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you you you [Applause] you you you what's up a reefer revolutionaries it's 4:20 from Mount Washington Los Angeles this is reefer revolution lies in terms of marijuana I think and legalization I think that should be a state issue state by state I think in terms of marijuana two states you States person I think it should be up to the states absolutely you know I know people that are very very sick and for whatever reason the marijuana really helps them hip hooray well Reaper revolutionaries it looks like our conservative southern friends are embracing our colonial past getting into the hemp growing action as well as women as chattel apparently moving one direction and cannabis and another in women's rights but what are you gonna do we're gonna talk about cannabis because hemp apparently is on the minds of Mitch McConnell and many other states including California and Texas and what's this even hemp can get rid of opioids low THC this is crazy who's in I'm all in this is the time to go all in on camels Oh Oh cannabis is an adaptogen it may improve your appetite but if you've had a meal and you use cannabis it's not going to send you back to the kitchen it could if you've already slept the night and you use cannabis in the morning it's not gonna put you back in bed again in most cases in most cases internist Hoover that of course is the legendary leading-edge internist of Sonoma County California dr. Jeffery hergenrother from medical cannabis 2.0 what's up everybody this is indeed reefer revolution live the show where we spark up talk about marijuana the merit of marijuana in the mainstream media cannabis news and of course the politics of pot along with medicinal cannabis cures we are covering it all now we're up at medical cannabis 2.0 and when I say we of course you know I mean my partner in all things cannabis in life Coachella yeah so much good stuff happening you guys I'm a little hot got to turn down my mic a bit I'm hot I'm feeling hot today that's right I need to focus on not talking so loud no no I have levels for you don't change now anyway hi everybody hi it is so nice going up to Northern California we saw holy cannabis oil holy Christ oil in the room actually I see him and other supporters of the channel yep yep very cool well we got vegan Metro in the house trying out his new Arizer EQ that's exciting today cool when art what are you putting in that air riser vegan Metro we are enjoying our first J's of some nice syrup OG which is a very high 26 percent THC I understand this syrup OG looking up over here on the dope checking out what they have to say about it no I'm going to see the profile on here but that makes with a little soured tsunami which is in the news this week talking about that low THC high CBD flower which is in such demand nowadays are starting to be in such demand and we are of course been enjoying a little sour sue for last couple of months now flower which is very nice a one-to-one I do like it it is quite enjoyable very relaxing I can totally see why people like it doctor her can rather said cannabis is an adaptogen it goes to it does what it needs to do inside your bodies so and we're gonna we're gonna hear some clips actually we're gonna hear a clip from dr. hergenrother from medical cannabis 2.0 we of course were up there last week to to record last Tuesday actually we also had a great sit-down interview with the great with the good doctor for our documentary that we are working on and you guys are going to get a chance to see clips of that as that progresses we sat down with him in his den his office is at his house was in his office it was at his house and talked to him about in depth some of the issues and the ways he used cannabis medicine and his practice we of course met him last year Rachel as med can I can met can meds I meant 2018 that was held at UCLA this year it's going to be in Pasadena which is great because it all be in one area instead of in multiple places across campus so that's gonna be awesome I'm excited I'm looking forward to that in September but yes we met dr. hergenrother at can med last year where we joined the Society of cannabis clinicians also Society of cannabis clinicians was represented at this conference as well the current sitting president dr. Steven Robinson was there representing and that was awesome he brought a bunch of o'Shaughnessy's with him and o'Shaughnessy's being the publication of cannabis and clinical practice O'Shaughnessy was the doctor who essentially brought cannabis from India to England and introduced it to the Western Europe back in the day he turned his onto the Kush it it that nice indica that grew up us being Europeans yes because we weren't really we weren't so much into it although though it was used in in its light form in its cannabis light form like that sour Sioux and even less because there wasn't really I don't think although in one of the news stories today talking about this this this topic of lights or high CBD low THC flower and its availability you know the high THC stuff has been around for a long time too it's it's been anybody but it was used the low THC variety was used medicinally to smoke in America before the Prohibition nonsense but violates their bronchial tubes that's right and even a study that shows that the US did in back in 1927 that load low THC smoked actually is better for your lungs than not smoking and smoking cigarettes the actual low THC smoker had a larger bigger lung capacity in the study in 1927 of young men unload low THC smoke cannabis but more than anything it's really important to listen to your own body you know if if it doesn't feel good for you to smoke don't smoke but I do encourage everyone to give CBD a try full flower full spectrum of course but at least start on some CBD because it really really supports the endocannabinoid system and the endocannabinoid system is responsible for so much in our body looking if we can get the I thought we can get our endocannabinoids system under under control or in the health in balance right with the with the help of cannabis and CBD in full-spectrum medicine plant medicine we're going to be a much healthier society way and you know what if you do replace all the liquor stores with cannabis stores that everyone's so afraid of we don't want count of Us stores on every corner like liquor stores yes you do actually have instead of but would be great and we'd be a much healthier Society well there was a California cities are all bent out of shape right now because Sacramento is trying to require that there needs to be one cannabis store for every four liquor establishment I love that I love that law there totally freaking out that law one cannabis store for every four liquor establishments in a community they're calling it overreach by Sacramento overreach a that's I call it harm reduction I do too that's what I call it I do too it hasn't passed or anything but it's a and I just I wonder if Newsome would veto that no he's free he was totally for cannabis he wants more cannabis around in fact they're trying to push through 2,200 more stores with fewer producers that's not gonna be super simple you should probably get the producers in line first I haven't seen much of in the news of much impact from that pot pocalypse that we were reporting on yeah now worry licensing of permanent licensing of growers in California that like all of a sudden went away so I don't know if they caught up and we're able to license those 7,000 growers permanently or they just you know did a did a backroom extension for these temporary licenses but I didn't haven't really seen much news or I talked to a dispensary owner up there in Santa Rosa and they don't seem to be very impact impacted by it yet so we'll see if that's the case prices certainly haven't gone down as far as I can see or gone up change significantly in the retail establishments I don't know of you guys if anybody in California has noticed it or if there has been a lack of flour in general in the license shops I'll spend a lot of time in the regulated shops but it hasn't seen be been a be a problem as far as you can see I find that I'm spending a little more time at the regulated shops than I used to because I have other clients that need to go to regulated shops they're not near me they're not here they're all over California and you know you need to be able to say go to your local dispensary and ask for X Y or Z well you know that's the thing that does it dick Ulis if you want to call it you know to go imagine going buying a bottle of Tylenol for you know 10 10 pills for $80 yeah you know that's pretty crazy sane and that's essentially what the CBD medicine and even this low eighteen to 120 to 130 to 1 this is this is the air the direction pain management is gonna go into where you gonna pop those like you want a title now but not it not at 10 bucks a pill you're not going to do it so that needs to be adjusted and if that's and I don't know if they're gonna start regulating hemp CBD because I don't I don't know I don't buy it I don't buy much hemp CBD we got some really good why wouldn't we we got really well we got some really good information at this medical cannabis 2.0 and that we're going to be putting up those panels the full panel starting tomorrow Monday or on the new channel on the educational channel Edie can see a n the sister channel the community access network education right sister channel super straight sister channel keeping it as straight as we can none of this over there ah but we are gonna be putting up the keynote by dr. hergenrother which we're gonna get a taste of at 5 o'clock ish a little taste from that keynote and also the first out of the panel from medical cannabis 2.0 which featured three amazing to patients one family caregiver that are using medical cannabis with very debilitating and even life-threatening diseases and quite inspiring that panel so those are great going up yeah all brain they were all brain diseases oh they're all brain issues that's really and this this medical cannabis 2.0 was all about really dementia and cannabis and it's used was which was you know they were amazed that we reached out to them we were amazed that they were doing it yeah absolutely sorry the last keynote speaker at the conference sorry the last to dr. Grove and Nina Arbor dr. globe is a geriatric psychiatrist and Nina Arbor is a hospice care and I was so thrilled that they all participated in this conference it's so important and it's so hard to get people with licenses that you know could lose their license to get to be public about their knowledge and their cannabis practice is really extraordinary so we were thrilled that they allowed us to go and tape it and we're super stoked to be able to bring it to you and I'm super stoked that they've turned it around so fast it was pretty amazing uh yeah well you know the new toys are are working out guys thank you for your support folks that are joining us on the patron Thank You Laura P for jumping back in as a patron appreciate the dollar a month what I mean I know you're you know we we do this for the love of the love of the information the education but we certainly allow folks who have asked us how can we support you in whatever way you can sharing the channel would be fantastic yes how about get more viewers give us a thumbs up give us a share we are going out restreaming multi-streaming on YouTube Facebook periscope twitch do you live and we TV the cannabis media network so wherever you're at drop us a note say hi I haven't checked the Facebook stream yet make sure it's up I think it is but say hello wherever you are and thank you very much for joining us we do this every Sunday at 4:20 subscribe get notification that's unfortunate these network fishballs joining over there on periscope there on periscope having some network in and out guys sorry about that no spectrum but we are going to forge forward dr. fish joining us over there on the periscope thanks everybody for joining us and whatever platform you're joining yes we are going to be bringing you those two panels starting tomorrow dr. hergenrother keynote or on Tuesday I think we're gonna start on Tuesday one week from the event we're gonna start putting those up starting with dr. Herc and Rather's keynote and the first panel both of which we're going to get a taste of today on this show premiering a piece of those after we get into the news which I think we're gonna do right now is move on to the news but I would like to also shout out to these folks Fiddler's greens we've been talking about MDM Niles you just mentioned that $50 for a bag of CBD gummies at the at the am/pm there at the liquor the the gas station hem CBD is cheaper but as the educator from this fine organization Fiddler's greens who we ended up picking up nice so one to one once again hemp flour reconnection successful I mean everybody else has to reconnect it no no it should have just come right back up hopefully on everybody it came right back up please stand by we're back we'll cross our fingers kindred spirits awesome one two one flower all kinds of new educators wait I'd like to chat about them for just a second sure so kindred spirits they consider themselves educators primarily they're farmers but they're educators and we actually met him also at Ken med at UCLA last year oh that's right it was really cool to reconnect with him up in his neck of the woods but he was great he stood up and gave some good information to the people that helped round out some of the question and answers well that information was actually he brought up that you really have to be careful there's a lot of snake oil out there you have to know your source know your grower there is no good medicinal hemp that makes good full-spectrum CBD flower and medicine yeah there is also CBD isolates there's CBD there's stuff that doesn't have CBD in it because CBD alone from hemp is not regulated the same way cannabis CBD is those are two different things to I know it's very confusing it's a confusing time just be fluid it is a confusing time but I would say gummies from the from the gas station or probably not your best option doubt your your source should have testing your source of your CBD should have testing available I don't think the am/pm is gonna have the book there with the testing with the test results these guys are tested they have their information and they've got their terpene profile on the back of the tin they tell you what's been tested what's not been tested on the front so you know you have to look for companies that are providing the education and the information about what's really in your medicine if you're taking this stuff for medicine and I assume you're taking CBD gummies for medicine because their gummies you know you want to know there's CBD in it yeah one that's got really tough in states where there they're rounding up every CBD they can find whether it's in Disneyworld or in the hemp store or in the airport traveling with CBD CBD has now become more illegal than cannabis in many ways nice holy Christ oil we ship a test result out with every order exactly you were asking how you should market your product hello right there there's your headline at the top of your of your website yeah every order gets a test result from that batch I'll also love what you were talking about terpene neutral where you basically can make your own you know you roll your own strain by adding the the the full flour terpenes which they can extract now and separate and rebuild people have been talking about this in the industry you know in areas with the industry for a long time and as long as you're using full spectrum plant material to do it I think that's great now it turns out smoking flower is the best way to get availability in the body hello who knew I guess everybody the smokes weed knows that it actually the midde s'en gets to you faster and it's more it's stronger bioavailable I available but doesn't last as long and we've got charts to prove it in dr. Haroun Rather's keynote will G will see a complete keynote on Tuesday right on the sister channel we have a question yes it's an air Iser question vegan Metro asks yes the bag seems half-full maybe a third after five or six minutes what yeah not sure if it's leaking out or what any clue how long this usually takes fan speed 3 yeah not long you should be full definitely after no longer than 30 seconds to a minute yeah about a minute I would recheck your connection your valves in your valve okay how you built your bag go back to the bag it sounds like you're leaking take a hit out of that bag well before you do it yeah buddies what's in there I can always throw on the whip while you're redoing your bag oh yeah do the whip mm-hmm I like the whip that's why I use I use it I don't hire Li bag well my bags we need more bags I don't know why our bags got we need a new whip I use it as a pretty high temperature to which is probably not the best way to use a vaporizer the idea for a vaporizer is to use it as a lowered at a lower temperature yes to vaporize the cannabinoids and not create benzene which happens in the combustion of materials as I can bust this joint uh it may or may not be wasted yeah it probably is if it's been blowing for five minutes um you but you would see you think you you know it should get full it should be taught like a balloon like a like a little helium balloon full of smoke and suck it all in but it sounds like it definitely should be full and tight within 30 seconds to a minute even on my a3 blaster master knows too about the Arizer yeah blaster masters turn it's a man and check the temp yes good point uh get it up yeah put it up here about 380 390 yeah a little bit give yourself a little more temperature I think THC vaporizes at around 368 365 Fahrenheit benzene start to creep in over 400 so there you go I'm not a doctor nor am i anything with any degree of anything smoking weed every day sorry too low too low I'm gonna call that too low right blaster master high yes way too low 365 start off at 365 you're not gonna vaporize any THC at 354 I don't think that would be my yeah I think it less than 365 but yeah that's right that's your problem right there right there that there we go oh hey do you want to talk about some news oh no why not why the hell make it a three-hour show and if you wanna and if you want to catch the news on on the instant breaking news is aware I do that over on the I tweet that news out over on something called Twitter convenient that we can tweet on something that they've named Twitter so I do that over there at DC 420 la you can follow us on all the social actually at DC 420 LA and at reefer red show on Instagram on Twitter on Facebook DC for 20 l a and reefer web show and now IDI can oh and now it can yes we are also going to be starting the egg-cam gram which I do not have a gram for yet I have a Facebook page let's get let's get the first one going listen ah listen I'm just trying to get people to see the information whatever it takes look at various project numerous projects and various stages of development whatever it takes to get the word out uh so what we're talking about as far as news goes is literate over at DC for twenty la comm a cannabis Chronicle which is a newsletter that we put out on Sunday mornings to enjoy prior to the show and then we get into the news when we meet at 4:20 after we say hello talk about our week give you updates on we do have updates actually a virtual dementia tour end of May end of this month right we're doing that and also I think is it is it hush-hush that let's let's discuss it later let's discuss it later once we have something to discuss all right very good but anyway let's talk about the news shall we Oh that'd be so great and a big story of the week of two weeks really we kind of digging in digging in a lot of news last week because all over the news this week Mitch McConnell pushing for crop insurance to be added to a disaster relief funding bill not just in the farm bill otherwise known as the hemp bill we like to call the 2018 farm bill has language in there about crop insurance for the hemp industry but good ol Mitch looking knowing reading the reading the writing on the wall that tobacco's gone tobacco's out and hemp is the new tobacco so he wants to make sure that the hemp farmers can get crop insurance amazing you know what there is a lot of action with hemp laws now that the farm bill is happening some good some great so I'm not so good California good news this week California Assembly's appropriation committee unanimously passed a B to 28 which would expressly permit the retail sale of hemp dried CBD in foods and supplements and also in topical applications as you may or may not know hemp a CBD from hemp is technically illegal more so than CBD from cannabis you can't put it in food you can't put it in supplements all / the FDA and the the farm bill of 2018 which had the hemp act in it basically take took him off the Controlled Substances Act and put it under the purview of the Food and Drug sociation the your derivatives the plant under agriculture the derivatives under the FDA the California FDA said nope sorry you can't put it in food you can't sell it as a supplement not for yelling consumption not for human consumption and that's what's been going on around the country is this additional gray gray area with CBD and hemp CBD even the apparently the richest guy richest error of the coca-cola family or coca-cola company is a little confused as well because he tried to move 5,000 plants of CBD flipping clay from st. Kitts into the US I guess along with a bunch of CBD products for his company not part of coca-cola but his CBD company wait it's him he must have been one of those kids that the parents bought their way through school you think yeah because you would know I mean look I'm not an educated businessman I've never played one on TV but I know hey listen everybody that you need permits and stuff to move plants around fuck snakes you can't move you can't bring fruit into California or you can't take fruit out of Hawaii you know if you load it up unless you got that ticket unless you got that that special pass so it's an agricultural product but I guess the whole idea that CBD from hemp is totally legal but California looks like we're trying to do just that now that it's been put in under the purview of the states now I don't know what the FDA is gonna say about this but unanimous passing of a b2 28 so we'll keep an eye on that to see how far that goes it says here as you probably remember last year the California Department of Public Health issued guidance in accurately alleging that hemp derived CBD is prohibited by law to be sold in retail stores in the state the passage of a b2 to eight would redress the pronouncement which has cast a chill on legal commerce in popular products that promote health and wellness among California citizens making it clear that hemp and hemp products are legal for retail sale so these guys think the California FDA is wrong in their reading of the law so it's definitely confusing but hopefully this bla will pass get signed and hemp derived CBD products will be able to free flow in the largest economy and biggest cannabis economy in the world the great state of California which I know a few people would be very happy about that I'd be happy about that shit I'd put that in my chocolates and sell them to people old people with poopy problems well you know CBD is the gateway drug to the RET other cannabis like medicines so to do that from good quality I mean there is excellent quality hemp medicinal hemp not industrial hemp that falls under the hemp line they that arbitraries all right what's that the THC line that's right you can grow good medicinal hemp under that th tree that looks smells and that's part of the issue is it looks and it smells and it burns just like regular cannabis and boy are they confused about that okay we wrap their heads around it that Hong DEA would before a couple weeks oh about a month ago is trying to find somebody to help them figure that out find a machine that would let them do that those are away can you look at it even the growers that grow this stuff in the same you'll see in the afterburn today guys there's a story about even the growers can't tell the difference if they're in the same room and they grow them in the same greenhouse they you know it's weird but they have to look at the label otherwise you got to do it with a testing device so you can understand why the cops would be confused but HAMP is all over that you know it's we knew it was coming with the with the farm bill so that's pretty cool also big story this week not only though your property values go up but serious injuries from domestic violence go down after marijuana is decriminalized we have seen reports about this over them over the years where decriminalization and legalization has happened but it says here in this article by this is a kimberly lawson writing over at marijuana moment they've bringing on some new writers nice to see let's see here it says here cannabis decriminalization was linked to a forty point seven percent reduction in severe domestic violence incidents where alcohol was a factor as well as twenty three point one percent reduction in incidents involving a weapon it's a big deal yeah it is a total a big deal harm reduction in all areas what's a real big deal is that the study that they reference and that they're talking about in like the first paragraph or two doesn't indicate that cannabis was a harm reducer like the first initial read or a casual read of the first bit of one of the studies was like there's no difference but if you look further at the types of injuries you see that there's a significant like 20% reduction in broken bones and severe lacerations and things like that real serious injuries so that's a big deal for the last sentence of that article says basically that it's great for women because women tend to be the ones who end up being harmed in domestic violence most of the time not all the time most of the time turns out the sedative properties of cannabis might have something to do with it well that's what the one guy thinks because they're sleepy I think that's stupid I thinking would be a salient sleepier marijuana consumption may make the nature of assaults less serious and batteries less severe yes stupid that's the stupidest part of the article just so we're all clear that's the dumbest part of the article they don't know why and they need more research gee they should definitely be scheduled cannabis so that they can research it more we should all agree to that totally right agreed goal staying with the CBD rich strain the CBD theme theme the CBD business is gonna be bigger than the marijuana business cannabis business some would say oh yeah well tylenol is bigger than wine is it oh I'm sure probably I'm sure it is yeah but the cannabis light as it's called in in Europe and in many places is a way off of cigarettes it's a way off of a couple of you know it's a it's and it's useful apparently with getting rid of opiates as well article this week in The Chronicle talking about how legalized cannabis light light cannabis rather linked with the drop in pharmaceutical sales gee another big disruption huh this is in Italy where your dad was talking about is where we were he was his word first came up your dad was talking about it last year yes how they're these shops have you heard of this fazool bullshit cannabis yeah and they're trying to sell this low THC cannabis over here I don't think it does anything well Mauricio if you tuned in today we were trying to get in contact with him earlier or he was trying to get in contact with us last week Italy's interior minister declared war on light cannabis what or low THC hemp flour that shops across the country sell to consumers using a legal lip loophole why do you think this is the article oh my god even though it's linked with a drop in pharmaceutical sales wait wait that's the reason oh gee maybe that person is funded by farming Italy exactly exactly that's the fazil they need to stop exist it's exactly what the school they need to stop that they said here though the study that looked at it says we find that the local markets accessibility of light cannabis led to a reduction in dispensed packets of opioids anti eggs licks said it is what migraines auntie and and she alot anxa lytx anxiolytics anxious anxiety mega the medicine I guess right probably benzyl sedatives anti migraines anti-epileptics anti-depressive z' and antipsychotics uh-huh we gotta put a stop to that that's a lot of money right there yep so that's pretty cool right yeah also another great story since social justice seems to be the theme of legalization apparently that's what's stopping New York from getting its cannabis my God all those New Yorkers unable to get cannabis what are they doing oh yeah they're still smoking more cannabis than anybody they're calling their bike messenger to bring them over some weed that's right calling their guy you know like you do but we already tied us we often talk about in the privacy of our home how anything that Richard Nixon created should be eliminated yeah laws the schedule one of drugs you know the DEA which was created aha well the n-double-a-cp in the aclu this week apparently agree or they have always agreed but they started to put it into writing and are asking Congress to suspend the DEA z' drug enforcement activities right out there and saying it letter signed by the ACLU and n-double-a-cp along with the drug policy Alliance and the Sentencing Project the groups argue that the DEA is quote emblematic of how the drug war has been a devastating failure sending people to prison for nonviolent drug offenses when substance use should be treated as a public health issue in short the DEA is the lead entity executing the war on drugs the coalition wrote if we are ever to treat drugs as a health issue not a criminal issue then the DEA s enforcement activities must be suspended until an oversight hearing is done on this program by the House Judiciary Committee defund the DEA I like that idea that's great I would say that if you immediately if that would be one of those agencies that you could cut immediately and there would be no negative consequences from cutting the activities of the DEA you can defund them today stop them from working and there would be no negative side effects it wouldn't because they don't stop being flux of drugs of the bad you know the other drugs that don't cut that come in from south of the border excuse me because it's not so much cannabis anymore more avocados but that they're not affected there the drug war has been a is a huge failure causes nothing but pain the legalization you look at the legalization of Oregon or Washington you've seen a drop in cannabis growing on federal lands that's the DEA does that they don't need to do that anymore you know so they're literally you could defund them save all that money it would make no effect in fact it would probably you'd probably see a great benefit within very short period of time if the DEA wasn't doing its nastiness around the country so I'm all for that let's see if the House Judiciary will take up the debate as to whether the DEA is worth the money and yeah I agree yeah it's not what do you guys think it's that if not smash the DA let's see what else what else what else oh yeah this little activity is happening around the country as you know last week the Denver the Denver the folks in Denver decriminalized psilocybin and they're too mixed reah mixed reaction but apparently not in Congress Congress has no reaction nobody has anything to say about decriminalizing psychedelics in Denver we don't know enough about it yeah mum's a word but even the freedom even the freedom lovers are not so don't know what the FDA whom we have no love for really but the FDA is fast tracking psilocybin as a treatment for depression and I find it interesting that they didn't mention it in the story so that is curious well ugh another writer over a marijuana moment Natalie fertig they are keeping up you're not you're not supporting marijuana moment we do uh uh but they are they top of the game top of the game over there you know who is also California is not only working on a statewide bill a ballot initiative to will be on it'll be on the 2020 ballot decriminalizing mushrooms in some form possibly other psychedelics because that's what Oakland is doing Oakland forget you Denver Denver is going to that's nice you decriminalized I was another beer I don't have beer on the front page is that a front page it's in the it's in the chronicle though ah I think it's under politics apart yeah it's in there it's in politics apart but Oakland is going to decriminalize or was trying to decriminalize all psychedelics ibogaine MDMA LSD I believe is on the list decriminalizing those in the City of Oakland so there you go Denver will raise you one two three or on top of your psilocybin California working on statewide decriminalization of psilocybin Oregon already working on it if it hasn't passed already it might be on a ballot very close in Oregon and FDA did put it on the breakthrough therapy list so we're seeing you know we're seeing movement on this it's it's incredibly beneficial anybody that you talk to its be using it in therapeutic situations incredibly beneficial there is no has no lethal dose has been found for psilocybin and the benefits of anywhere from micro dosing to therapeutic dosing for depression for other turns out actually alcoholism one of the big keys to getting off alcohol might just be psychedelics because Bill Bill W failed to mention that when he was creating his 12-step program or those that wanted to publicize it decided to leave it out but Bill W as his thirteenth step used psychedelics to get off we don't know what step weighed on what step might've been the first step I'd say it was early on that's it yeah it's early on before you start making amends to people because that's kind of what that stuff does it gave no one helps you deal with your ego so it might be an early on early step but I think Michael Pollan the author of the latest book titled healing your mind how to change your mind I'll change your mind how to change your mind oh he came out with an op-ed say hey slow down hey finally got a Mazel Tov vegan metro finally got a full bag alright well back go get it Oh start up that temp that's great that's good thought that I hope I want to turn on my eraser no fire but it's I can whip it with a good ah congratulations being a metro but there you go turns out turns out cannabis might be a gateway drug at least to decriminalization of other beneficial plant medicine Wellness Gateway to wellness gateway to health healing the stuff that's being done with psychedelics and veterans is remarkable remarkable speaking of healing yes let's talk about my abuelo story Oh excellent I love that story NBC occasionally pops one out and this is pretty good meat it's amazing meat con abuelo a Latino grandfather extolling the benefits of medical marijuana quote hopefully a lot more Abuelo's and with us we'll start using cannabis after this film is about a documentary by Nelson Guerra co-founder of cannabis culture of cannabis cultural association that name sounds familiar Gela yes it should why is that because they are also plaintiffs in the federal cannabis lawsuit doing really great work and continuing to do great work so it looks like Nelson's granddad had prostate cancer and he was given like six months to a year to live and he didn't want to do chemo again and his grandson said hey why don't you try cannabis so why don't you play let's play so they made a documentary about it to help show the black and brown community that cannabis has healing properties not just properties that get you thrown into jail for no reason which is sort of the overlying the you know cloud of amongst the older generation of the community for sure because they've mostly seen their young you know grandkids and kids locked up yeah for this this medicine and often there are a lot of people a lot of the panels that we visit and go to often bring up that if we can reach the Abuela's and they weigh lows about this medicine wow that really that's going to be the the answer to bridging that stereotype and that that stigma in that community not just that community I'd say it's true for all communities well you can convince grandma and grandpa that cannabis is medicine right then you'll see a sea change mostly because they vote you know they are a voting bloc that gets listened to but we're all any else could do it too but that means they have to show up fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users are oh boy lap oh boy huh so play this tomorrow lay the trailer to their video okay that sounds good that's what I'll do yeah this is the trailer to Metro there it is this is the trailer to kind of well oh the Jorge Gavin Dan yes we're gonna get there one day someday there are subtitles please enjoy and premier Liu mean hombres Jorge real honest saltos so Equatoria no Ella provincia day in vibora Canton kata catching no smell Jinzo encontrar uncle Kansa she active odd oh yeah passive arpeggio en esta parte Terminator Dos Passos me Nieto tiempo attend IDO conocimiento de la marihuana la cannabis Mia consejo yummy consiglio Congress keto de cannabis en el cual commensurate amar da mucho gusto Severo algunos pices km trauma Tondo east on consiguiendo I lack in inadequate n gamma Zeta SS worthy Seca King Estados Unidos tambien get on trabajando mucho y ahora todo consiguen para evitar de de de enfermedades at roses gizelle cancer so this documentary is the story of Jorge Gavilan yes 80 who was originally from Ecuador with stage 4 prostate cancer says he lost a significant amount of weight and energy following surgery and chemotherapy and that's when his grandson and caretaker Nelson 27 suggested he tried cannabis to improve his quality of life despite initial reluctance from mweadows parents Gavin iya Gavin anya's began taking 3 drops of THC and CBD compounds in cannabis plants that have therapeutic properties after each meal almost immediately he was sleeping better and his appetite returned Guerro told NBC news and when he micro doses it doesn't really affect his mobility or what he's doing so he can still drive the car for short distances with no issues the biggest thing is that cannabis has helped alleviate his pain yeah from the article on NBC meat con abuelo quote a Latino grandfather extolling the benefits of medical marijuana quote hopefully a lot more Abuelo's grandfathers will start using cannabis after this film says the founder of cannabis cultural association one of the plaintiffs in the federal cannabis lawsuit I hope to have Nelson Guerrero on the show Alexis if you're listening if you could put a good word in for us they'll be read I'd like to talk to him about this documentary since we're making a documentary on our favorite subject and we are definitely friendly to that lawsuit we've had we've had of course Alexis and Sebastian on the show and we would love to talk to somebody else with from a lawsuit that very could very well and any any time there could be a decision on that in the Second Circuit Court and that will be breaking news whenever that happens because it could come any time I know we were helpful hopeful that it would be longer than sooner but it has been since what February is when it was heard so I know they're busy taking away women's rights and things like that in these courts very busy it's busy busy time for the conservative courts well oh look they pull the political discussion that's happened Bernie was in Alabama today Bernie's all over the place did you see the 6000 Pennsylvanians philadelphians that came out to see Jo Jo folks 6000 folks came out to see Joe Biden folks there were so many folks out there those folks folks you know folks I don't know what the folks count was but it was pretty folksy that speech for the 6,000 people that showed up for his lunch we talked about something else absolutely well let's hope that let's hope that that lawsuit goes our way and it and we look forward to that documentary we're big fans of cannabis documentaries especially since now we're making one and telling the stories of the people who are affected that is really what we're what we're learning is this is the most effective way to tell these stories when you see the results of the medicine that has come from this plant and we do need more research because you know it's it's it's something it's it's even chemo VAR specific it looks like that might be the answer to cancer or other diseases everything could be very chemo var specific and eventually after another five years or ten years of research looking at a full plant whole medicine to come up with say okay this chemo var right here with these terpenes with this profile of THC to CBD with these minor cannabinoids will kill prostate kit cells cancer cells yeah this chemo var will clear out amyloid beta plaque right this chemo var not just amyloid beta plaque but regrow synapses or whatever whatever it is this this chemo varves stabilizes we need more research ellipses up it has to be taken off the schedule one but that looks like what's happening it's not just that's why you're getting that's why you get hits in mid is an anecdotal is some oil some people it seems to it seems to cure cancer some cancers a works on some cancers it doesn't sometimes it works on this person's cancer it's the same cancer are working on this person what if you're using the wrong strain well like that in the cannabinoid story says your your endocannabinoid system is different than my endocannabinoid system and we need different strains just like we did that that genetic test where it was it told us about our endocannabinoid system right allegedly and tell you what strong hazard red what two rings are best for you and dave was definitely different than mine yeah Dave can handle a lot more THC that I can and that totally pairs out so it's it's interesting um this that's all that's that's the science we need we know this is beneficial ya know this is not gonna kill anybody we know there's harm reduction we the studies that show that the opioids you get off the opioid you get off all the prescribed medicine it's not killing anybody and now we need the research is let's get specific let's get it down to what came of ours are good for this what chemo FAR's are good for that how much CBD you do you need daily to read to regenerate and bring your canal but endocannabinoids system into neo stasis because of all the other crap we're doing to it right not exercising not eating leafy greens not going acupuncture right not dealing with stress not sleeping well hergenrother Huracan Rather's keynote which is going to premiere on IDI can the sister station on Tuesday morning talks all about this subject and it's we know a little but we need to know more and that's really where the the science and the the research needs to go yeah we're still getting horses out of the barn as somebody said in last year's cameras left the barn or we're gonna be using the medicine in the states that allow us to and not make it more illegal than than legal I'd say in states that don't allow people to people are still going to use it because when you're desperate you do what you need to do I know that there's people using cannabis medicine with their kids and in states that are not legal cannabis is medicine and we need to treat it as such anyway Hey so speaking of do you have anything you'd like to sort of wrap up the news with because I'd love to move on to our excursion up north I think that's a good idea I think we've reached the top of or the maximum of them news from the headlines that I want to talk about but you guys can dig into a cannabis Chronicle over at DC for 20l a calm read about the stories that we talked about this hour and a whole bunch of other stuff from this week we put it out with just once a week if you want to sign up for it otherwise you can just jump on over and see the new edition on Sundays on read it throughout the week lots of good news in there from all around the country on DC for 20l a calm but as chela said we had the privilege an opportunity to tape and cover the medical cannabis 2.0 in Santa Rosa California sponsored by Home Instead a franchise of Home Instead a national chain and they are literally putting their license and credibility on the line by trying to get information and education about cannabis medicine to people with use in dementia which you know is a favourite topic of us here on this station yeah also it was all so sorry co-sponsored by st. Joe's Hospice that's right the hospice services of Saint Joe's hospital and that's another the other so many good keynotes on the subjects that were so close to home yeah for us yeah it was really remarkable that we were able to hook up with them and do what we were able to do why don't you tell oh why don't you just kind of briefly talk about and store setup what the conference was and I will get the video ready so we learned that dr. hergenrother was going to be giving a keynote at this conference and of course we had to go so we sent a note to them and said hey we'd love to get media passes and they reached back out to us and said hey we'd love it if you would cover the whole thing so long story short we did like dave was saying they're risking their franchise license really and and their credibility in their community because cannabis although it grows beautifully in the Emerald triangle of which Sonoma County is one of the counties it is still frowned upon in you know gentle society and in business spaces and in conservative places and in medical communities it's frowned upon I know like most of us in the chat and and those of us you know we walk a line I mean most of us are surrounded by people who are cool with cannabis but some of us see the other side that there's a whole lot of people that are not cool with cannabis that still really believe the very very outdated racist tropes of reefer madness so that these folks are willing to stick their neck out and do this for their community it really shows a great love of their community because that's what it takes to do this and a great conviction and belief in the information they're presenting so it was definitely grassroots it had doubled in size from the year before they had only two speakers and this year they had four amazing keynotes and a great panel and the number of people doubled essentially and they had video coverage of the show this year thanks to Ed can TV providing educational community access network to educate and elucidate on plan and its benefits so here is you you caught a little bit of the leading edge doctor who's also risking his license we asked him flat out in our one-on-one interview for the documentary are you risking your license by doing this and he's yeah basically I am so we're gonna listen to about five minutes from dr. Hargens others keynote and then we'll come back and we'll set up the next clip from from that same day so enjoy dr. Jeffrey hergenrother talking about the benefits of the benefits of cannabis and also using it with dementia cannabis is an adaptogen it may improve your appetite but if you've had a meal and you use cannabis it's not going to send you back to the kitchen it could if you've already slept the night and you use cannabis in the morning it's not gonna put you back in bed again in most cases this dose dependent to tolerance is our friend it's very useful and I'm not going to have much time to talk about synergy and plant versus whole plant versus single molecules but maybe we'll touch on it in the remaining minutes this is taking THC and killing cancer cells this is taking CBD and killing cancer cells then you take the same doses that you use to suppress the growth of these cancer cells put them together and there's this energy down here they work much better together than they do along and this is not only true for killing cancer cells this is true in dealing with most medical problems this is the difference between CBD and CBD as a whole plant extract they're not the same when people say well I'm gonna go on the internet and shop for CBD well fine but it's not the same a whole plant extract works much differently then does a single molecule CBD so what we're showing here is two graphs on the left side that are single molecule CBD and in the case of this experimental design they burned the paw of an animal it had diminished swelling paw thickness up to a point and you give a bigger dose of single molecule CBD and it reverses and goes the other way again similarly with pain control we get a benefit on pain control and then as we go up on dose it disappears again so single molecule CBD has a biphasic response it works nicely at a certain dose but it's hard to tell where that dose is we're much better off with whole plant CBD that we see here the bigger the dose the less swelling the bigger the dose the better pain control and then moving along tolerance is something we need to teach patients about what if they get high today and then to stay on the same dose that tolerance is going to develop and they're going to be able to handle it so coach people about bearing with it what they feel the first day or two or night or two or three may dissipate and disappear after a weeks treatment the relevance of the minor cannabinoids this is very interesting to me right here this is a compound on the left that worked for treating autism in Israel the compound on the right didn't work and they discovered that accidentally when they switched from compound 266 to compound 267 they were the same in CBD and THC so you would have expected him to work well for for dementia and they the second one did not they had to go back to the original strain and then everybody came under control and on the right I'm sorry this wasn't for dementia this was for autism agitation aggressive behavior violence and it disappeared and so they went back to the original strain and they all came under control this is also true in killing cancer cells high THC high CBD killed those cancers but not prostate cancers another extract didn't kill the colon and breast cancer but did kill prostate cancer and what we have found out in Israel is that this one circled in red was that minor cannabinoid that when it was there was was able to kill those other cancer cells so this is something that is just at the forefront of our education now we're studying this more we're going to be able to advise people as to best strains for cancer in the future I do have another case report I think I'm going to just leave it here on the board and finish up because I am out of time suffice to say that this patient in a enough facility was a was a an alpha male who was a retired law enforcement officer started in 210 ten TAC CBD and did very well and we just see this over and over again cannabis is the drug of choice for treating dementia I would use it before I would use any of those other molecules that I spoke up earlier if they're already on them get established on cannabis diminish those drugs after you do you'll find that you can often get rid of almost all of those other drugs as you get familiar with cannabis I do want to welcome you to enjoy this journal that our organization organization is responsible for it's in your bag we have a table set up over here and I welcome your coming around and then signing up to become a member of the Society of cannabis clinicians you don't have to be a physician to join so thank you very much for your attention really appreciate the invitation [Applause] that from the medical keynote speech part of the keynote first came out the first keynote that's right dr. Jeffrey H hergenrother MD cannabis consultant internal medicine most of his patients actually are cancer patients talking about the subject there of some stress some cannabis working for killing cells and some cannabis not in Israel the study is what we were talking about a society of cannabis clinicians great organization lots of great education and certainly yura you're familiar with the society Gela yes I am it's my thing I'm sorry yeah Your Honor I hear sorry yes I am I'm a member of the Outreach Committee at the Society of cannabis clinicians full disclosure I think it's a terrific organization quarterly we have a zoom meeting where one of the doctors gives a presentation on interesting and always controversial subject because cannabis medicine is the last meeting dr. Jeannette sir King gave a talk about cannabis and pregnancy and breastfeeding using cannabis while breastfeeding I'm not a mom I don't really it's not my thing I don't really care but man it was a really great presentation I was riveted the whole time I thought I would just be like half listening and I totally had this cannabis to point out no at the thing I'm talking about for yeah the Zoom call that you got the benefit of because we're in the room but the the cost for non doctors is really reasonable and if you are interested in such things it's a great organization so check them out society of cannabis clinicians org super cool the entire keynote will premiere on Tuesday morning on our sister station okay Edie can educational community access network you can just put Edie can in YouTube and that will come up please subscribe over there some of you already have it was our backup channel but it's now educational community access network where we're gonna put up these great great panels and we'll put the playlist on this channel too but try to build that other channel as well but those will go directly to that channel starting Tuesday morning along with probably Wednesday morning I'll put up the keynote for dr. Bergin rather go up Tuesday morning Wednesday morning I'm gonna put up the amazing panel that they had and we're gonna play one of the panelists in in his entirety and gentleman by the name of Gary Beale and Gary has a very close story to our heart because his wife was diagnosed with dementia and went on a journey with cannabis Chella do you want to say anything to set this up before I roll I think he speaks for itself I think it's pretty great I thought he was a very you know thoughtful speaker indeed they all were they were all were super powerful and the the whole panel as I say will be up on the other station but we wanted to play this piece of this panel because it is of course someone who is in relationship with dementia which was the overall focus not total focused but sort of the theme of this medical conference and the reason we were attracted to it for sure so here is Gary Beal and he's gonna tell his story about his journey with cannabis and dementia how falls back on the outside my the love of my life my wife we've been married 32 years she's masters educated a very smart woman and Oh a dozen years ago she started to have you know just a little bit of memory kinds of problems but you know what does that mean and she had a whole variety of ailments she had migraines every single day she had irritable bowel she had fibromyalgia she had a whole host of other kinds of medical problems that basically were with her her whole life so we assumed that this memory loss was related to some medical kinds of things and she was on fairly strong medications if you're in all fioricet and so when we approached the neurologist about her memory they said well we got to get her off that fear and all in the fioricet to see whether that's causing it or not so long withdrawal process got her off all that and she still got the memory problem so we went to UC Med Center and how many of you saw the 60 Minutes this last week on FTD Bruce Miller that's her doctor so we had her evaluated at UC Med Center and 15 people evaluated her over a course of a full day and they came back at the end of the day and they said mrs. Beale you you have Alzheimer's well she was devastated I saw it coming she said she didn't see it coming that was eight years ago so we and she had a pretty productive life together for the next five years or so but she had a gradual diminution of her memory and her ability to function I travel for a living and she existed pretty well had some kids still at home and they sort of watched over her but at some point it was like and we need somebody to watch her so long story but I had a granddaughter my oldest grandchild came and she had a I see what's a medical aid cdna she had a CNA and so she was with us for 18 months and so she was taking care of my wife but then my wife also had a cyst on her ovary a large cyst about this size on her ovary and so she had to pee every 20 minutes and it was a terrible problem and we went back and forth and back and forth about whether to get that fixed or not because you may know the general anesthetic tends to have a very bad impact on people with memory loss and Alzheimer's and dementia she had the operation but she had it with a epidural rather than a general anaesthetic and we thought oh we dodged the bullet we went for a month after that and then the decline started and in sort of a straight-line decline to where three months after the operation she had what I call a psychotic break and she just flipped out that's a medical term okay and she got violent and I mean really violent she was beating on me I hid the knives she was pounding on doors totally irrational and was I mean violent just every time she saw me she was violent to me she was violent to anybody else didn't know what to do so I have a son-in-law who's a wrestler ways 260 he came up and he just held her for two days just tell her hands so that she couldn't hurt herself or hurt anybody else oh it's off to two days this is not a solution took her to the ER they checked her in they gave her some sort of serious calming effect and they calmed her down but at the end of six or eight hours they said we have to discharge her we don't we don't have any medical reason for keeping her any of you've been confronted with this that that that the Alzheimer's people with violent tendencies they fall between the cracks they're not medically ill but they have an emotional but the hospitals don't take care of that so what are you gonna do with pity the ER doc said I'll try to get her in the the hospital just overnight but tomorrow you're gonna have to figure out what to do and that was an enormous blessing because after the hospital lets you in they can't kick you out if you don't have a safe place to go she was there 38 days they finally got her meds under control and then Primrose do I have Primrose people in here Primrose stepped up and they said we'll take her so but they finally got her meds under control to where she was back to being at least docile her functioning had also decreased but she was not violent and they put her on zyprexa and so she was on zyprexa we got her into Primrose and Primrose the Primrose people there are wonderful in terms of being able to take care of people with memory difficulties and being very patient and and getting the process to work for the patient so she was there for six or eight months and this was three years ago she was there for six or eight months but her agitation started to return so in the meantime we had been introduced to what the people at Primrose called the radical priest dr. Grove where are you Grob you're here someplace right very there we go there is okay so they said look you know would you consider men at medical marijuana well I am a social political and religious conservative marijuana was sort of way over here in terms of my routine okay and I have a wife who's suffering so I said sure let's talk to this Grove guy so we talked and he said we could up her dose of the license iPrEx a– but this is maybe a misquote ESA's zyprexa has some pretty nasty side effects and he said I'd rather try err on medical marijuana you'd be willing to experiment with that I said I'm open to that let's try it out so rather than increase in Cyprus we actually lowered the zyprexa and we gave her medical marijuana now this was back before marijuana had been fully legalized a year ago January so here's this social economic religious conservative walking into a pot shop okay with a prescription from the doctor and I say yeah I just need this I had no idea what it was or a CBD THC you know that's that's all Greek to me I just need this stuff and they gave her some chocolate okay that's fine so took that to Primrose and Primrose then dosed her on the chocolate and within it just a couple of days she was back to this calming place and has been ever since so so her her cognition and her functioning continued to decline for about three or four months after that and then she hit a steady place and for the last two and a half years she has been absolutely steady her hurt you can see a little bit of decline in her cognitive functioning and a little bit of decline in her mental functioning they have since decided that she probably doesn't have Alzheimer's she probably has FTD her presenting symptoms more closely are explained by FTD frontal temporal dementia rather than by Alzheimer's but she's been enormous ly stable now just today sitting in the back talking hearing doctor AJ's name yeah him the lights went on for me because my wife had all of these psychosomatic problems they're all gone my wife has no pain as far as we can tell we do not observe any pain in her so the migraines are gone the fibromyalgia is gone the irritable bowels all gone now whether that's because some of those are Oh somatic and as you lose your mind you lose your ability to get upset about things I don't know but I'm sure that the the cannabis is helping that process so I have become a believer in the usefulness in dementia patients of the use of cannabis and it's going to been a great blessing to my wife and there's there's other parts to the story but I when dr. Grove said would you come and share your story with the troops at this at this conference I said absolutely because my wife now is calm and present she can't speak she can't feed herself she doesn't clothe their self she didn't islet herself but when I get with her and when I turned the music on I get my wife back that was my question I think I question hope you recognize that's a stereotypic question social political and religious conservatives can still be open-minded political forum is tomorrow I was open-minded because I had a suffering wife I was open-minded because there's really been a sea change in the last 10 years about how people perceive marijuana and I'd like to think that thinking people can detach from their belief system and just look at the data and what does the data say the data says well it's it's a it's a little bit of a mixed bag still but there are so many good things that are coming out and more every day that if I want to have my mind open to the data and I have a problem I need solving it helps under come any sort of historical or traditional reluctance to at least give it a try so that's what worked for me I find many people in my circle are in fact very similar to me and that they are open to looking at where where medical marijuana fits into the universe of things that we might do to help people who are suffering so I got my wife's prescription before marijuana was generally legal and so I would go in and I'd buy the stuff and it was this chocolate tonight take it and deliver to Primrose then everything became legal a year ago in January I went to refill in January and it was all gone people had come in and they bought it all up so I didn't have anything to give my wife and this is where this is not a plug here but this is where capitalism kicks in okay somebody recognize wait a minute there's a business opportunity here and they went and they took the chocolate and they distilled out whatever the the cannaboids are created a pill and then they created a process where they deliver it directly to Primrose you cut out the middleman you don't have to go into the pot shop all the other meds at at at Primrose are prepackaged by an organization called Omni care and they just show up with the people's name so that everything to set out in blister packs but they don't do that for cannabis an entrepreneur stepped up and said I can do that for cannabis and so he has recreated a business ok but the the asterisk here is and for any of you who are politically oriented he still can't do it legally so it's this process that they were Primrose runs out calls him he sends me an authorization he sends Primrose the stuff and he sends me an anonymous invoice and and it's really kind of bizarre okay well and also it's tripled the price okay but but but but the money is not the issue for me that the weirdness of the the economic and political setup is kind of weird but I get a call I write a check and my wife gets the meds so it's working but it's working in kind of this weird way private pay no problem had a friend with with Parkinson's who is in a Medicare approved facility and it was clear in fact I think I talked with Grob about this so we we talked about how do we how do we get her some meds and is like it's no-go and so current law apparently forbids somebody who's taking Medicare money from spending a penny of that on on cannabis products and I don't know the answer to get around that is there an answer there isn't an answer basically schedule is it okay so the answer right right thinking – it's an issue that's way way much bigger than all of us in this room but we do know that if there's a federal money situation involved that no we've had that issue with the pushback as well so my wife was trained as a classical pianist her mother was the first chair in the Long Beach Philharmonic Orchestra violin when she was 13 years old so she comes from this deep musical family my wife has got music in her genes alright so we learned sort of just before she was committed that you know if we put a Pandora Motown station on my wife would sort of get into it anyway she has kept the music and I have an iPhone with 4,000 songs on it and I will go and I'll get her out of the facility we'll go for a little walk if you've been to Primrose I've got this nice campus it's enclosed and there are benches out and we go off by herself and sort of cuddle and then I'll put the music on and as soon as the music comes on she starts to move she'll try to sing with me sometimes and sometimes she she will really get into it and and sometimes not sometimes she stays flat but I have had many many people tell me that the key to dealing with somebody who's past the cognitive phase in in dementia that music for many many of them is the key and for her again classical pianist it's got to have a beat okay and if it has a beat she is in it and she's moving her shoulders and she's and sometimes she'll even clap and and this is a woman who's like this most of the time just sort of sitting in her chair so thank you for asking the question and it's a delight for me it gives me my wife back in ways that I've grieved over the loss of the rest of her my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the eight years ago now and we've come a long ways as a society and looking at Alzheimer's and dementia and memory care kinds of things but eight years ago there was still a little bit of crazy aunt Milly that we keep locked in the attic kind of you know is like you don't want to talk it's kind of embarrassing and we said no no you have a disease we are not going to be embarrassed about this we are not gonna hide this we are not gonna leave it off the table we're going to put it on the table so from the get-go we said yes she I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's I have Alzheimer's now and she would get into her places where she'd feel like crazy aunt Milly and I said sweetie you have a brain disease if you broke your arm you would not hide it from people you would not be embarrassed that you broke your arm if you had cancer you would not be embarrassed do not be embarrassed because you have Alzheimer's so that became part of our rule at the very beginning and I say it wasn't like I had to make her do it but that was the discussion that we had and she said okay and she stepped up and she would bravely say yeah well that was that's probably the Alzheimer's and that you know that got worse over time so my first council would be it's a disease you're not crazy you're not stupid it's a disease and so if you're the caregiver and your wife starts doing stupid stuff or your husband is you know not the way he used to be I would keep coming back to it's a disease and diseases do things that change the people that you're dealing with but it's not because they're bad it's cuz they have a disease and that's been sort of the foundation for the way that I have created it now it took a lot for me to when we got to the place where she was violent I had a friend that I debrief this with over lunch and he said somebody running after me with his club I would I would get pretty defensive and I said well I just knew she was sick I knew it wasn't about me and it wasn't about her and me it was about her and her disease and as long as I stayed centered on it's about her and her disease it allowed me to look at her with more compassion I love her but I need to detach taking personally anything that happens between she and I because she has a disease and that I think has been the foundation but but the flipside of that is that I also gave myself permission to grieve and that you have to give yourself permission to grieve because the person in front of you is not the person you married it's a different person they're the same but they're also different and you've lost that person that you married you have a different person now I now look on my wife the way I look on someone with Down syndrome my wife has gotten to where she's infantile she actually roots for food she's tried to put my phone in her mouth if I get any place close to her mouth she goes like she's three months old basically that's where she's gotten to so she's not the same so okay so how do I look at her not the same and I say if she had Down syndrome how would I behave toward her if I met her and she had Down syndrome I'd be patient with her and I'd be I'd be affectionate with her and I'd be carried toward her I had a niece who was Down syndrome she lived to be 60 so I said I had the wife that I married I'm grieving over her I have the wife that I have now and I'm gonna treat her like I would treat a person with Down syndrome patient loving caring hashtag respect how I get through Gary Beal a compassionate conservative a real one a real one yeah it's amazing all the right things man he had lots of support obviously um yeah I was able to absorb that triple and price yeah kind of a big deal which is not easy but it's also private private place private pay residential care facility right so people who don't have any money will not have access to that which means they won't have access to the best medicine available for their disease and you'll hear that when we launch the the full panel as well as the keynote of dr. Jeffrey hergenrother starting Tuesday that that really is part of the delineation it comes down to you have anything that's federally funded is gonna put have an immediate wall and rejection if you have a residential care facility which falls under a different type of Licensing Stakes state's license right as it comes to federal not federal and there's no nurses really administering drugs they're just people are assisting residents in getting their medicine taking their medicine that's the way it works essentially right at the end good at the end like she can't take her own medicine that's given to her well by probably a CNA a nurse somebody there I mean obviously it's still very gray gray considering he's writing a check and the medicine shows up you know in a strange i admire every every effort that they're doing to deliver the best medicine to their loved ones and i love that he told us the secret of how to reach people who are not necessarily on our side people who can be reasonable who aren't necessarily on our so reach them with data and facts and I take the easy route and I focus specifically on dementia because there's no other medicine for it and so I'm you know I feel like I'm chickening out to a degree that I'm not defending cannabis for all the things that I know that it's good for and I will but I won't really get into it I won't you know do public talks about how it helps other things just dementia for now because I feel like even though it's incremental it's definitely something that helps and obviously the brain loves cannabis obviously that's the secret to what goes right in there man goes right to the cb1 receptors are all over the brain yep all over the brain so I would love to see all schedule one drugs put on a different schedule where they can all be researched yeah for all their therapeutic potential especially for brain diseases that have no solutions right now like dementia like dementia and nodosa and no and no end in sight no end in sight there's why not why not use plant medicine and why not move into the afterburn because the network is giving me issues again but and also it's almost 6 p.m. which means the East Coast feed of Game of Thrones will begin very shortly yeah and we are of course talking about endings of miserable and good TV shows I don't think this one perhaps but I don't I don't think any I don't think anybody's gonna be happy with tonight's game of Thrones that's my prediction my ridiculous no one's gonna be happy but we are happy to be here on Sundays at 4:20 to talk about the cannabis news and cannabis care so I just came out of the medical cannabis 2.0 put together by Home Instead and st. Joseph's health hospice those panels full panels and keynotes will be dropping starting Tuesday over at Edie can educational community access network here on YouTube our sister straight station which I was actually streaming the show on accidentally for the last two hours streaming let's show over on it again yeah yeah okay I'll have to so I'll have to drop it but it got it got a little mixed up in my restream thing but it's all good it's all good that's where we're ending up Jerry Jerry McGinty someone new okay so you guys are open to people who have different political views but I wanted a person with cannabis correct there's one little thing what's that women are people Oh women are people yes it's yes that's the only thing we have to agree on the regressive nonsense that's going on in Alabama miss awesome Georgia women can make decisions about their own bodies I find it's interesting you're seeing this you're seriously seeing progressive movement that the states in Alabama literally just just passed a medical cannabis law then we went wow even in Alabama and they stare below them so yes absolutely Jerry we're okay with all Perla we're we're political independence by aviation but you certainly all for all polka we're not in on hate and that kind of stuff but certainly we love discourse yeah we're certainly we are more progressive I guess leftist you would say if you put us in any category yeah but cannabis is definitely something that crosses all boundaries we feel that 45 could make some changes that would blow everybody away yeah listen all the government listen everybody's so upset about 45 or the Republicans doing everything 45 is saying hey Donald you said medical cannabis is good if we play it every day every night every week at the top of our show you wanted you want to assign the states act let's go let's go buddy we will follow you we ask everybody now if he took it off of the schedule would you support him and they say well whites support him on that issue yeah so would we and he's a he's a lead knows a lot of people that for some reason medical marijuana helps them you know why it helps them Donald cuz it's medicine it's medicine so yes we welcome everybody and talk about cannabis yeah obviously the chat goes to politics as it's as evident in the chat I try to hold it down yeah a lot of people don't realize the Democrat side of the spectrum but we have lots of people on the conservative side of the spectrum and I consider myself so far left that I'm right next to my right leaning friends we believe in right next to we were leaving freedom and liberty Liberty as long you're not messing with other people and their rights yeah it's important and get out of their uterus for Christ's sake we don't even have to talk about uterus just don't tread on anyone else's rights period you know you you you're conservatives are really upset about the theocracy that's over there in Iran but apparently they are see in Alabama and Georgia is just fine I don't get I don't understand that but cannabis is in the Bible right HCO holy Christ I know the recipe is there Cana but–can Abbas it's their baby yep and it's good oil to use see you want to get some good CBD with the recipe HCOS Christ oil and the real in California so we look forward to your rise with your amazing product made from the from the text Oh exhausted 11 is dropping some some spoilers Cersei coming out of the rubble with a little elephants on her show the other year the elephants show up to clear the rubble Cersei and Jaime come crawling forth yeah I love it great spoiler that's right it's true at 6 p.m. the East Coast feed is underway we're gonna wrap up this part of the show give it a thumbs up guys give it a sec ride get it to ring the bell do whatever you do whenever you're at we're gonna shut it down on YouTube for about 60-seconds reboot for the after with for the afterburn which is a lovely recap of the mainstream media news in our in our marijuana smoke Theater 3000 milieu as we watched us some of the local news from your neck of the woods getting ready to watch G OTS final episodes I might take some mushrooms or this way P I will don't take a couple grams of mushrooms you didn't hear that okay guys thanks for watching we do this every Sunday at 4:20 mostly even when we're on the road when we check in like we did last week but thank you guys free the plant free the people we love you pot for peace see you later see you in about 60 seconds yeah you

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