1 Hour Hatha Yoga For Beginners | Fightmaster Yoga Videos


  1. Wooooow …. I love this . Yoga for life!

  2. For digestion then, should you always twist to the left first?

  3. Have been waiting for Monday yoga 🙂 Thanks, Lesley!

  4. Husband and I just did this- it was great 🤩

  5. Very nice and simple explanation and practice 🙏

  6. I really enjoy this format. How you correct/ help the others also helps me with understanding what I might do wrong and how to correct it. I also feel less a 'noob' when seeing others do it not perfect :p

    Great beginner excercises as well!

  7. Nice one for a new moon day!

  8. perfect for my rest/ streaching day (as usual)

  9. Always love these live lessons! For me, this was perfect as a nice relaxing evening class 😊. Thanks very much Lesley and Duke 💖🙏🏻

  10. Thank you so much Lesley….though i have a concerning question why every time i go deeper in to my stretch i shiver ?

  11. I enjoyed this Leslie. Nice pace and back to basics for some gentle reminders on alignment that everyone can benefit from

  12. Omg!!! Mommy is famous. This was so fun and helped me to feel,so much better after days of stress!!! Thank you Lesley!!

  13. Hi everybody, since I am recovering from an inflammation in the right shoulder and the intention to keep (the shoulder ) moving, I considered this video to be a fitting one. Thanks Lesley!

  14. Is'nt that Antonio from RMRS?? I think He is…..Anyone else with that mind too?

  15. A great class for everyone. Don’t be afraid to do it if you have yoga experience . It all helps.

  16. Great class. I love to take a beginner class from time to time and get back to basics! Reminds me of the things I take for granted and helps me improve my practice – also, helps get me back into practicing if I've been lax about it. Thanks Lesley. Namaste.

  17. Thank you. I discovered yoga as a senior and it is helping me keep calm and flexable.

  18. Wonderfully sequenced, perfect class, thank you so much sweet Lesley!

  19. love u,started from today

  20. You are so beautifull.

  21. You are attractive.

  22. What a great class, very well explained.

  23. I have a cold so this was perfect to do today 🙂

  24. Amazing, thank you

  25. Amazing video…Well paced and clearly explained.. ☺️ Almost felt like you were present here guiding me through the class!! Loved it ❤️

  26. Thank you I find this video really helpful!

  27. Came here from Real Men Real Style.
    Lots of love and support from INDIA

  28. RMRS sent me here!

  29. Antonio sent me here. Is your last name really “Fightmaster?”

  30. I hear the iOS “bedtime wake up” ringtone 😉

  31. Antonio sent me here too!

  32. Thanks Antonio.

  33. Yo is that antonio centeno !

  34. From RMRS, stayed for the Yoga routines.

  35. Came from RMRS. Stayed for the content 🙂 It really helpt me! My back feels a lot lighter now.

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