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  5. I am a rich person that helps the poor. I am extremely wise, healthy, wealthy, and happy. So is everyone I care about. I have saved a lot of people from poverty. I make a trillion dollars every second. I am God fearing. I 100 percent believe in God. I am a money magnet. I live in a beautiful mansion, and have all the luxury items that I desire. I will forever be extremely wealthy. I am worthy of this money.

  6. To the innovators of this video. Thank you for creating quality most everyone can use and certainly needs.
    There is one question that keeps in the front of my mind that slows down my accepting all the quality here:
    Why is the background music so much LOADER than the verbal words that is spoken? I thought the
    background music should enhance the verbal messages. Instead it seems to drown out the words that
    are truly worth listening to. Some PC's have week audio making it also more difficult to hear and
    understand all that is being said. What can be done to hear all that is said and also leave the background
    music in the background where it should add to the effectiveness of such fine work?

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  13. ads just mess this all up…if my eyes are closed and i keep stoping it defeats the purpose..but i am not mad ijs… i get into and then booom ..

  14. I found these affirmations and other money attraction subliminals. I actually believe that they could reprogram my mind to help me to have a healthier mindset. But it is hard to listen to them. There are so many facts found in the Bible. I say that because we are living in a "politically correct" society, where everyone's god is the same, or as people like the wicked Oprah Winfrey would say, all roads lead to the God of the universe. That is actually a lie. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one will come to the Father (or get to heaven) outside of a personal saving relationship with Him. So many thoughts about this world counter what is found in the Bible. This "idea" found in so many of these affirmation and subliminal videos talk about the "Universe," as if it has some personality or power, or as if it is a part of God. "Thank you universe" as the personality of the universe can hear you. Basically it is the same as talking to a rock and thanking it for help. THE ROCK, AND THE UNIVERSE HAVE NO POWER!!!!!!!!!!! There is One God, and His name is Jesus Christ. He came to die so we don't have to go to hell for our sins, if we will start a personal relationship with Him, and receive His blood as payment for our sins. His spirit does not reside in any physical part of the universe (except the believer's heart). He also gave us power to stop sinning, but I digress….

    Money is not going to save us. We cannot love money and love God. When these narrators say "I love God," I have to immediately think "I love God." Jesus said that we will serve one or the other but we cannot serve both God and money. Either we will love one and hate the other, or vice-versa. So when the people on these affirmations and subliminals say "I love money" it makes it so hard to continue to listen. When it says "I can create…" it is not true. Everything that exists has already been created. I can think positively to better my life. There is no law of God against bettering our lives.

    Christian… Try to open God's word more and maybe we can use these videos to help us. But try to fight the thought that we love money. We must try to use money for God's glory, as we should try to use all things in our lives for His glory. Non-Christian… let me tell you something.

    There was a lawyer who was one of the founding lawyers for the Harvard School of Law. His name was Simon Greenleaf. He wrote a book teaching law students how to use evidence in court cases. He was also an atheist. He thought he was going to prove the Bible wrong- he was going to prove using the Bible itself that it was impossible for Christ to raise from the dead. After studying the Bible, because of the evidence found in the Bible (such as there being 500 people who knew Jesus had been crucified, that saw Him all at the same time… also all the disciples, except Judas, were killed for preaching that Jesus rose from the dead, which is powerful evidence) Greenleaf said that there is more evidence that Jesus rose from the dead than any other event in history… Yes Mr. or Mrs (or Miss, Ms) evolutionist, there is more evidence that Jesus rose from the dead than the lie you push that we evolved from monkey's. Very soon there is going to be a man who will do miraculous things for this world. He will unite the world under one government. As we already see today, the world government will also force every citizen to receive a computer chip in the muscle between your thumb and fingers of your right hand. If you receive this you will go to hell. And if you don't, the world government will kill you. But if you die, and you have received Christ's blood as payment for your sins, you have eternity to praise and thank God. Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning (Psalm 30:5). Please do not receive this computer chip in your body. The costs are too great.

    God bless you all. I'm learning to love all people.

  15. The law of attraction works. I have a personal story to share with you guys. I was maybe 7 years old when when I made a wish to have a bike. Not knowing what the law of attraction was, I asked God for a bike. This story makes more sens with the fact that we were very poor and had zero money to buy new bikes or stuff that were not necessary. I bended my knee near my bed and took a prayer position. I asked God to give me a 'ounce in a lifetime' proof that he really existed. I said in my own mind:" if you really exist then prove it to me by giving me a bike. " Thinking about it, I don't know if it was for the bike or more for the fact that I wanted to know if there was something more out there like a God. Needless to say, my cousin came by the morning after, he would come to visit us ounce or twice a year, and since we didn't have a car, my mother told my cousin to go to a store and get me a brand new bike. I got the bike I wanted and I was so happy. I didn't have the maturity to understand the message back then. But today, i see the bigger picture was not the bike but the law that I needed to understand. As of today, I just bought the house that I wanted and I'm getting married this summer to the woman of my life. I wish you all a wonderful life. Keep focusing on what you want and not what you need. I'm starting a youtube channel soon on self-development, if you guys are interrested, I will write down the name of the channel. Peace and prosperity to all of my brothers and sisters.

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  19. I'm a mega millionaire I have everything what I want, I'm always lucky.

  20. Hai I Desire to be rich in life, that's my dream, thanks for the nice video I really enjoyed listening to it.nd just after listening i felt like am Rich already.

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  24. I LOVE how there are PLENTY of BLACK people in the video!!!

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  26. I see my life changing through this video!!! I thank God and the universe for it!!


  28. 21:05 was the first time I ever kissed a girl other than my mom. I'll cherish the moment forever.

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