1 HEALTH – Rainbow Six Siege

I want to start this video by saying I want to thank you guys who supported yesterday's Rainbow six siege video which was a very casual and yet none edited video I saw a lot of you enjoy the raw simplicity of a commentary slash gameplay I saw also that you guys wanted me to try some more now that does not mean that all my videos will be raw because I'm a fanatic of having mushy aunt with a little bit of flavor but today we're gonna be playing a little bit raw baby don't be fooled I've been playing for like three hours okay ah we're gonna go I want to go with twitch but this too literally just took mush yep man I will go do copy do copy must be annoying here because it's a very enclosed area so we'll go with her my dude cough drops cough drops dude is coughing all over the mic chewing chips and chica so damn rude out there you do also hear you chew fucking Doritos man in there downstairs or upstairs never mind never mind no up says top floor I definitely need an ACOG sight for this to kabhi MK 14 there's no way around it I'm gonna do here's I'm gonna go real slow I'm gonna take my sweet-ass time it's nobody here [Applause] all right there's a vigil in here all right here we go I'm gonna risk my life here [Applause] my goodness she is definitely not the player for this map not like this oh goodness definitely not like that Wow I am so lucky to be alive it is not even funny how lucky I am to be alive I keep thinking she also has a stun grenade and she does it she has a freaking out she has a smoke grenade which really does not do much Wow Wow okay that was nerve wrecking we're to a no not too bad to cure the room we need to protect the biohazard container we need to protect the biohazard container well I don't we gonna do it here reinforce this and I helped you guys reinforce man most important walls right here I'm gonna I'm gonna basically roam because I got dizzy this little roller maze nah but what it operat is you want to roam with oh the copies gun sounds about a stop come on oh my goodness what what I gotta clutch so bad dude damn she got to quit dude I thought she was still over that should have gone around I also missed the other guy cuz he was he was crouching unless she revived him or something damn wow what a freakin crazy unbelievable mammy and Swizzy so far hopefully we can carry this team here hopefully nothing bad happens I am going to go with no Sophia you know what she just killed him i'ma go Sophia I think you're downstairs same spot we would I should have gone without Ivana man I should have done Ivana for sure are they here they're not no they're not cops it's a vigil and Elise that looks like me whatever started destroying Jones man all right here we go guys obviously upstairs I'm gonna I'm gonna get this drone first I like attacking this this room first [Applause] all right here we go Oh smoke spoke never ever disappoints smokey get that ass right all right guys here we go so so what we lost last time is wanted to can we make of the comeback ten our team come back I had that other dudes barricading over there that's good do this one you know reinforced weight of course that one there know what I rather do this one I'll rather do this one than the other one sir there we go do not lock us in please I don't want to be locked in here I'm sorry showing there we go what the fuck were they doing there what well we won the fucking guy going ten and – man what is this shit we're gonna go bandit actually we're gonna go vigil and we're gonna roam again because we got to redeem ourselves gotta gotta leave six kills man right so we got one more to go at least this is gonna be fun I've got it to the pole I don't even know if that shit makes a big difference to be honest I got a horse right here guys or you can do it okay I'll do this one no problem I can help you out this let me do my thing wanna reinforce this right here just to have one more reinforce whatever right rushing here and shit you're going with 10 kills right well guess what now you don't got any more than 10 kills that's all you ever be good for maybe you can rush in here like you own this fucking place no bro I'm here somebody here for last stop standing yo-yo that is insane one help okay the fuck was that I can't get hit dude I got one health my fricking grenade got stuck Wow Rachel you came in clutch baby today you earn a fucking chocolate-chip cookie with some sprinkles on top oh man look at that we ended up with eight kills when eight and three very nice vigil your dessert man he look freaky there but goddamn he always coming for the boys he looks so weird but he's really good okay I'm just saying we don't look at that we ended up on top of the team MVP again who would've ever thought ah we're fucking one health left I think that's gonna be a Ford this rainbow session I am beyond frustrated III need to take a mental break here this game gets on my last nerve sometimes then I don't get game plays but I hope you enjoyed this one some raw commentary may be very very minor cuts but if you enjoyed it let me know in the comments and as well leave me a like if you do always of course enjoy these rock theme plays so just rainbow videos in general not all of them will be like this of course I will have my editor ones and stuff like that like I said in the beginning but I hope you enjoyed this one thank you for joining me today and I'll see you in the next episode that's all folks


  1. Sup guys!
    Some solo raw gameplay.
    For those of you who prefer my edits, dont hate me :'(

  2. Hollow goes insane when he gets 3 kills only😂

  3. Hollow it's so bait how your hands are on your head and dokkobie still goes forward and turns perfect stop faking gameplay

  4. Yo if you start from 3:52 and play the video his hands up how is he moving


  6. It’s doh-keh-bee

  7. Damm no more siege 🙁

  8. Bring it back

  9. , at the end of the first round you had your hands on your head and the player was still moving

  10. This video is fake look at 3 56 his moving in game and his hand are in his head

  11. 3:52 How is he still moving and turning when his controller is down?

  12. (<•>_<•>)

  13. How are you gold? Are you one of those people who just play until they reach a high rank and don't play until the end of the season, play rank you scrub JK <3 JK KILL YOUR SELF

  14. Upload more rainbow six!!!!! Fuck fortnite

  15. The part on 7:47 and 7:48 I laughed so har I stopped breathing XD.

  16. I Wish it weren't out of sync but its still very enjoyable

  17. Make more rainbow siege

  18. 11:50 🙂

  19. Pulse and twitch are good for that map

  20. Y didnt u use your pistol

  21. On xbox

  22. Did anyone else notice dokkebi was still moving when he took his hands off the controller

  23. For those who say he fakes gameplay he doesnt like he said its out of sinc anny thing happens before for a split second then it really does for him

  24. Noti god

  25. 3:50
    How are you moving without hands WTF

  26. I hate it when ppl say dokkaebi’s name wrong

  27. You vs people your skill so ur bad

  28. 1vs1 me your bad

  29. Your videos are looking more and more like tmartin it’s good tho keep up the amazing work been here for a long time I love your vids you need more r6s

  30. I was playing solo Ranked and an enemie level 242 Diamond joins the game I get a 1v5 clutch as Bandit and he said I had potential which is surprising seeing as I'm a level 82 Silver 4

  31. Brah u suck

  32. hears gun fire aims at a camera not spotting him LOL

  33. You need to use the acog dude

  34. U are actually the worst gold i have ever seen


  36. i love ur gameplay and this game

  37. How is that a clutch

  38. It’s so funny when he takes cas so serious😂

  39. 3:50 how????

  40. Sheesh a gold on ps4? Lol

  41. 3:50starts walking without hands on control.fake gameplay smh

  42. Love it keep the R6 comin man

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