🔥 Best Beginner Back Exercise for Women Lose Weight in 30 Days with Cardio Exercises

Good morning, beautiful people in his station : and welcome to my youtube channel my very first official YouTube video I have a model actress and entrepreneur here in the Miami, Florida area And I have a lot of cool things going on that I want to share with you guys One thing that I focus on on a daily basis is it not daily at least three four times a week is my fitness Making sure that I eat the right thing take the right supplements and get my body get my butt. Imogen So that’s why we’re here today I wanted to start off with something that is very near and dear to my heart Something that I can share a lot of information on and bring a lot of value to you guys I’ve had a gym membership with my mom since I have been And wait, depending on what I want to look like depending on what? Area of maudlin oneth focus on so we’re gonna be doing the back side because I haven’t done back alley back is one of my favorites to work out because It’s actually able to sculpt your body and see like if you have larger wings or nice sculpted shoulders it actually gives you the illusion So cancel that consultation for the light bulb you don’t necessarily have to go up and do all that We can create a smaller waist with your back workouts. So that’s all we’re gonna do today And then it’s also really sexy. If you have a kind of nice satin dress a nice bikini You just have a really nicely sculpted back So that’s we’re gonna be focusing on today and the forest takes time that I’m new to this so like and subscribe and Any workouts that you want to see or anything that you want to know go ahead and leave it down in the comments But let’s go ahead and dive in All right you guys so we’re like And exercise – right now – really really good You have to be careful when you’re doing it to not use your shoulders too much though starting to feel that my shoulders So that’s what I wouldn’t wider in the second round But yeah, let’s keep going The last one But you have to focus okay I Am unless you guys have been speaking with me through this entire workout. We’re on workout number four right now all targeting What those a nice sculpted backs for our bikinis for our beautiful dresses when we go out So right now what we’re gonna do is I’m one of my favorite workouts This one here is very minimal. All you need is a weight some people don’t use weight Depending on your level you want to be very careful of what you can do what you can do. Don’t push yourself too much I’m these are beginner workouts be Mindful just because I use 25 pounds and 30 pounds even ten pounds. You just pace yourself Okay, so I haven’t done this in a lot. I don’t remember how much weight is good for me So I’m gonna start with ten pounds and then we’re gonna move to 25 I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be kind of light but let’s try it I can never ever find the right word Justin. There’s no way this is real life There’s no telling your the right girl so I can only say that it feels right I’m saying that it feels right That was good that was good. So my sweet spot with for this particular exercise is 20 I Can never ever find the right word just there’s no way this is real life There’s no telling you’re the right girl so I can say that it Feels right I’m saying that it feels right S’alright s’alright s’alright I’m just going with the guy never had a doubt friend like this is just the worst movie in perspective I’m the deepest in the card everybody tune in everyone. This is just for us now. We know I am Claudia AHA no audio. I don’t call them back girl. Let me see you. Hold it down. We gonna have a blast I just want to know what you’re gonna do with all that that ain’t gotta sell work I never saw you can have it off watch me rip it off. I love it You got me the love even when it’s going down. Oh that we Young shot how it’s been a part of know that you know what I can feel it. All right? Yeah To go you never ever the right words, there’s no way this is real There’s any other So I can only say that it feels right So that was surprisingly really good it took watch me to find the wig I really liked 25 pounds again is my sweet spot So we’re gonna do three sets of those and again start where you can if you need to do no weight Probably put 5 pounds on there Oh, so I’m just no wait and then maybe 10 pounds and then you graduate up to 15 20 25, etc But I have two more times. So let’s go I Can never ever find the right word just there’s no way this is real life There’s no telling you’re the right girl so I can only say that it feels right Say that it feels right S’alright s’alright s’alright I’m this going winded. All right, so for this particular exercise, it’s really good because it’s considered to be seated in Rome so what you’re doing is pulling back and back muscles and the way that you know that you’re doing it right if a person put like a pencil not a pencil but anything right down the Middle of your back. Can you contract it? So you want to be doing the exercise in the way that you really contractions those muscles together? And you’re gonna have a sexy ass back in no time. Okay, no, bra fat no back that none of that Sexy sculpted bags all year round not just for summer. So I just did two cents I am working on 40 of 750 pounds weight down to 40 because I’ve been doing a lot of weight and they started to get to me. So I’m gonna finish out with fifty pounds Okay, that last set almost killed me But we got through it you guys. So this last run we’re just going to go into our cardio Me personally, I like to Work out first and then to my cardio after just in case I don’t have a finish I don’t want to exhaust myself with cardio and then try and do a leg day or a bad day or biceps and get up so I Just like to go ahead and get my workout done first and then cardio after but remember we’re trying to do that fat Well, I’m trying to lose that loop that I have left. So cardio is very necessary. Um, we’re going to be doing sprints Don’t want to do sprints, but that’s that’s just what’s called for right now I’ll go ahead and give you the layout in just a bit. But follow me to the treadmill, let’s go who is going to be? One, where are we gonna go? Let’s stay right here Let’s stay right there. This is it. All right, so I’m gonna be doing sprints not in kind of anything like that I’m gonna start off with Two point five and then we’ll go to three point five for two minutes just to warm up and then we’re gonna do a minute of 8.0 then drop back down to three point five 3.0 to walk and then another minute of 8.0 He missed went 8.0 110 And we’re gonna do this four times. Y’all pray for me But it’s so necessary, let’s do it I can never ever find the right word. Just there’s no way this is real life. There’s no telling you’re the right girl Don’t do this with two minutes, okay? Alright Solarize alright I’m just going with the guy never had a doubt friend like this is just the boss For me and perspective from the deepest in the card everybody tune in one. This is just my eyes now We know I ain’t got it yet. Oh, no. Oh, no. I don’t call them background. Let me see you Hold it down. We gonna have a blast I just want to know what you’re gonna do with all of that ain’t gotta say a word I never saw you can have it off wash me repeat are eliminated It’s going down know that we gonna be dog young shower out how it’s been abroad up know that you know on yeah You never have by the right words there’s no way this is real there’s no telling you’re the Let me say that it feels right So what I did actually The first one I did eight 8.0 the second. I did a twenty five so if you have the stamina to go up Each one let’s do that Sheesh you she cute Good morning YouTube Alright, so make sure you guys like and subscribe for more videos. I can’t wait to share them with you guys This was a lot of fun. Most of my videos are gonna be a little bit long because they’re gonna be jam-packed with information I’m just not gonna show you I’m actually gonna be talking to you and telling you what I’m doing And we’re gonna talk about form We’ll talk about why I’m doing the exercise the name of the exercise and I really want you to put it on While you’re working out so you can just follow along with me. I’m still out of breath But it’s all good so again, I For those of you are new here with all of you new here gives us a brand new channel The name is sage Nicole si. Je Nicole Instagram is sage Macomb YouTube is sage McCall this segment is going to call stage Nicole Fit Club and Let’s just get it in. Let’s be great. You know what? I mean? Healthy habits healthy lifestyle you pass it on to your friends your family your loved ones your Children and let’s just build a healthier more beautiful community for women and men and I would warn across the world Yeah, it’s about let’s go Shakeel she cute or whatever Oh today was a success. Love you guys


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