📚 Getting Back on Track For School, Life, Waking Up Early (Interactive Exercise)

hey guys ~ so remember when I used to wake up at 4AM yeah.. I remember that too I haven’t been doing that in a long time.. but I’d like to so since it’s back-to-school season I thought I’d make a video on.. how I’m getting back on track
on waking up early why I wanted to do it how I’m gonna go about doing it and you guys can work on this with me so while this is very specific waking up early the process that I used and the kind of
formula that I use is very universal so if you’re interested in doing this
little interactive exercise with me.. pull out a piece of paper,
your journal, or a little sticky note and put on your thinking socks we’re gonna have some fun ~ before we can know where we’re going we need to know where we’ve been let’s use this handy-dandy
four quadrant from last week’s video but we’ll change it up a bit this time the question is:
what’s most important to you? these quadrants can be anything you want: school, mind, body, diet,
relationships, money, learning, exploring.. it can be whatever you want it to be now think back on the past
couple of months or last school year which aspects of your life have been awesome in what ways has it been awesome and how can you keep being more awesome and which areas of your life
could use some improvement and how can you do better remember to celebrate the small wins
no matter how big or small as you’re reflecting because it’s important to love ourselves
and give ourselves a pat on the back and not be so hard on ourselves all the time so starting with career because I’ve spent the majority of my time working this area of my life is going pretty well my channel has been growing you guys seem to be loving the content
that I’ve been putting out recently Beauty Within’s channel’s growing and I’m also challenging
myself creatively which is all great given how much time
I’ve been spending at work could I be more efficient with my time? absolutely ~ cause I spend
a pretty insane amount of time at work family wise, I call my parents
almost every day so this is good I’ve been a good kid 12 out of 10 deserving of endless pats on back social wise, you guys have seen that.. this is something that I’ve been
working on the past couple of weeks working less on weekends,
saying yes more, being less of a hermit.. and making more time for friends now spirituality ~ oof ~ this is something that
I haven’t been doing the best at though I’ve been going with emotions I have been slacking for
the past couple of months when I read and when I meditate
my mind wanders off and gets stuck frolicking for the majority of the time doing I don’t even know what hence how not chill and unstable I’ve been when I don’t meditate consistently I’m far less calm and far more prone to anxiety and I do this a lot with my hands and my fingers and it’s been a struggle trying
to get back to my early morning routine so this is an area that needs a major improvement and something I’m going to work on as for me-time.. similarly to spirituality.. since I’ve been spending most of my time at the office I usually just go home sleep,
wake up, and go back to work this clearly needs to change especially since I talk
about self-care all the time so with the four quadrants
see how helpful and versatile it can be with this you’ll be able to quickly identify
which area or areas of your life could use some TLC when I think back to the best and
most productive period of my life which is about a year ago.. when I was the most grounded and
at peace and calm and not stressed out it was when I was waking up early
with a solid morning routine of.. qi gong for an hour, meditation for an hour,
and reading Zhuan Falun.. the book written by the founder of
my spiritual practice Falun Dafa for an hour all before work this to me is.. remember the 80/20 rule where
20% of your input produces 80% of your output so there is 24 hours in a day if you sleep or have me-time for 8 hours
every day.. you’re left with 16 hours and 20% of 16 is about 3 hours so this goes back to knowing
what’s important to you and what those 3 hours mean for you these 3 hours are imperative
for my overall well-being and something I’ve been totally neglecting so now that we’ve identified
what I want to work back towards.. it’s time to do that so if the goal is to wake up early how do I make that happen time to dream ~ like I mentioned in my how to wake up early video.. our mornings start the night before to wake up early.. I need to sleep early and to go to sleep early.. it’ll be nice to have a relaxing wind down routine remember the key here
is to dream and to visualize don’t worry about the details yet focus on the bigger picture and imagine
how you’ll be able to achieve your goals here’s what my ideal bedtime
wind down routine would look like let’s have some fun with this and work backwards the end goal is going to bed grateful and unhurried what I’d like to do right before bed is
spend 3 minutes writing in my 5-minute journal “3 Amazing things that happened today..” “How could I have made the day better?” and I like filling out the next day’s..
“What would make today great?” to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead right before climbing into bed.. my favorite part of the night: skincare and oral care first comes the washing of the face
from the day’s sweats, oils, and worries and then comes taking
my sweet time with skincare time for oral care ~ let’s spend some time talking about this because I feel like it’s just
about as important as skincare but it’s not talked about nearly enough I’ve been making a point
to treat oral care as I treat skincare to take my time to do
the flossing and the brushing properly and to not skimp on quality I’ve been using this toothbrush for the past year I’m not too sure about the lifespan of toothbrushes and I’m pretty sure it’s not over a year I mean.. hey ~ it still worked fine but the good people at Quip recently
sent me these magical creations and I’m officially a fan Quip is an oral care company
that offers sleek electronic toothbrushes and a subscription service for
brush heads and toothpaste refills it’s legit the Tesla of toothbrushes and I appreciate how sleek beautiful and functional it is there’s a two-minute timer and 30-second
pulses to remind you when to switch sides because there’s also four quadrants in our mouths guiding proper brushing habits it runs on batteries so there’s
no wires and no need for charging it’s easy to travel with the brush holder doubles as a travel cover
and it sticks on almost everything need I say more ~ I never thought I’d get this excited
over toothbrushes but here I am ~ if you’re at all interested in this,
check the link in the description box below alright so what happens
after skincare and oral care since I’ve been trying to improve my Chinese I’d like to write a paragraph or two
of Chinese every night before going to bed by copying the book of my spiritual practice Falun Dafa one or two paragraphs is enough
because it’s very doable and it’s realistic and it’s practical and it’s not too intimidating we’re all about setting realistic
expectations here and achievable goals and in line with everything I’ve been
talking about on my channel previously about being conscientious and
intentional with what we consume I’d like this to be the last thing
I consume before going to bed not an article on my phone,
not scrolling through Instagram.. or watching some drama or videos on YouTube because it’s very important for us
to guard our mental space which is why I like to spend
15 minutes beforehand reading so 15 minutes because reading is life and 15 minutes is very doable
and not intimidating at all plus I usually read for more than 15 minutes anyway but if not, at least I read 10-ish pages
which is 10-ish more than zero so before getting situated on my couch wouldn’t it be nice to make a warm cup
of a little something something be it a cup of warm tea or a latte or even water as a way to prime myself and my body into thinking.. okay, consuming warm liquid get ready
to wind down, relax, and go to bed soon and I’m gonna give myself some options
because having options is fun and it spices up your routine and keeps things fresh the first thing is a caffeine-free
chai latte with oat milk the blend of tea, herbs, and spices
contain heart-healthy antioxidants.. anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in digestion next is this lavender lemon beauty collagen water a lot of you guys have been commenting on
how my skin seems to be glowing lately and I honestly owe it to this: collagen peptides I have it in my morning matchas and
again at night if I’m feeling a bit extra collagen helps enhance skin hydration,
improves skin elasticity, and maintains firm skin there’s about 10 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar so very health approved and last we have the trusty turmeric latte the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities
make it great for your skin and body I haven’t been making this as
much during the summer because.. the spices are a little too flavorful and
overpowering for the blazing hot days but it’s about to make a sweet comeback
very soon just in time for fall now that we visualized and
dreamed out the ideal situation for how we can get back
on track and tackle our goals it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty I’m going to start again with
my goal and work backwards if I want to wake up early.. how early do I want to wake up? how many hours of sleep do I need? what time should I be in bed? how long does journaling before bed take? what about my skincare and oral care routine? writing Chinese, reading, enjoying the warm latte.. so in total this is all about two hours so if I want to be up at 4AM
and get at least 6 hours of sleep I have to be in bed by 10PM
which means I need to be home by 8PM so I need to leave work by 7:30PM is that doable? we shall see in the coming weeks just do it ~ now that we’ve taken the time to
reflect, identify, visualize, and plan.. the only step left for us to do is to
put all that we’ve worked on into practice no matter how big we think or how hard we dream if we don’t actually take action.. they’ll be just that thoughts and dreams stuck
somewhere in our fanciful imagination so with me making this video of how I want to
start getting back on track with waking up early I want you guys to hold me
accountable for doing this so please let me know down below what are some things
you guys have been working on what are some things that
you’re hoping to work on for the new school year
or for this new fall season for work, for life, or just anything it is in your life let me know so we can help
keep each other accountable thank you so much for watching and thank you so much to Quip
for sponsoring this video if you guys are at all interested in these
super sleek and awesome toothbrushes the first 150 people will get 15% off
by going to getquip.com/rowena and check out the special red edition Quip toothbrushes everything is linked down below here is the biggest voice hug thank you guys so much for watching I love you endlessly and I will see you in the next video baii ~


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