1 in 4 young women suffer mental health problems in the UK

good you are an incorrigible delinquent at times babe yourself man there's been a sharp rise in the number of young women suffering mental health problems he figures show that in England one in four sixteen to twenty four year olds reported symptoms that's an increase from one in five seven years earlier self-harming is also on the rise the findings come in a big survey of mental health in England so what's causing so many young women to suffer problems like anxiety and depression here's a health editor who pin young women are seen as a high-risk group according to this comprehensive new survey for England and Alice Thompson who's 17 can vouch for that she suffered from mental health problems including anxiety self-harm and eating disorders she's in treatment now but says that her conditions have been overwhelming anxiety feels like you're in a stream and there's or even darshan and it was just waves crashing it here constantly and you treading water and the more you tread water the harder it is to keep going shoes get tired and you get lethargic and you just end up drowning eventually the mental health survey covering England carried out every seven years highlights important trends among 16 to 24 year olds 21 percent of women experience symptoms of mental illness in 2007 but this had increased to 26% by 2014 in contrast eleven point nine percent of men experienced symptoms in 2007 but this was down to nine point one in 2014 with self-harm there's a widening gap with eleven point seven percent of women in 2007 saying they'd self-harmed rising to nineteen point four in 2014 for men it was six point three percent in 2007 and a slower increase to seven point nine by 2014 so what are the explanations the report's authors say it's not their job to look for causes but the growth in social media is probably part of the story with teenagers feeling under more peer group pressure and potentially being vulnerable to online bullying this is the first cohort to come of age texts of social media and we don't yet understand what social media means for the mental health of people as they enter adulthood but this is something that perhaps this study suggests warrants further investigation students beginning a new term are potentially vulnerable to mental health challenges and many colleges and universities are doing what they can to help at Bradford College there's a room set aside for young people to relax and escape from everyday stresses with local guide dogs brought in as a welcome distraction I don't know it has this makes you makes it feel calm and relaxed and forget about all like problems you've got it just focusing dog people don't think alike is real it's just like most of my friends have anxiety and stuff so it's like it's nothing uncommon a recent scottish survey found what was said to be significantly lower levels of mental well-being amongst young women compared to other age groups that's further evidence of a growing problem for policy makers the NHS and young people young women are disproportionately affected when it when compared to young man and if we're talking one in four young women aged between 16 24 if this was a physical illness we call it an epidemic wellyes fiona in fact one mental health expert did use that word epidemic for young women now the report authors do say that when it comes to self-harm there's more awareness of it so then that might increase reporting but nevertheless it is a major problem across the board we heard there about social media they also say the context to this seven-year period of this study there was a recession it's been an increase in domestic abuse and violence and that might have affected young women's mental health so what's to be done about it well the government says it is investing a lot more money in mental health it's set up new waiting time performance targets and I do understand there'll be a major policy announcement by the government for England covering areas like self-harm and suicide but there's a long way to go and I think everyone who feels there should be parity of esteem between mental and physical health would argue that actually there's a lot of work still to be done okay Hugh thank you Oh


  1. I know this is going to sound insensitive, but are these the same 1 in 4 young women that go off to college/university to be raped? Something tells me there is a WHOLE LOT more going on then just an increase. I mean up from 1 in 5 means that 20% of women in the UK are suffering from mental health issues. That is an epidemic and you all need some serious help.

  2. Mote social media brainwash,more selfies and mode dependency on mobile phone.That is what maming women depressed while they enjoy liberal appraoch to life.

  3. though this ratio would be higher. Also does this mean if you call a woman a mad cow it would be considered less of a hate crime?

  4. Mental illness is very trendy nowadays, and people claim to have anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, bipolar etc. just so they can get sympathy and attention. The internet is the culprit here I reckon.

  5. Given the drastic difference between rate of increase between males and females, I would guess the cause to be something specifically that women use like contraceptive pills etc.

  6. Focus on the dog.

  7. Feminist crap, how many of these have we seen over the years.

  8. this is a bit… troubling… in all fairness you'd have to look really carefully at the report. First question would be how exactly this trend was diagnosed. for example DSM got a new edition out within the last seven years, if the report used DSM that could influence the outcome. secondly if it was self reported, it's again very difficult to draw conclusions from it. males may underreport significantly in that regard, and / or female gained a hightened awerness causing for a higher number without any increase at all. the report sounds alarming but without looking into it a lot further the facts reported here are nearly useless.

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