#1 Principle to Your Dog’s Healthy and Long Life

you hi my dog lovers hi this is dr. Tobias here I am super excited today because I have the most important healing principle that I learned about in the course of the last 30 years of being a veterinarian now I know that this may sound too good to be true but it is really simple and it'll make a huge difference in your dog's life now I'm I dare to say that it'll add years to your dog's healthy happy and long life I have asked my friend and graphic artist to help me to explain how important this particle principle is and we have brought tirelessly on creating the simplest and the best possible way to transfer to you so I hope you'll enjoy it that you will share it with others and please if you have any questions send us feedback through the website at Peter devised calm in joy when I was a child I really loved learning from pictures whether it was chemistry or natural principles or laws art or geography pictures were the most amazing way of learning for me and when I started to think of how to convey the most important piece of information that he can actually use to make your dog healthy and long living I naturally came to pictures I also love to travel and I was very much inspired when I visited the African savannah it was a trip of a lifetime with my mother we celebrated 70 and we wanted to go somewhere and as I was watching the animals living a very simple but beautiful and rich life I couldn't stop thinking about how perfect nature is when you look at this picture it shows clearly what happens in nature the nutrients come from the soil in plants and the plants are eaten by the herbivores then they have a bowel movement and nutrients go back or nutrients go back by the animals dying when they get old or when they're a little less lucky they are eaten by lions and other carnivores hyenas vultures and those animals once again have about a movement the nutrients go back to the soil or they die and again feed and nourish the so in the plans and the cycle pretty much closes these animals also roam in a relatively small area they don't get transported from place to place so the nutrients recycle the minerals recycle in one area and once the animals die all of it goes back to the soil and the cycle can start again or go on in the past hundred or so years we have been consistently and increasingly interrupting the National entry in cycle our food is not what it used to be it is depleted and the nutrients are missing now in order to explain that we created another picture when it comes to the modern nutrient cycle humans have invented food transportation we started transporting food whether frozen or fresh by ship by planes by trains by trucks and this created a serious problem a good example would be produce grown in California food from California is carried away to let's say John and Loki in Ontario best-case scenario this food will be eaten and then it will go into compost in the local area it would be too costly too expensive for farmers to try the source or bring the compost back like it's it's basically impossible now worst case scenario the food will be wasted and will end up in landfill because it's not eaten or someone bought too much food and obviously the nutrient cycle is interrupted so the Californian soils and I'm using California as an example this is happening everywhere become more and more depleted of nutrients and minerals cannot be made they just have to come from soil and they have to be recycled but because this is not happening our food gets more and more depleted and this is why our bodies in our dogs bodies our pets bodies are depleted because we have a beast and an e so for more than hundred years in such a way that it will never be replenished and as we kind of repeat the cycle of the modern cycle and sustain Sycho of nutrients our food is getting more and more and more depleted as you know there are trillions of reactions chemical reactions happening in the body roughly about 37 trillion it may be less or more it's hard to count but it's a lot these reactions cannot happen without essential nutrients such as minerals the same way you cannot build a bike or car or plane without parts in medicine we've come up with very sophisticated methods of healing but quite often we forget that without the building blocks our body our dog's bodies cannot stay healthy if there is no sodium or no sulfur or no selenium no magnesium serious problems can happen in the body the organs the skin the nervous system everything is dependent on having sufficient amount of minerals because of my interest in nutrition I came up with a solution several years back of creating a mineral and amino acid supplement from algae first I tested it on humans in my family because we always test on humans before we give the products to dogs and other animals and I started to see some really incredible changes more energy better stamina just feeling so good I don't drink coffee but I start to feel like it was something similar after we went through the initial testing we made griemann and reviews and testimonials started to come in and I was blown away I didn't know that a simple mineral support can make so much difference and some of the medical conditions and health problems that my patients had started to improve and disappear and I knew that we were onto something really big even though it's super simple there are many other essential nutrients such as omega oils and vitamins and even probiotics but if there is nothing else that I could get I would you know support because without Minos our dogs and our cells cannot be healthy now I'm a realist and I know that some of you may still think well my dog is eating healthy food and organic food and it contains everything and if you do believe it I would suggest an urge you to run hare key test which is a hair test that I created for people who want to understand their dogs mineral profile and toxin profile a little better now hair key test is a test that is done by collecting your dog's hair or your own hair and analyze it in plasma induction method now this method basically dissolves the hair to atoms there is a counter very sophisticated equipment that counts the number of atoms of let's say sulfur or iron or magnesium calcium and so on it also can monitor and give us levels of heavy metals and toxins such as arsenic and Mercury or left so it gives you a really good idea how your dog is doing and what minerals are missing what I learned in medicine and in my practice is that most dogs that are ill are also depleted or toxic so this is a good way to determine how your dog is doing and if you are still in doubt if minnows are needed or not there are some serious issues in nutrition these days whether it's toxic fish with mercury or whether it's depleted vegetables and produce and meat so if you want to keep your dog healthy I really urge you to learn more about minerals I would love you to look at Greenman and read about what nutrients it contains and how we formulated to provide your dog with not only minerals but also amino acids and cleansing greens and I sometimes feel a little conflicted because I wish I didn't make Greenman because if I didn't make it I would be able to promote it much more I'm just gonna say ferociously because I I think it's one of the keys to health nutrition but because I'm a kid I sometimes have been I'm just gonna say to you humble but then I thought screw it this is about our dogs this is about our best friends this is about our family members this is about our own health I really appreciate you watching this video and I hope that you will share with others that you will think about everything that I just said here and ask us questions email us through our website that Peter devised a call and if you want to learn more about Greenman and our animal support it is either on the page that you're browsing it or you can go to cremate calm if you're on a different page thank you so much for watching I hope that you've enjoyed this little brief course on middle nutrients give your dog for me take care bye bye

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