10 Health Issues Unravelled and HELPED with Dr. Rahim Gonstead Chiropractor

main issues were dealing with here are the upper back issues right his back pain stiffness and neck headaches those are the main issues right now from the history I also hear adrenal stuff just from the history in terms of the symptomatology that you're telling me you were also mentioning that your tol your left traps are larger than your right side right your left side is more developed okay so the question is is it more developed because it's more developed or is there nerve pressure that's causing more of a weakness on this side now what's interesting this is looser here this is firmer here this skin is actually tighter on this side so if it was more developed from just the muscle then I would say this should be tighter okay and I know this is gonna be starting at the top right 25 you see that okay and that is consistent with divorce test that we did so it's all starting up here on the top right sir look how the needle is sticking the whole way do you see this he has Atlas cord pressure what court pressure is is this so that represents the spinal cord okay yours is doing this so what is it doing to the cord it's putting tension and those tracks can affect regular walking towards me focus on his feet please you can see his butt is different size sorry you can tell that his glutes are a different size I have to be careful in my terminology this side is lower yes mm-hmm this side is higher yes okay meet up this one sticks out more this side is flatter this pelvis has gone up and in causing a flattening of a spongy as no curve in here it's not that his left side is more different it's higher because of the twisting and the spine there this is higher so he's actually got an a SRP Atlas starting here right there now a SRP means it's gone tilted on the right and posterior on that same side right if I go this side there's also a seat – that's this one right here yeah okay so the reading is atlas but you have what's called a critical atlas c2 is wedged on the left atlases wedged on the right we're going to bring c2 down and then atlas and then recheck okay okay we still have some there it's half gone but still some half there right let's get more you gonna give it to me you're not letting go take it I don't want to take it I want to give you there you go clear right side you feel that tightness here on the left this is a left pelvis issue but he also has the sacrum issue now because I don't see the curve in here that I want to see pelvis is causing it the pelvis goes up the sacrum will naturally want to come back causing a straightening of the spine long term the ligaments will remodel that's tight right it's a and that's telling you it's stuck a yes it doesn't want to come down you gotta get that dick down free my knee is here I'm gonna roll you into me they're not falling senior order let it go please happy place you got beaches over there watch the fingers watch the swelling starts there mm-hmm orange peels there right into there that's doing ten yeah Tommy down tell me all the way down you got a curve in your booty now so the idea is you know he's getting better I see a lot of cases like this coming from pelvis um you know you're doing better when you see that curve and his butt is gonna start to look bigger and sticking out it's not that is getting bigger you need a curved you look like he had a love-handle bigger here it wasn't though I know it doesn't it's not the same nice I always had that that's your pelvis sir and I thought it was like carrying a backpack or something on there that was your pelvis over bring the elbow down down let it go left shoulder over around down that's it here here the same coil he sprained at some point right okay just lift up no there thank you yes talus topside calcaneus bottom side navicular top side calcaneus bottom side navicular squeeze my post your radius on the backside you got me just pull on your back on your gotta do a little more that shoulder for you okay hand on your belly button yet squiddy's squeeze it's better but it's not all yet recipes okay I just want to stimulate that c7 nerve that's for attention it's not crackling now when you do have a seat open slow open you see it goes like that yeah and then it comes back it's a left AI with the right EXO let's go ahead and do the right side open all the way close halfway hold ah that's part one this is a Conda block to stabilize the neck so it doesn't mess up any of the work open now if it's gone to the right this way we're gonna go right even more to open it up to set it back in open all the way now slowly start to close so bring it out almost 100 been closed there anyhow let's loosen up the matter muscle it's like magic shoulders are more level and the last piece of the puzzle your jaw is a little bit better yes and now the last piece is going to be breathe in through your nose and out through the nose breathe in and now let's set it that's it thank you okay you are a line down my friend I can breathe better I look better so hopefully it was worth divisible and you got a booty back no pun intended thank you


  1. Dr Rahim From the video you have corrected his jaw and nose. Believe me Doc i have the same condition. This has disrupt my face badly. Hopefully I visit you someday InshaAllah.

  2. That back crack was magic! Haha

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  4. Finally, he got his booty back

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    I wish I could pay him a visit 😍

  6. I need this. Now.

  7. Dr. Rahim is the Master Jedi of chiropractors. Love the patience, poise and bedside manner. Great work!

  8. I think Dr Rahim can even fix my car

  9. the funniest episode i have ever seen so far..

  10. Oh how I wish I lived closer to your practice. I have several issues that I think you’d be able to help with.

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  12. Sir, where is your clinic ?

  13. Most satisfying chiropractic treatment… Amazing to watch him fix issues..

  14. Beautiful

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  16. I have often wished for a giant to pick me up by ankles and just flick/ snap my whole body like you do when folding clothes…… ‘snap’, all better….LOL…. so afraid to get adjusted, there are so many quacks out there. So there was a crooked woman …

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  18. Just wow💕

  19. Did I hear an accent from Dr. Rahim? Dreeeeamy.

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    We are not too far..just 5 hours away in Phoenix!

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