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that's it I only ate turkey just eat turkey every day with gravy that's the problem is people want to know what the secret is the secret is you can't do it in a month it takes eight months and or a year or a lifetime to of consistency working out every single day and eating properly and truly feeding yourself not starving yourself but giving yourself proper nutrition to heal you have to burn off all the crap you've put in your body and then you have to replace it with really good food and fuel I'm so tired everything hurts transforming yourself is really not hard it just you just it requires consistency and dedication and you have to be willing to sacrifice the things that you want you have to trade things that are fun like alcohol consumption you know meals at restaurants things like that for you know long arduous periods of time exercising and physically exhausting and grueling work I was capable of doing and I think anybody could do it if they wanted to but time is gonna go by just as fast whether you're doing it or not so who do you want to be eight months from now you want to be in good shape then get on it today having Fitness does enhance your life it makes you feel better I think it's like very effective in terms of mentally making you tougher and stronger and feeling better about yourself the most fun I've ever had doing something active I probably can't mention on this my son was the result of it you only live in that impeccable shape for maybe 24 hours no seriously it's like several months built up to like the it's like a it's like an orchid that blooms and dies on the same day you know it's like care and concern watering and the perfect amount of sunshine for six months and then it just and you take a selfie the trainer was like if you're gonna do beer and EPPICard limited to 12 beers and make sure you do it after midnight you what was it hard to actually get the muscle ball calm it was the eating was probably most difficult part it was it wasn't the fun kind of a ting either it was copious amounts of chicken breast and various animal proteins and what-have-you is that real yeah I wouldn't spend six months in the gym it was I read the comic books notice the character was 700 kilograms so that's certainly a little bit of are you doing push-ups before you went on air to you know some dumbbell things and everyone's standing around the connect the workout was probably more difficult than actual filming it was my body doesn't sit naturally of that that white unis that was consuming many many calories and protein you know being the main one and working out six seven days a week my mind you said I've spent six months getting into shape for this no I don't mind he's built like a brick shithouse look at you so I muscled and everything and he came he showed up at about 162 and we needed to get him to about 185 190 lifted every day protein every few hours we work hard to beat as well as we're eating chicken broccoli all day nothing else what has sweets this rubbish it was horrible it's unnecessary and I don't know why anybody does it for a living getting into a gymnast is something I'm not comfortable with the tool you guys so I was very concerned I don't think it was quite alarming the amount of exercise that was demanded you know an athleticism and discipline and structure wasn't not my own it's all punches would go through all the time you know like you know an elbow and knee and a Joel Torres meniscus took a few weeks off I told the ligament of my right hand told ya they broke my foot and the crap my ribs like then we're still fighting I'm an actor I can explain this so for about three months we trained in Boston and it was a couple hours a day and it was brutal the tricky part was eating sounds awful nice but it's not just like cheeseburgers you mean you have to eat like these just bland naked pieces of chicken and rice and it's it's not that appetizer you just sit pretty uncomfortable you want to look up the gun big so every time they yelled cut and run offset and that they brought some weights on the set for me so every time we had a break in filming it would run off and just our lifting weights but as a result you know you're working out pretty much the entire day or for multiple days so by the end of the sequence I was exhausted Chris Evans manboobs really yeah what do they like face to face um hurt very very real and I couldn't quite help myself during the scene I this first time I saw him in his first time I was that close so I just kind of touched them gently you're high I can't really blame you I guess yeah maybe they're really impressive yeah some of its good there's boxes in my storage fat suits skinny suits normal suits and and right now in this shape I don't have any suits my journey is that I began working at a gym behind the counter there's the skinny guy and making fun of all the guys working out because I could see no point in what they were doing so I was by no means dad and I think people kind of know that I was just a tall skinny guy who had to kind of get into shape The Wolverine diet is strict it's about 4,000 calories a day maybe four and a half as I'm bulking up and then it gets drops tears I'm leaning up drops down to about three three and a half thousand calories not the fun calories this is the chicken fish maybe steak always protein six times a day protein steamed vegetables and occasionally some brown rice for some adapter protein shakes and just like that no alcohol no sugar pretty not very much nothing the fun here oh and I have this fight and I have my shirt off in this thing so it's a key sort of moment physically I had to be in peak condition for that and I went on a water dehydration diet so that I can be as ripped and cut as possible so for 24 30 hours you don't drink any liquids so I had a massive headache I trained really hard at morning in which you start cramping up and then we were doing this five with I had the real claws on he had the sword is this safe to say this is the furthest you've pushed yourself physically yeah every time he has to do one of these the work involved which people don't see is how hard he works on just getting the body right for it I mean it just such strict diet Miller he's lifting away there yeah basically trying for three hours a day and eat a lot of protein a lot of food I actually got the diet from Dwight the rock Johnson has made a moment every day what I do is I eat for eight hours and I fast for sixteen so from about 10:00 in the morning till 6:00 for this I eat way too much and then nothing after that you trainer before we started the film wanted to pack on about 10 pounds on and muscle-up be able to lift people over your head and throw them around and fight blood-sucking vampires it's a tough thing when you work 1415 hour a day and you have to get up 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning and go lift weights for two hours and then go to work all day I can clear my schedule for almost eight or nine months and just work primarily on getting ready for the role six days a week he was in the gym always up at 4:00 in the morning doing this weights he have a trainer sucked to it religiously and it always made me laugh because on 70s he was allowed to go and drink and eat as much as he wanted he had the one day off during the week where he could do that he was up at like 3:00 in the morning working out and eating cardboard and it was there any praising what a great diet the hardware didn't sell anything to you know drywall is also also author yeah the high protein thank you yeah exactly and I'll just enjoy the squats how can you feel like a million bucks when you're in shape when you're always exhausted like you're when you're always working out you never feel what it's like to be you know fully strong I just always feel like oh god my chest feels like somebody like drove a truck over it when you gain like seven or eight nine pounds of muscle you look gigantic right so there's no way you're gaining 40 pounds muscle you'd be a third yeah not without like just pure dragon blood being yet humped in my veins every case there's no CGI or anything a six-pack or anything like that I wish someone's gotta invent that do you stay in shape then for anything no or is it per yeah I fits for the jock I just wrapped Deadpool so I still got it no I had worked out like crazy for that bit but you know what's the literally like five days wooden this five days left of shooting I just stopped everything 100% the training has been generous coveri just like super method city of discovery super medellin he could fly I like I could do all sorts of things in the gym which I never thought possible he started out I think his deadlift was about 245 pounds after a period of time he pulled for 35 and it all came from hard work and discipline and paying attention to his diet and to his sleep into his recovery and ultimately I think Henry Cavill is Superman it's not easy for anyone but that doesn't mean that it was painful obviously there are times where he was cursing me under his breath sometimes to my face but it's expected having it be difficult I think makes the end result worthwhile he's opened my eyes to seeing past what I spoke with my limits and the ability to crush in the gym but just enough I can't walk out properly and I feel horrible and feel a little snake but I still want to come back Henry's work to get his body in shape also just evolved into getting me his say his mind and spirit into shape it's not the kind of training which just makes you look pretty it's the kind of training which first and foremost is useful you're perceived boundaries and on your actual boundaries you can push way beyond those and I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it all the time but as long as you have someone who's very knowledgeable guiding you then you can do what Henry did was just a ridiculous amount of hard work ichael literally a ridiculous amount and it was five months of just you know getting up at the crack of dawn training like a maniac and you know really I think using those moments of extreme pain and agony to sort of see like this is my Superman probably felt like when he was a child trying to keep assimilate to Earth's atmosphere you I workout twice a day six days a week when I'm training for a shoot like today or for True Blood or Magic Mike or any other project that I have so it's a lot if you want to put on empty weight eat empty food I always say I eat to build so you know I work out really hard in the gym and I eat a lot of protein in order to provide me with the building blocks to maximize that training so there's no sugar no carbs no alcohol so you have to cut out a lot of that that fun delicious stuff that the most people really like I've spent the past 25 years that's two-thirds in my life searching out the best trainers on the planet the best methods on the planet I did this completely naturally no steroids no human growth hormones I was not born genetically to put on muscle I was cursed with long limbs but somehow I found a way to do it it got into powerlifting you got into the traditional Olympic lifts my diet is is very strict but not strict in a way that that it's not fun I'm a carnivore so I get to eat as much meat as I can pretty much put down I'm not somebody that's against fat I'm against sugar I think sugar when you're training is the number one killer you gotta get rid of the sugar get rid of the get rid of the bread I didn't have it easy and I eliminated all of the excuses and just know that if I can do it you can do it anything's possible when I was writing and one of the reasons why I thought well the smoke we couldn't really be made is because of the Trevor's character the whole weight loss issue and never my wildest dreams but I think an actor would actually go to the lengths that Christian has gone to feels great it feels like a kind of a victory because they did kind of just emaciate and destroy myself you know to the point where I kind of just watching me run as a joke because she's having her leg muscles or anything watching this man walk around 120 pounds of not heating for weeks I just didn't think it was possible I didn't eat that was it when I first met Christian he was extraordinarily thin having a lost an enormous amount of weight for the machinist which he was about to go off and shoot he did call me and say well you know how do you to look right now you know why how how am I gonna seriously be able to suggest to Warner Brothers that you could play Batman ever if you know you're that skinny perfect fit he then proceeded to put on a lot of weight in muscle to us and really Tron bulk up because I had impressed upon him me the idea that for Bruce Wayne to really feel that suit he was gonna have to be very very large I was just stuff in my face all day long and lifting heavy weights and eating more and and eventually went went up to like 220 pounds I just listened to what he said about get as big as you possibly can so that's what I did you know but I was kind of like a bear I wasn't really like a martial arts you know guy I'll lean and ripped and everything like that I could see the look on Chris's face you know he looked at me and it was like oh Christ you know what is this guy done it was a moment of panic where I realized ah ah crap you know I took Chris at his exact word about get as big as you can but he didn't really think I was gonna get that big and a number the crew I'd worked with on previous movies they looked at me and they were like bloody Oh Chris what we doing if fat man or bats hand and sir I realized okay that's not what he had meant so I had to then try and lose a lot of weight we worked on his stamina and thought his muscle tone so we could bring his body back up to being what it needed to be for that man Cristiano showed extraordinary levels of self-discipline dedication to the role be able to do that a lot of actors when you start working with them they'll say they're gonna lose a bit of weight for the part or whatever and the Wardrobe people can't roll their eyes and go yes sure because they very often don't you've got to just say to yourself do I think it's good do I think I've done a good job on this and that's it and that I get my satisfaction from working on it right here right now


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