Hi, My name is Michelle Vo, to day we are gonna start with Zumba dance workout for weight loss Zumba is popular for 10 years in almost 180 countries We can release stress by dancing in pop, latin and hip hop music Each 30 mins work out can help you burn 200-300 kcal! What are you waiting for? So tired! What do you think? But it’s not over, part 2 is coming, so please like, share and subscribe to see part 2!


  1. hi michelle i been looking for zumba dance workout for long time and only your video i like and i play it over and over evrytime i do zumba…i use to weigh 203lbs within 1month i loss 23lbs

  2. I think i really have to do this. I've been playing this video and dancing with it for almost 4 months now and the results are the best. Never had this kind of results before, because of michelle vo and this zumba i find work out and zumba entertaining. I just started this and now i lost 17lbs. Thanks michelle, keep uploading.

  3. How many calories burn for this video?

  4. indonesia like u so much……

  5. I love ur videos! Very easy to follow, the phasing, the music and the steps! I didn't even notice that I finished it. Keep it up Michelle!

  6. I tried different videos but only with her videos i enjoy it. I was size 9, now i am size 5….❤

  7. 여기한국사람없나여?

  8. Sua aula é maravilhosaaaaa !!!
    Parabéns 😘😘

  9. Hi Michelle!!  You should make a website with meal plans and workout plans.  I love your videos and your energy.  Keep making more!!! <3

  10. i sweat the most during the cool down, dafuq is wrong with me xD

  11. Hello, Michelle. I just really wanted to thank you for this amazing dance fitness work out. I've been struggling with my weight since I quit dancing two years ago and I've tried going to the gym and doing work outs at home but they were never really my cup of tea. Then, I bumped into this video and it was just perfect! I've been doing it every day since then. Been almost a month since I did this and some of your other videos. It has really helped me lose a few inches. Will continue to do your dance work out and cardio videos.

  12. so today is the first time I try your workout video and whoa i love it!!! gonna try all of it 🙏🙌 hope it works nicely on me

  13. I just found your video I think you are so beautiful and I love the moves I did Zumba for the first time with my 4 year old I'm hoping it can help me I'm a mom of three so I can't go to the gym I hope this is my answer love your video and the music

  14. woooohoooo i just finished my workout by folllowing ur video and i love itt!!!

  15. This is a very nice workout– the movements are big, the choreography is simple. Thank you.

  16. 💗smsexulsexy愛探す👙💪✊👋👄💄👅👸💅🌈🌊🌴👎

  17. Cam someone.telle.what is the title of.that music that,is.played first? Tyia

  18. The best trenning, thank you!😘❤️

  19. Just found your videos was looking for some zumba exercise from home. I use to go to a zumba studio regularly and have gotten way off track due to a crazy hectic year! I needed to get back into shape after all the weight I gained in that year break. I am now at a whopping 176 lbs the most I have ever weighed in my life! YIKES!!!! I use to weight like 135. 🙁 Ohhhh it's bad, so bad…I definitely need some help, and some daily workouts. 🙂

    Your videos are absolutely amazing…and really really good. Your dancing and instructing is just like I am back at the zumba studio I use to go to. You are definitely full of energy, love dancing, have passion for teaching and it shows a lot! Love, Love the zumba workout…and I have never done anything like the HIIT, ABS or Pilates but I am gonna try them out too because you are a very good teacher!

    Thank you for making this channel, you got a new fan and subscriber.
    Will watch and do exercises here on Youtube rather than download everyday to help support your channel for sure:)

  20. Im done & drenching in sweat!! 😭😩 You actually gave me so much motivation that I didnt have lol… just by you dancing, because you actually look like you enjoy and feel the music with so much energy lol!! My goal is to lose 15 lbs so this is my second day doing your zumba dances! I know ima lose the weight faster than I thought!! I enjoy dancing rather than being on a treadmill 😣 Thank God I found you!! Thank you so much for your videos Michelle!! 💖xoxo

  21. Hi michelle, can i do this everyday ?

  22. Thank you your video make me get ideal body very easy

  23. i found you here and i love your zumba and the music, i decided to follow you and do the dance with you everyday,it’s so work,thanks for your share

  24. it made sweat i dont know dance at all .but it worth it whatever you do just move it.thanks.

  25. I am starting from today

  26. omg, in love with you. my favourite workout

  27. im loving the ad tho 😉

  28. Otimo!!! Parabens pela aula.

  29. I am still sweating from you 30 min , I love the cool down , thank you michelle I love you

  30. this is one of the best zumba i have come across. easy steps, easy to follow at the same time they make you sweat. Thank you Michelle.

  31. Hi, how many calories do you burn with this video?

  32. I don't know what you said in the beginning but I love you too, and thank you. Love from Alaska!

  33. Hi Michelle. I have always been a walking and jogging kinda person and never tried zumba before. I love dancing though and I was youtubing zumba videos to start with. I played others but I found them too heavy for beginners or the instructors were over the top. But you are something different! I love your songs selection and the routine. I feel so energetic and happy every time I finish your routine. Thank you so much! May you keep doing more of this. Lots of love from India! 🙂

  34. love it!!!

  35. to all zumba iv been watching as part of my morning routine, this is the best. so easy to follow and my body is moving on its own. my eyes can read michelle's eye next moves .

  36. Thankyou thankyou thankyou…

  37. It's really amazing!! How much calories did we lose?

  38. Best work out that ive ever try!

  39. How much calories you burn doing this? I'm just wondering 🤔❤️

  40. How many hv losed weight

  41. Michelle I dnt hv time to do it twice a day Bt I want to lose weight please tell me hw can I lose 15 kg

  42. ohh wow, im sweating a lot

  43. Единственная тренировка которую я довела до конца. Супер👍❤️

  44. Thank u for all your work. I love your vídeos! U are changing my life!

  45. Loved all the songs love for you from India Michelle. 😘

  46. Hey Michelle wish you a very happy new year 😘 please see my comment and tell me if you hv any suggestions my question is :- I am. Only 15 and 5'4 and weight is 72 kg our school is closed since we hv our boards and I even dnt hv time to exercise due to our vast syllabus I wanna lose weight how can I achieve my goal . my goal is :-60 kgs

  47. Lovely workout session for just 30 minutes!!! Thank you from India🙏🙂 may I know how many calories can be burnt in this session

  48. I need this in my life <3 !

  49. This is so enjoyable. Thank you!

  50. Hi Michelle, Today I did my first session with this video. Its really amazing and love the moves. I am starting my fitness journey today and I am hoping to have a good body in few months from now. By summer, I want to be able to run consistently at least 5KM. I need a few suggestions from you. How many times in a week should I be doing this 30 Min workout to get better? Thank you very much once again for this awesome video and motivating us to keep doing Zumba. 🙂

  51. Hi . Can I excercise without wearing proper clothes ? I mean like no shoes or loose pant ?

  52. How money calories this workout burns?

  53. I worked out with this 2 time a day and lost 3 kg after 5 days ! It's amazing! But I also did some diet and drink a lot of water. So goodluck guys and thankyou for the video❣️

  54. I’m literally on my PJ’s while zumbaing

  55. Thanks Michelle for all of your fun work out videos! You will be sorely missed.

  56. I like this so much 😄 thanks alot for making this video,, Aku sayang kamu from Indonesia 😍

  57. One of the best I've seen in YouTube ❤️ I feel more energetic than tired ! Love love love it 💗💗 I'm so happy I could finish it ! 😋 Make more 😋

  58. Super super👍

  59. Please make it available for download again 🙂 this is definitely one workout i enjoyed and gave me a bucket of sweat. Kudos

  60. I can't download it anymore 😂

  61. Finally find training for me 🙂 Love you :* 🙂

  62. You are the best ! 😀 Kisses form Poland! 😀

  63. We love ya .Michelle!

  64. such a great zumba workout.. I love it so much..
    I've done this 30 minutes zumba and the other series (1-12) in 2 weeks by did it twice a day.. and I've lost 5 kilos..
    and now I'm doing the 60 minutes series, twice a day too..
    thank you for your video, michelle.. 😘😘😘

  65. My favourite ZUMBA!!!! I love it

  66. Love it!

  67. I had a spinal hernia, and I didn't move as much as ordinary people for years…now I'm going back to usual life thnx to your video too 🌸

  68. I know, I wrote it, but I have to do it again. This is the best dance workout channel ever :DDD I love it! I slept only 4 hours, have bad mood in the morning but after this 30 minutes I feel so pumped up!!! Thanks 🙂 Greets from Poland :*

  69. Miss michelle vo thank you..your my idol.
    From philippines..

  70. Hey Michelle! This is a girl who come to ur zumba classes in infinity gym!I'm glad i found u here!😘

  71. Hi michelle. I've noticed that you are not posting new vids. How are you now? And this vid is not available offline anymore. Just sad. I lost weight because of this vid, like 9-10 kilos within 8-12weeks and I am planning to do it again.

  72. Today my sister and I did this zumba we enjoyed it so so much
    Thank u so much for sharing this 😊

  73. today 4/3/2019 i strt zumba with your video with 73kg.. i will do 2 times a day.. and see how is the result..i made this comment for record.. hihiih

  74. i started today and at very first 10 min i was out of breathe….. this def gonna be worth it….. FIRST DAY… any buddies_

  75. I just followed your first video and I fell in love with it. You are so amazing. And you are so lively when you dance. Its so much fun to follow your video.

  76. Apenas Vi el primer video y me dige me encanta, como visten ,la actitud bien.

  77. I have been looking for a video like this and I finally found it!! Thank you so much Michelle this was awesome!

  78. its too hard

  79. OMG..it realy work ro me

  80. When you come here for workout and get an ad of biryani on zomato haha

  81. Thank you

  82. Thank you for your video that made me come back to exercise again. (:

  83. How many calories taken down if u do this zumba

  84. 28:27

  85. Thank you! It is amasing!

  86. Hi Michelle! I loved your remix#1 video for 1 hour. But it is not there any more☹️ Plssss plssss make it available again. I loved your choice of songs and your workouts 💃💃💃

  87. Best Zumba instructor out there period! Love the energy!

  88. Woow!! the bestt I was 80kg Now im 74 !!!
    Dancing with your video and diet! Thank youuuu❤️

  89. Glad ur back in youtube !! Wooohooohhh

  90. this girl is awesome

  91. You deserve more subscribers… thank you very much for this! 😊

  92. Wow I love your outfits 😍💖 I wish one day, I'll. wear something similar.

  93. Can I ask how many calories this zumba burn?

  94. Thank you so much:)!!

  95. this was a great workout before all the as ruined the experience 🙁

  96. I really love this workout^^ you are awesome;'3

  97. I really loved her dancing but I had to turn this off because I got tired of hearing “Turbo Mix” every 8 counts

  98. Love it!

  99. Tuyệt vời Michelle Vo 👏🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🌹💐

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