00 03 Using the exercise files

If you have access to the Exercise Files used
throughout this course, download them and what you’ll get is a folder called Exercise
Files like the one here on my desktop. In this folder, you’ll see a Pro Tools session
or .ptx file associated with the videos of the same name in the course. As long as you copy these files and these
associated folders, like the Audio Files folder to your work hard drive, and don’t go moving
any folders or flies around, everything should link up. If something gets moved, Pro Tools might ask
to relink the files. In that case, just click Search, navigate
to the drive or directory where your Exercise Files live, and click Accept when the files
are found. Pro Tools will automatically relink the files
as long as the files are present on your hard drive. If you don’t have access to these Exercise
Files, feel free to work along with your own session as you watch this course.

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