😱SCARED OF MY MESS! Deep CLEAN with Me | Healthy Meal Prep for the WEEK + Large Family ORGANIZATION

– [Jamerrill] Hello and welcome. Today, total disaster cleaning,
actually over two days. You’re gonna see lots of stuff go down, and, yeah, look at that. And you see it’s been a rainy day, and the kids have come
in and they’re working on forts now, uh huh. Thank you to Hello Fresh for
sponsoring today’s video. Get started with eight free meals. That’s 80 dollars off your
first month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter
promo code largefamilytable8. That ends up being 30 dollars off your first two boxes, then
10 dollars off the next two for a total of 80 dollars in savings. So the first thing I absolutely
must tackle is this closet. You can tell I’ve been waiting for it. I was really waiting for
the change of seasons. I figured once Fall weather really hit and we started to need
little hats and some days even gloves and a variety of shoes depending on if we have rain
or what the weather’s doing, it needed to go down. In the summer I can get away with the kids keeping a lot of their summer shoes on the shelves in our breezeway. That’s a video for another day, but for the shoes that
end up in the house, yeah I need to get this under control and ready for a brand new
Fall and Winter season. I know years ago, several of you suggested that we add a second shelf above that one. Still isn’t done, but I would love to do that at some point. So I keep my suitcases
for when I do my little mamma business travels up here. I also, I just saw a bag of
gift bows from Christmas. And we had various
sweatshirts that were just flopped on top, oh look at those cuties. Daniel and Benjamin, aw yes big hugs. They found the bag of Christmas bows and I let them just
freely play with those. Benjamin was having so much fun puttering on this mountain of mess
and watching me work. The only way I know to clean is to just make a big pile, pull it all out, clean the area, and then sort. So I have all the shoes
out; the closet’s now swept. That top shelf is cleared off, although I still need to wipe it down, and I’m working on getting our jackets on coat hangers and buttoned
up properly and ready to go. What I ended up doing was, I
organized all of our jackets on the left hand side of the closet, and then we have a collection of quick, like going out sweatshirts,
especially for this time of year like October and
November when it may be 60 degrees or 58 degrees, but it’s breezy. Maybe it’s cold or rainy in the morning. Just giving you the full weather report. So the kids don’t need
a full winter jacket, but they do a quick sweatshirt that looks halfway decent with a hood. So I will get those back
up in the closet as well. I also put the liners
back in their jackets from last Winter. You can sometimes see little Benjamin puttering around in my piles there while I’m doing this, and
that’s Naomi’s quick sweatshirt for going out, or at just at least a long sleeve shirt with a hood. Sorting through, sorting and sorting. Some of it was really precious. Gabriel and Liam’s sweatshirts
for the last two years, Daniel wore one the other day. It happens that quick
now, these hand-me-downs are coming to pass. I noticed with our jackets last winter everyone had new jackets. Most of the kids have a play jacket and then a going out jacket. That’s helpful because we play hard and of course we don’t want,
let’s say their Winter jacket for church, to be full of forest crud. There’s Amelia’s jacket, yes. So everyone is good on jackets
except Daniel and Benjamin. They both need a nice new, what I’ll call, a going out jacket. Their jackets from last year
can be their play jackets, but we definitely need to upgrade them to have a nice new going
out jacket for both. So I will probably check Costco
in a few weeks for those. I love getting kids jackets
this time of year at Costco. But everyone else, their
jackets from last year were brand new and they
will definitely get another season out of those. So there I’m just hanging
up little quick going out sweatshirts for Daniel and Benjamin. It’s one of those things I feel like, well of course sweatshirts
can be kept in their room, but then they always end up downstairs. So at least one for
each kid is downstairs. All their others are hanging
upstairs in their closets. I’m giving kids directions;
I’m going through shoes. Now I also get a large black trash bag and I just weed through our shoes. Play shoes that are super grubby. I started this white trash bag, I’m going to fill it too quick. So I do end up putting all the shoes in on of those big like
30 gallon trash bags. Just shoes that, we have play shoes, these shoes need to skooch. Yeah, Daniel’s playing with a box, though. He also has on his little sparkly vest from his dance recital last Spring. And he keeps coming in and checking on me. There we go, now I think I got the new bag and I’m realizing yeah,
I need a bigger bag to put these shoes in. I did get a lot of good shoes weeded out. We certainly wear shoes
for as long as possible. We do pass them down to other kids, but then there comes a time
where it’s just too many. We need to weed out the
ones we’re done with, or weed out decent ones that
just aren’t getting used. Like there, I noticed I had three pairs of men’s dress shoes. I think honestly, hey Jaden that’s where you’re dress shoes went. I think two of them were probably Jaden’s and then one of them is Zion’s. So I didn’t need all three pairs, and I know Jaden has gotten
himself new dress shoes so we passed on the ones
that were still here at home. And here I am lining
up the shoes in order. However, I get an idea that
I’m going to share with you by the end of this video on how to really dive deep with shoe organization. So stay tuned for that,
cause it’s a coming. And then up on the top
there, I still have my bins, one bin for hats, one bin for gloves. Got my suitcases up there
and I’m finding the floor. Now the little bit of pressure we had going on on this particular day, you know each day has it’s activities and things going on, we had
finished our school already this day and it was in the afternoon, but I wanted to get one big project done, which was this closet. And then I was going to make dinner for us before we headed out for
the library and church. And here’s how everything looks all organized and lined back up. And oh yes, new life, new
destiny for the closet here. And now for dinner on this night, I am making these delicious
burgers from Hello Fresh. First I’m going to wash
and prep all my veggies. And now I’m chopping sweet potatoes. We’re going to make like
some sweet potato fries and roll ’em in some oil. And they have some BBQ seasoning that go on top of them as well. I also start myself
another chicken scrap bowl because I love being able to save odds and ends scraps for my chickens. So there you go, the sweet
potatoes are rolled in oil and I’m going to sprinkle
the seasoning on them and get them in the oven
while I do these burgers. Now I love this trick that I have learned with burgers through
cooking Hello Fresh meals, so I’m going to show you here in a minute. Let’s get these peppers all chopped up. Hello Fresh makes cooking
delicious meals at home a reality regardless of
your comfort in the kitchen. I know I have learned
some great new tricks from Hello Fresh for
sure, like those burgers. Remember this, you can add
extra meals to your weekly order as well as yummy extras like dessert, and garlic bread, and even cookie dough. That sounds like a lot of fun. So here I’ve got my peppers
and onions cooking in one pan. I’m going to get my burgers
cooking in the next. And wait for this, I’m
going to get seasonings in the bowl and also my ground beef. So it is also mixed with a BBQ
seasoning that they included and now we’re doing our patties. And then look, we’re putting shredded pepper jack cheese inside the burger. How genius is that? I did that with some other burgers I did with Hello Fresh a few months ago, and I just love this idea. I never remember to do it on my own. I mean these could be
freezer meals people. We could be doing stuffed cheddar or stuffed pepper jack
burgers for the freezer. Oh my goodness, and they are so good. And those peppers and onions were smelling absolutely amazing. So I’m just mixing up all
of our little patties, filling ’em with cheese,
and with Hello Fresh there’s something for everyone. From family favorite recipes
to even calorie smart and vegetarian meals, and
there’s a fun menu series like hall of fame and craft burgers, yum. So now I’ve got my peppers done. I’ve got two pans of the patties. We’re just doing like
triple P’s here today, pans and patties. I’m going to get all the buns out. We love these buns that they include. And then a reason I get
to use my bread knife, I was able to slice open all the buns with the bread knife. Hello Fresh is America’s
number one meal kit. Hello Fresh is now from $5.66 per serving. And now that the burgers are done, I’m sprinkling some more cheese and I’m just gonna let them
sit for maybe another minute and let that, this is
some shredded pepper jack, let that melt on the top. Okay, yep going down. All of it shoved on, and
also add some hot sauce. No shame in my mamma burger, cramming burger in my face game, right? So there’s the sweet potato fries down on the counter, they are ready. And so for some of the kids
I did the peppers and onions. Zion, I did his sandwich just like mine. It had peppers, onions, hot sauce, cheese, sweet potato fries, excellent. I also did Travis’s burgers this way. Get started with eight free meals, that’s 80 dollars off your
first month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter
promo code largefamliytable8. That’s 30 dollars off
your first two boxes, then you get 10 dollars off your next two, for a total of 80 dollars in savings. I hear from mammas who use Hello Fresh for cooking classes with kids. Also ladies who use Hello
Fresh for really fun in-home date nights with their husbands. So lots of ways you can swing it. Now here we are, it’s the next day. Just got back from doing
a quick Walmart run. Look what I got, brand new front door rug. You know you’re living ladies when a new front door rug is so exciting. So this rug says “welcome to our nest.” I think it’s been six
months or so since I had a fresh outdoor rug, so hey,
whatever excites you right? That’s exciting to me. So here we are, the pumpkin,
the rug, welcome to our nest. See, it just makes my heart so happy looking at that rug,
I appreciate you, rug. Now the other thing, didn’t film this, but Liam and I were outside working on cleaning out our van. One of my friends had given me back a bunch of bags that I’ve just given her various things in over time, so I was glad to re-establish my bag collection. I had taken out a small clothes basket and got a lot of the
odds and ends that needed to come into the house, yeah
looking at my mail there. I found about 20 ink pens,
various odds and ends that needed to get shredded
or put back in proper homes. I brought in some
laundry and other things. It was just time to clean
that van out yet again. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to
see a real nitty gritty, down and dirty, large
family van clean out, because I’ve got one of those vans. And I know I showed it in a Costco video, I think you guys will like it. Anywho, what am I doing here? Well, I have about 40
pounds of fruits and veggies that come to my door
about once a week now. I’ve been really enjoying that, but I paused that because
I was going out of town on a speaking trip and had
some other things going on and I just wouldn’t be
home to process it all. So I had to go to the
store, like a regular Jamerrill going to the
store, and get us some fresh fruits and veggies
for the coming week. So whole bunch of mega fruit
and veggie prep is going down. My kids will totally snack out on healthy fruits and veggies, I just
have to do the prep work of washing and getting
veggies easily accessible. Now let me tell you something here, see my lunch box? See these? Yes, my beautiful new
lunch box containers. So our last, full Jamerrill confession, our last home school group
meeting was last week and lunch time was actually
super stressful for me. For years I have taken
my big lunch bag there. I just throw all our lunch items in there, bread, meat, cheese, fruits,
veggies, yogurts, snacks, and plates and I make the kids
an individual plate there. This year though, I think it’s just maybe a combination of, I don’t
know, I’m doing more, or I can’t handle as much, or who knows, but lunch time was super stressful. I don’t, I’ll just leave it at that. It just felt stressful and it’s okay when some things feel stressful,
but I thought after that, okay what do I see happening here? So all the other moms had packed individual lunches for their kids. No one was standing there
making lunch for eight people like in front of a group of people. I looked at Walmart, I
found these incredibly cute cube lunch containers and I decided yes, either myself or each
individual kiddo from now on, when we go on field trips
or go to home school group, I’m going to pack individual lunches. It’s got room for a sandwich on the top and then fruit, veggies, or crackers, or cheese cubes or whatever underneath. This little divider; they
all fit in my big lunch bag. And then I can always bring
an additional bag of apples or animal crackers, but
the prep work’s done. So I’ll be sure to share more about what I’m doing with lunches
and how those little cubes are working out. But right now, you’ll also see, there’s like all these little legs that keep running by the windows and I keep looking out
to check on everybody. But I’m washing grapes, yeah I
keep peeking out that window. Kids were having a fantastic time, and I apparently am just trying to get a world record on how
many grapes and veggies I can shove in my mouth at one time. ‘Cause I am just having a hoe down there. I probably ate a full plate
worth, but that’s okay. I always tell myself, I
can eat all the fruits and veggies that I want, yea. Nothing wrong with getting full on celery sticks and grapes. So I’m just watching the
kids ’cause they were having a lot of fun outside. And I just like to watch them play. One to two times a week
I will prep a new load of fruits and veggies
so they are ready to go. So now I am just cleaning
out and making room in my house refrigerator. I do have my multiple
refrigerators and freezer tours here in many different videos. I will link that playlist
in the description below if you’re interested to see what my pantry and all my appliances look
like full of food, yea. So there you go, I’m getting
that romaine lettuce out. Getting the ends chopped
off, talking to a kid. I think at this point,
yeah kids were coming in telling me they were starving,
just absolutely starving. I’m like, kids come on. So I was doing my meal prep and I do start handing out clusters of grapes for them to take outside with them. I’m also getting some bowls
to put the washed grapes and the sliced strawberries and all the fruits and veggies in to make it nice and easily accessible. Cutting all those strawberry tops off. Chickens will just eat
it all, they don’t care. Yes, snacks, snacks. So I get my little
assembly line going here with the strawberries
and the strawberry tops, getting ’em all sliced down. Those strawberries, let’s see, those strawberries lasted three days. And the two big things
of grapes lasted…hmm, not quite 48 hours. So again when they’re prepped and ready, it just makes it so easy to set them out and the kids can add
big piles to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but again
mamma’s gotta have stuff ready. We had also just brought
home our two new cats. So now we have four. And that was part of the
excitement going on outside as well, is all those kitties. Now I get lots of questions,
Jamerrill why don’t you use a food processor? What is wrong with you woman? I hear that, I just like chopping. And then with my food processor it ends up being one more
thing I’ve got to clean. Not that it’s an issue,
you know you just get used to doing things your own way in your head. I’m also reusing my
strawberry containers there for the sliced cucumbers. And I also put pepper slices
in those strawberry containers. That worked out to be a
great way to reuse those. And usually before I had a
whole wonderful flock of hens, I would even use the pepper tops. But now, I just don’t worry about it and I give those to the chickens. They are going to love it. They’ve also been getting
out to free range everyday. But now they are going to get, yes, a ton ton ton of fruits and veggies. Bless their little chicken hearts. They still haven’t started laying yet, but I’m really expecting any day now. Usually it’s about
between 16 and 18 weeks, and they should be there. So come on girls, get a-laying. I’m also of course given
them their laying mash everyday too, but so
many fruits and veggies. So now, I am getting all of my prepped fruits and veggies in the fridge. I leave out the
strawberries and the grapes because I just knew with dinner those would be super
popular side items as well. But we at least get everything
else fit in the fidge. Okay, when I was doing all
those shoes the other day, I thought, what if I had deep basket with every child’s name on it
and that’s exactly what I did. And so I get the names
written for every kiddo, I get their individual shoes
in their individual baskets. I think for Daniel and
Benjamin I do have them sharing a basket but everybody else
got their own basket for now. This is my try, so far
even Gabriel said today he really loves how the
shoes are organized now. So you know if a 10 year
old boy is impressed, it must mean something, so there we go. A little bit of closet shoe sanity going down at the Stewart house. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you again to Hello Fresh for sponsoring today’s video. Remember, get started
with eight free meals, that’s 80 dollars off your
first month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter
promo code largefamilytable8. That’s going to get you 30
dollars off each of your first two boxes then 10
dollars off the next two, for a total of 80 dollars in savings, yea. And I will see you friends real soon with another brand new video, bye bye.


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