar and orange juice definitely pasteurize and process on shoes right so what you want to do is you want to get your vitamin C from other resources you get to vitamin C from lemons literally you can take your lemons and you want to get you want to have lemon juice not the type of lemon juice that you get in those little bottles or pasteurized lemon juice which is broken down or really heated up all the enzymes you want to get real lemon juice from real limits okay so you squeezes into water and that alkalizes of water and gives you vitamin C so you see very simple very easy lemon water the next thing that can give you vitamin C is if you like salad which I love salads which are really good for you to eat a low in carb but if you eat salads chop up some green peppers and throw on a salad they're rich in vitamin C as well okay then the other thing that your body really looks at right is protein okay but your body even need that much protein your amino acid structure it doesn't protein that's the building blocks okay of your biological system you do need protein but you don't need that much protein okay so consuming a large amount of protein every meal you don't need to do that really you can substitute that protein with almonds and I'm talking about this before but almonds are good source of protein and almonds are a healthy fat as well see so you can use almonds now when I talked about in the last video is red meat so you want to reduce your intake on red meat because it acidifies in the body it takes a long time for the body to basically kind of pass it through but you want to shift over to things such as fish now Wow caught salmon very very good now I'm not a vegan okay but I have transition to to really eating eat light okay we talked about density alright density and vibration so I love fish I love seafood okay and you could probably tell that I probably had many lifetimes where I was by the sea or on the sea or was a mariner we're adding I love seafood okay but salmon salmon is rich in omega and omega fatty acids right Salman is also a good protein and you only need just a certain amount of summon and guys if you cook it right in it it is wonderful if you like Salomon okay so some very healthy foods that you can eat okay tunas not so bad but you definitely want to eat fish because it's rich and in good fatty acids and rich protein is very light on your system alright so protein and you you don't have to consume protein at every meal you can just prove consumed probably about 6 to 7 ounces of protein in two meals right and then the next thing is protein and then carbohydrates carbohydrates now now here's here's the thing that a lot of people were very very unaware and I'm sure with this in another video we we walk down the aisles of these grocery stores of these convenience stores right and we see all types of boxes of rice-a-roni spaghetti noodles cookies ice creams potato chips Doritos all of these wonderful packaged so beautifully wonderful marketing concepts that just just make you want to just grab one right you just want to grab a package and this popping mouth and the thing of it is it's just like Pringles right you can't just eat one you eat the whole thing well see your body is looking at it from a total different perspective when it goes into the system your body sees it as carbohydrate carbohydrate breaks down into sugars glucose in your body see and this is another fact that a lot of people are unaware of as well your blood which flows nutrients throughout your entire body okay your blood is about a gallon and a half you have about a gallon and a half of blood it in your total circulatory system your body produces glucose so it already produces sugar so it doesn't need extra sugar healthy levels of blood sugar per day is a teaspoon of sugar the average American consumes 30 teaspoons of sugar a day that's just that's just sorta like the average some people might consume more or consume less right very very profound right there right because your body all you know it produces the sugar already so it doesn't need extra sugar so hamburgers french fries potato chips Pringles Doritos breads cakes little Debbie's all these wonderful Hershey bars chewing gum loaded with sugar all that what your body sees is that C's sugar doesn't see all of this beautiful packaging and the taste of it and so forth so when it goes into your body your body stimulates it and uses it as as it perceives it in its chemical reactivity in this chemical makeup so very very important and I'll begin to close with this very very important for us to begin in this new energy after 2012 remember for those of you who are new on the channel numerology 2012 represents five in numerology and that means great change so we've shifted into a new energy on the planet okay the magnetics have been readjusted and we are able to communicate I'm able to communicate with our body with our innate intelligence with our DNA it's amazing and so how do you communicate with it you speak out loud verbally I'm not gonna go detailed into that because there's another video and you can look that up in the description but we have this ability now to communicate and so we need to have that mutual respect with our body you'd never suspect about it not just look down at it and say okay I hope it works today I hope I don't get sick you see so definitely share with me your approach to this I'll share with me what you feel about these different foods in how you perceive this information and if you found this of great value like share subscribe hit that Bell notification so you'll be up to speed on i'ma latest content and deliberate creators hope everyone has an awesome day be inspired respect your body talk to your body talk to your Nate and we'll see you soon


  1. Back around 2012 I began having uncomfortable reactions to some foods that I could eat before without any issue. I was told by a light worker that I had been 'unplugged' from the old paradigm. But I was born in the 50's , so I was not familiar with the lightworker terms. Processed foods and antibiotics caused candida. Had to give up lots of foods. What agrees with me best are greens.

  2. brother you are really a light worker and bring the people slowly to God near.thank you peace

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