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hello my darling so welcome back to our Channel or should I say welcome to my channel yes million new June new this we're gonna book an after the body so I wanted to get some new face you know like gym clothes that is just too you know I look good in the gym for myself that is you know when you look good in the mirror you're like I'm gonna pass off I went to Mac and every other store Earth sporty store expense I was like shit man these are quite expensive for just leggings anyways I went TK Maxx a little bit of white creepy and I bought all of these imagine a safe tons of money Punk and tons of money so I will be showing you all exactly what I bought so this is number one it's like a sports bra it's very cute very soft it's got like a crisscross key back which I find so beautiful and so I did quite comfortable as well I wore this and trying it on is quite comfortable this was for 10 pounds and this is a size small yeah it's quite nice I can't iconic like explain how happy I am with all the bargains I got y'all know how obsessed by Athens marble and what better than to get a marble sports bra this is from else for it it's like it's got quite nice detail it's got like an L sport written here just got like if you can see and I can get all back thank you 3 it's another black one the back is again like crisscross it kind of thing it's got like pads it's quite tight on me which is a good thing it's by Saucony and this was another 10 pounds imagine and it's another size small now gonna think I'm crazy about the crisco's thing so this is another one this is a kind of a navy blue one the back is crisscross I think there's another Moreira is that am i right I am right this is a Moreira again a size small again 10 pounds ladies sit back these are the leggings this is my starter it's got like a zip at the back and I love this because sometimes I'm wearing weight mix rings or something and I don't really have pockets to put it so it's always nice to kind of put it on top of your butt so it's like that it's um it's quite soft this one is by RBF full-lengths legands this was a 15 pounds again it doesn't say the original price but it is so cute look at the detail in it like can see the little dotted stuff it has it all the way on the thighs the only bad thing is it doesn't have like a butt sit oh my god I'm obsessed from this one soon as I saw it I was like yeah this is meant to be mine this is another one by RBX size medium 15 pounds again it has like a see the science oh my god the camera keeps going in and out zoom sorry about that well you see what I was talking about the size like that how beautiful is that and the design as well look at that design I am obsessed with long sleeves ha for the gems are way like the Sports Brandon efan like Stallone long sleeve top so this is under Amma I think that's what they're called Under Armour I really love it like the color is so beautiful the texture is so soft and it's kind of like you gray and pink got quite nice together another one it's a black one a very very see-through like extremely see-through like can you see me kind of see it through 50 pounds oh this was 10 pounds and it's an acai s'more right at the bottom it has the logo or a biax this is also dry fit another pink one long-sleeve it has a little cute lines on earth so come bar code lines how much 10 pounds again it fits quite nicely special like the underarm part Oh face ladies I have never ever seen leggins this color it is so beautiful this is actually yoga leggings pants by a panel look at that how beautiful is that designed like honestly how beautiful it's quite comfortable very soft very stretchy actually the hips are a teeny bit wide for me but I don't care because I'm gonna keep this this is the same one as the previous one by Palmer our panel sorry size medium 15 pounds again it's a little bit different the designs are little bit different the legs are a little bit asymmetrical so they don't really match but I also love that about it this one has it but sit behind and I quite like that this is by Elle sport this was 17 pounds size medium I quite like the I don't you call it reflective thing you know when the light shines on it and you get this kind of reflective yeah got a little cute design here all the way minty think that okay guys so listen up – another leggings gray by BOGO I'm guessing they've just replaced the letter Y with a V for the word yoga I mean yoga sorry I think this makes sense anyways size medium 15 pounds is quite pretty it is it has these kind of like it has this design like the see-through thing can you see it at my hands now right at the back it has something like this is so soft it's like um it's literally made me soft this is by one detta price 20 pounds black oh my god I am in love with the back detail look at that you see it it's got a cute little arrows and like the see-through back thing top this is 10 pounds size small by CC which is C and C stands for California it's quite cute I like the back like one of those see-through materials the front is also a little bit of a see-through material and right at the front it has these beautiful rainbow e color this is another very cute this is kind of like really really shiny one by layers size medium and other yoga pants 15 pounds I fell in love when I saw it from the feet pop good the pride show change quality for last I'm so excited I want cereal I think that's all I eat you know cereal anyways my darlings if you enjoyed the video thumbs up comment down below and don't forget to subscribe cuz that all helps and this month I'm supposed to be reaching 1000 subscribers so come on my beautiful people I love you all and let's help each other


  1. stola cixmaq hardan agliva geldi sen cani?))

  2. So nice. Especially loved the tops. By the way you have not bought any headband? It is easier to workout with the headband on. Additionally, in total it creates sort of style.

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