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you know BC Couture with the daily BJ these are my 10 favorite back building exercises subscribe to my channel the first one I like to start with is this the classic dumbbell chest supporter row dumbbells alight is strengthen imbalances between sides the chest supported action takes your lower back out of the equation to protect your spine they just really laser focus on the upper mid-back area and only in the pattern I like this for sets of eight to fifteen repetitions a slight incline allows a good full range of motion just dig in lock it in hammer grip is gonna take your bicep side of Moon make your back work harder it's also very wrist and shoulder friendly you're gonna pull up to the hip level arms form nine here and goals hold for a count or two lower in control and just keep working that pattern visualize cracking and nut between those shoulder blades really get it going the big problem with a lot of rowing is people go really heavy they use a lot of body English they don't really actually make the muscles that we're trying to target work mid-back rhomboids mid trap lats rear delts also make sure we don't pull too high and let that humeral head roll forward you want to pull just to the point pull low and get a 90 degree angle that's the optimal angle to use for your rows the banded one-arm dumbbell row is a phenomenal way to increase muscle activation autocorrect your form you can do this a couple of ways actually three ways one is using just a pure driver this way another one is laterally from the side coming this way is going to help emphasize pulling low on the row so you want to pull to hip level to improve form and technique get more activation to last and rear delt coming across the body is gonna and really wrapping around your trunk is gonna increase the activation and that whole scapular region rotator cuff and of course the lat and it kind of taking both angles simultaneously I can actually get both functions so the back end across so I'm angled like this I can use that bench to support myself pull across the body squeeze lower control so you're wrapping across and pulling low to the hip arm forms a 90 degree angle squeeze at the top you can keep tension and feed contraction I like sets of 8 to 15 reps per side or work periods of 45 to 90 seconds you'll love that number three is the hammer grip pull up now once you can do higher reps of this movement you actually want to load it up increased strength it's your big strength and mass builder it's gonna allow you to actually increase your pull-up tolls people think doing endless reps and pull-ups increase your pull-up totals yes it helps but the stronger you're getting to pull up the better you can get more reps with your bodyweight now you can load with the weight fast a dip belleve I like the band resistant option because it unloads the joints at the bottom you can do it more often and it gives you peak tension at peak contraction that hammer grip is gonna take your biceps out of the movements and use more back it's also very wrist and shoulder friendly yes the wide grip option is great for building lats especially as you go wider there but can be very stressful on the shoulder so I don't like it for weighted reps so I'm gonna take that band anchor it down to a plate or rack loop it on the hips and then from there I'm gonna kind of tuck my knees pull the rib shoulders down crunch the as maintaining that position and I'll do from there is drive the elbows to the ribs squeeze for a counter to lower and control I can obviously increase band tension over time or I can mix band tension and weight fest as I get really strong I like sets of three to six reps for this and then you can do multiple sets of that you actually finish off with a couple back off sets with your body weight for higher reps build that bad before is tall kneeling lat pull-downs I actually do this one because it's my only option for pull-downs at home actually have a battle rope attached to a tree create a kind of a pulley system you get all my equipment a garden of gain style calming a 10% off this set up both attaching it to the rafters of a gym or to a tree with my coupon code the daily BJ you can also set this up and he lat pulldown or cable machine or by going tall kneeling you kind of make it self-limiting in the sense that you can never go too heavy and cheat and rely on the anchor the knee pad and you have to really lock in your core engagement the lats are also spinal stabilizer a core stability muscle so you really get that going as well I like for rotational handles and what I do is lock it in for the ritual crunchy eyes clenched the glutes pull squeeze for Connor to lower control I can rotate to a neutral grip or I can also go all the way and rotate and finish underhand and really get that low lat activation at the bottom but I love this 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions just owning the pattern slow controlled tempos you could also do this from a split kneeling position and get some great hip flexor stretch involved as well both options are excellent and this is one of the best ways to build your lats because of the fact I'm working in that frontal plane that a deduction really emphasizes the last and gets the width for those shoulders I mentioned earlier that the wide grip pull-up is one of the best ways to build your lats getting that humeral adduction coming down here was really gonna maximize the activation in the last but it can be very tough on the shoulders especially with body matter people that aren't strong enough so my favorite pull of variation in general I don't care how fit or strong I've gotten I love using self assisted pull ups because I can create as much self assistance as needed currently going to mind muscle connection going and really own the pattern so can go wide grip here you want to set it up about chest level feet are down and stacked like this only as much assistance as you need from the legs pull the chest to the bar squeeze lower and control I like to go slow up slow down set the clock for two minutes and just let the lats lift and lower you'll also get an amazing grip workout here but only use as much assistance as when you guys are fatigued you can use more and more leg assistance but try to rely on the lats as much as possible I think it's the safest way to do the wide grip option and it's also a great way to get extended time and retention to spark new gains and blow up those laps' love the inverted or bodyweight rope because it unloads the spine also activates the entire back side of the body it's a movement you can do for a lot of sets and many times throughout the week that won't impair recovery and it's a great way to build up to pull ups and just assist your back development here's one of my favorite protocols first you set a bar at waist level in a smith machine or power rack you could also use suspension trainers or gymnastics rings but this is a very accessible option I like to go first as any overhand wide-grip op rose as possible to really get the upper back rear shoulders going I'd like to stay with that bent leg adoption glutes engaged rib shoulders down abs crunched once I can't any more reps there I bring my grip in a little bit closer I go underhand I'll just stay to get more low lat and get some assistance from the biceps to extend the set and really blow up that whole back and get that time under tension pull low down in the sternum upper ribs and then as many reps there as you can that's a great little snack you can do another cool option you can uh again I like keeping the legs bent at the 90 degree angle the entire time I'd rather you progressed by adding load to the via weight vest or chain around the waist versus extending the legs or elevating them I think that throws off the form for a lot of people another cool option is you can take a band and either attach it at hip level to increase glute activation or attach it at chest level to give tension peak contraction peak tension at peak contraction at the top of the movement so because that looks like again any time and get the glutes going and improve the stability to the lower back it's a great option I think you'll enjoy it but the inverted row should be a staple in your battery I also really love the landmine one arm bent over row a landline is we put a barbell into the corner of a wall or a landmine post you can load the other side with plates and then you grab the thick end of the barbell which is very challenging to the grip and some people can't hold it or have too small of hands so I actually like to take the warhammer task from pure motion put it on I get more space and separation from the plates it's also more accessible from a gripping standpoint either way works you get 10% off this equipment at Gardner Gamescom there's my coupon code D daily BJ so here's how it works I'm gonna get into a staggered stance here it's just a very shoulder friendly option to load the entire back of the body grab it here and then I'm gonna pull it low and across my body squeeze and lower control I like to put that opposite hand in the small of the lower back so I'm maintaining that slight natural arc or control pull through I love this for sets of ten to twenty repetitions really squeezing the top of the movements it's my favorite barbell rowing option if you want to get more tension at the top of the movement and make a lighter logo longer way you take AB and loop it around that attachment hook it on the foot of the lead leg and now I got some serious tension at the top to pull against again I love this one and it does really add some strength work to the glute ham region as well give it a shot AB wheel that's one of the most underrated lat and back movements and it also works your core and improves shoulder mobility and it's really easy on the elbows by adding the band tension to it low anchor point put it on one side of the wheel we can actually get peak tension on peak contraction for the last really an amazing movement do this four sets of one to two minute work periods flow out and then squeeze it on the return pillow cab for the knees and abs engage the entire way go all the way out pause for a second and then bring it back and then right here is where you get the most tension squeeze the lats hard for a count or two and they go right back out come back through oh I find this really helps improve pull up strength and stability it'll also stabilize the spine get you better can your arms overhead and it's very easy on the spine for kind of use your abs the right way you can also attach band your cable resistance to a device like the glute/ham roller from sore necks there's lots of options we add this into your arsenal use as a starter finisher as an accessory movement I think you'll think that's build your back or any muscle group you need a mix of both lower rep strength work and higher rep pump and burn word metabolic stress will go out to show right here is one of the key drivers of muscle growth it's also easy on the joints great finish and routine I like to do this for 100 total reps and finish workouts in as few steps as possible taking short rest periods anytime I need to rest pause so I like to cross over set up and get on line gear at Darden of Gamescom it really helps improve shoulder stability and positioning and get crazy lat exhumation also rear delt so across it like this instead of over gripping and getting the forearms involved I like your nice hands just pressing through the call slight hip Hinch and then from there I'm not just pulling down but I pull it apart squeezing coming right back here so what a pickle wait that's tough to get for 20 to 30 reps in a single set after year 20 to 30 come up take a brief 10 to 20 second rest get back in and keep repeating until you get a hundred total reps if you want to just use this as an accessory movement you can also just do sets of fifteen to thirty reps it's also a fun one to kind of do as a post fatigue stack set a Pulitzer Rose followed up with that to just drive a lot of blood into the lats and they sent them final option is a flywheel one-arm row from a split stance now this is kind of a move from the future but again I'd like to show you stuff that anyone can do but also stuff that is cutting edge and the flywheel is I think one of the best ways to work the back because of the center overload so the faster you pull the faster pulls back so you can really get an eccentric overload or that stretch which is crazy important for building lats and really get increase engagement the entire back side of the body so what I'm going to do here is get locked in that's the right arm is drawing the left leg is forward you gotta really love that glute ham it also works the opposite hip shoulder effect which is great for athletic performance pull through some red bag you can see that's right pull out and more rips me back so there's just truly a whole body movement but so good for the lats see that stretch I get but I got absorb that stretch pull right through I love sets of fifteen reps are working seven thirty to sixty seconds on that you can modify with a one-arm cable rope it's not the same and this attach is really nice appear to garage gym setup you can mount to the wall very space efficient you can put bigger fly wheels on multiple fly wheels to its adjustable resistance to new in the same resistance it's as hard as you make it infinitely infinitely challenging because unless you pull the less resistance the harder you pull the more resistance I think you'll enjoy it my ten favorite back movements there certainly are others these are my favorites and I think will open up new ideas into your training subscribe to my channel feel gonna build muscle and stay lean year-round join my online coaching group at gorilla corn Gamescom I love you guys peace



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