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everyone is dr. Sam Robbins now when it comes to your health right most people including myself mainly discuss what you should eat right or exercise or stress management or the supplement you should take and so forth of course these are all very important tools however the most important aspect of achieve me any goal or success in anything whether it's health or wealth over your relationships and so forth is your mindset but let's face it so many people have access to all the right tools but do nothing with it because they have the wrong mindset now listen I meant to this because nowadays due to the internet we all have access to a ton of information lots of tools and yet most people still don't get the results they want right they they feel frustrated they feel confused or lost or maybe they feel insecure or defeated or any other negative or disempowering emotion for example I get asked all the time you know what's the best diet to follow and I'll be honest with you initially any guy will work as long as you are eating less calories and you remove all the junk or what's the best exercise again anything is better than nothing initially right any form of exercise anytime of the day or for any duration is a step forward in the right direction however the problem is that 95% of people simply do nothing right to achieve any goal though you need to set one simple specific goal with a strong why then take immediate action towards thus get started and just do it and most people importantly if this part is never give up alright so set a specific goal right so now the biggest problem is that most people never even set goals and if they do it's so generic right for example I want to make more money right or I want to lose some weight or maybe I want to gain some muscle or I they get healthier again these are all generic now not setting a goal is a major problem of course because you'll never even get started however not being specific can be almost as bad because you'll never achieve your goals without being specific so your prescription for the day for this part is so first thing you need to do is set one specific goal and if you want to take it a step further have a really strong why behind it for example losing 10 pounds in two months is specific and it's nice but losing 10 pounds you can be healthier and live longer so you can be with your children and grandchildren and not be a burden or something similar right and be health problematic is a strong Y which will keep you motivated through all the tough times which is inevitable then you want to take immediate action however let's say you do set a specific goal such as I want to lose 10 pounds now what problem is most people do nothing right they take no action right they never get started thus it's a preference to lose weight it's not a must the problem is if you don't take immediate action right life gets in the way right you get busy and then you forget and honestly this is only natural or for some of us like myself you know we we overthink the situation and the end result is still no action so you have to stop thinking and just start doing anything getting started is great so next prescription is after setting a specific goal take immediate action towards achieving it this could simply be doing some research online just getting the ball going forward or maybe buying a book about this topic or maybe just getting up 20 minutes early in the morning and just taking a walk or maybe even taking a walk afterward or purchasing some supplements just to get you don't in the right direction by taking immediate action you train your nervous – just do it not to procrastinate like most of us do additionally you get a dopamine release when you take action immediately which further increases your motivation and happiness so now your nervous system associates this to be pleasurable event right rather than some minute you have to do or it's a hassle or you don't have the time or energy to do it now the next thing you want to do is never give up on that goal but be flexible so after you set your specific goal and took immediate action towards achieving it comes the hardest part of this prescription or equation that's never give up alright so here's a reality check for you things honestly never go as planned right even making lots of these face videos my original goal didn't go as planned I'll be honest with you my goal was at the beginning of year to start making a ton of face videos but life got in the way other responsibilities some family problems right fires to put out every day and then finally six months later I got started okay and I apologize for the delay however I never gave up and I finally got started unfortunately most people just give up and they never get started let alone even finish their goal or when I first wanted to gain muscle right and get stronger in high school and so forth my goal was to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 3 months right not a big deal at that time I was about 6 foot 1 and weight only 145 pounds super skinny ok however instead of gaining 10 pounds of 3 months which is my original goal I lost 10 pounds of muscle in the next nine months I ended up way only 135 pounds right and listen when you're six foot one honestly it was horrible I was embarrassed and I kind of felt like a loser and a failure right I was weaker and smaller even though I should have been going the opposite direction and I was just hurt and devastated basically I was working my butt off right I made all of these sacrifices and I thought well this isn't fair right so the big question why in the world did I get the complete opposite results right well the reason is I unfortunately took advice from the wrong people and I made a lot of mistakes all right I also didn't analyze my results over time or lack thereof you see I wasn't flexible and achieving my goal and honestly I was just stubborn right I kept doing all the wrong things without analyzing it I was so driven that I was blinded and I thought I would eventually gain some muscle even though I was doing all the wrong things and not get any results in actually going in the opposite direction well there was only after I got sick all right and I had to stop and reevaluate the entire situation that I realized my mistakes right unfortunately this is the part of the story where most people just give up if they even got this far right don't think after this time what's the point right I don't know if the genetics this is all big waste of time nine months and I get the opposite you know I should just go do something else again I never gave up though alright I ended up making some major changes in achieving my goal right never gave up and I actually started to be more flexible and then I finally gained 15 pounds in only 30 days I then gained another 10 pounds a muscle in another 30 days so I gained a total of 25 pounds in only 60 days and ten of it was brand new muscle all right fifteen of it actually if you think about it 25 pounds in 60 days is much better than losing 10 pounds of muscle in nine months granted I was still only weighing 155 pounds at 6 foot 1 I was still super skinny but at least I saw some progress because I never gave up right it felt good to finally get some results how did I give it up early though I would have never finally gotten up progress in achieving my goal and this is because again I never gave up I was positive right more importantly I was patient and persistent and let me tell you something nothing in this world alright no amount of connections luck or intelligence will ever compared to having a positive attitude patience and persistence and I still had my goal of gaining as much muscle as possible right of course again things never went as well as I thought or hope things never do right however each and every year I would gain maybe an average of just two or three pounds of muscle now three pounds of muscle a year may not seem like much and it isn't however over the next 15 to 20 years each and every year in a gaining weight and I gained well over 50 pounds of muscle naturally all right which is where I am now about 210 pounds at six foot three and I about nine or ten percent body fat sure maybe I'd like to gain more muscle get lean err right we all want to continue progress however I did hit my genetic potential eventually right and I'm able to maintain this weight naturally no drugs or anything into my 30s and 40s and soon I'll be turning 50 years old now let's face it maybe my body sucks right compared to other people there's you know bodybuilders and fitness people and those who've got really great genetics or maybe take lots of drugs but for my genetics all right it was a great accomplishment thus never compare yourself to other people only compare yourself to you and your past all right always get a little bit better than before and I'll be honest thank God and every gave up on this because of my working out and everything my entire life has changed for the better I'm obviously happy and healthy now there's something interesting people overestimate what they can do in a few months right but they underestimate what they can do in a decade or a lifetime so stop being so short-sighted all right focus on the long-term goal never give up never lose sight of that basically as the saying goes life is a marathon and not a sprint okay or even with all of the years of my schooling right when I look back I have no idea how I did it all school honestly was a lot of work for me it was not easy but I also was running my own business the entire time however I took it one semester at a time one class at a time one year at a time one small goal at a time if I look back to all my years of schooling was a huge big goal right of one big thing I would have never even done it I would have been overwhelmed I would have gotten anxiety I would have doubted myself the entire time which I did what a wooden way works but by setting one small goal after another right always focus on the big picture right the end result goal eventually achieved every goal I set right with my body my education my businesses and my relationships again nothing went as planned but I kept pushing forward and I would say that almost all of my accomplishments and success in life stems from what I learned from working out which is again setting a specific goal taking immediate action and achieving that goal and most importantly never giving up just know that things almost never go as planned right something always seems to go wrong as soon as you point out one fire another one seems to start but listen that's just life and I think you know it it seems like every two or three months right some big problem happens another big fire that you need to put out just do your best and not focus on the negatives as difficult as that may seem right spend the majority of your time 95% of your time on the solution not the problem which is the opposite or most people do just know that life isn't happening to you all right but for you there's always something to learn as long as you learn and never give up you can never fail or even feel like a failure by never giving up on your goals okay by being flexible and achieving and continuing to have a positive attitude and being persistent and patient you will okay and you must achieve almost anything you want in life now personally I put a lot more emphasis on health in my life right because I think you should it should be your number one priority in life health should be because honestly without help you really have nothing if you're sick or tired you can't earn as much money you don't have the time to you can't give your best to your relationships right to your marriage to your kids and heck you can't even enjoy your free time or your vacation you're just tired and sick and and things hurt all the time right okay so right now sit down and decide on what health goal you want to achieve to sweep over the next thirty days or even this year alright then take immediate action right now no matter how small it might be and then continue taking action every day even is just 1 percent more than the previous day alright just one small step forward every day now be flexible and achieving your goal but never give up alright now the most important thing is again have a positive attitude in achieving your goals and be patient and persistent it will happen I promise you in fact getting started right now please post your health goal in the comments below alright you can also go to ask dr. Sam dot-com or click the link below in description area or at the end of this video and let me know how I can help you personally and achieving your health goal all right now I hope this video has lit a fire underneath you and you can take action and make your health a bigger priority you can do it all right please believe in yourself so with that said if you found today's topic helpful please share it with a friend and help them as well make sure you subscribe if you aren't already as always thanks for listening and I hope you have a very be and healthy day


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