✅ TOP 5: Best Exercise Ball 2019

Exercise balls have been around for a long
time, but not everyone is a believer. After all, how can a big round ball be safe
for sitting on or using as an exercise tool that’ll help maintain your balance and support
your weight? Or maybe you are like me, and every time you
see one, you want to let your inner child try to kick the giant ball over the roof of
your house. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best exercise balls on the market, we have included links in the description for
each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off with the best overall exercise
ball we have the TheraBand Exercise and Stability Ball. One common complaint among exercise ball fans
is the inability of the ball to hold air over time. As air ekes out of the ball, it loses its
firmness and becomes difficult to use. Luckily, the TheraBand Exercise and Stability
Ball is one of the thickest-walled balls you can buy, and it holds air longer than most
of the competition. Even if it’s punctured, the ball will deflate
very slowly, allowing you to finish your exercise session. In its review, the Garage Gym Builder says
this patented slow deflation technology is a great feature that ensures your safety while
exercising with the ball. Because the Theraband Exercise Ball retains
air so well, you won’t have to reinflate it that often, which is a very good thing because
this ball does take quite a bit of time to inflate in the first place. In fact, one Amazon buyer says the TheraBand
ball is difficult to inflate properly. The ability of this exercise ball to hold
air well and maintain its shape gives it a firm feeling that other exercise balls cannot
match, according to one Amazon reviewer, and many other reviewers agree. The TheraBand ball has just the right type
of surface for grip-ability, says The Wirecutter, because it isn’t too slippery or sticky. Gym Gear Info also likes the durability of
the TheraBand Exercise and Stability Ball, which is also latex and phthalate free. The exercise ball is available in four sizes
from 45 cm to 75 cm and it comes in a few colors. Next up we have the best portable exercise
ball which goes to the DynaPro Exercise Ball. When you’re looking for an exercise ball you
can take with you anywhere, the DynaPro Exercise Ball is a good idea. It ships with a hand pump and inflates faster
than many other balls, so you can be ready to use it within several minutes. The ball is available in four sizes, ranging
from 45 cm to 75 cm, and it features slight ribs around the circumference of the ball
to ensure a steady grip. You can get it in a few fun colors, including
pink, blue, silver, gray, and black. In its review, Thoroughly Reviewed says the
DynaPro ball is great for gym goers because you can quickly inflate it anywhere with the
included pump. Like many exercise balls, you can also use
it for active seating in your office. One Amazon buyer says the DynaPro exercise
ball is a perfect option for using as a substitute for a desk chair, because unlike most exercise
balls, it’s available in gray or black, which fits in better with an office setting than
a brightly colored ball. This is a tough, durable exercise ball, too. The Garage Gym Builder points out that it
has a 2,000-pound burst rating. The ball will also slowly deflate if it ever
suffers a puncture, allowing you to finish your workout safely. Many reviewers even favorably compare the
DynaPro to the high-quality exercise balls you’d find at an athletic club. However, the ball cannot be inflated fully
the first time you use it. You’ll have to inflate it fully after it’s
had 2-3 days to stretch out. Additionally, a few Amazon reviewers say the
DynaPro ball is not as firm as it should be to provide the proper support for exercising. Up next we have the best tough exercise ball
which goes to the Live Infinitely Exercise Ball. We don’t expect anyone to routinely put 2,200
pounds of pressure on the Live Infinitely Exercise Ball, but if you do, you can feel
comfortable that this tough exercise ball can stand up to the pressure. If you’re looking for a tough exercise ball
that’s also really large, the Live Infinitely model is one of the few that comes in five
sizes ranging from 55 cm to 95 cm. You can also choose between five colors, including
blue, green, gray, purple, and silver. In its review, Runner Click liked the durability
and high burst weight rating of the Live Infinitely ball, even though it carries only an average
price point. This ball stands up well to rough workouts,
according to one Amazon reviewer, and performs well under stress. The ball ships with a detailed exercise e-book,
which Empower Moms says is a great feature for helping you learn to use the ball properly. The Lifevest also likes all of the online
tools you gain access to when you buy a Live Infinitely ball, as well as the high-quality
materials used in the construction of this ball. As for downsides, a few Amazon reviewers say
fully inflating the Live Infinity Exercise Ball is extremely difficult. Next we have the best stable exercise ball
which goes to the UR Superior Fitness Exercise and Stability Ball. As we mentioned earlier, if you’re someone
who just can’t wrap his or her head around the idea of a round ball providing the stability
required for exercising or for sitting at a desk, the UR Superior Fitness Exercise and
Stability Ball was made with you in mind because it comes with a stability ring. When the ball is placed in the ring, it will
not roll easily, providing a better level of stability for you than a round ball would
alone. For those interested in using exercise balls
with yoga or Pilates, the Garage Gym Builder says this ball delivers excellent stability
because of the included ring. You also can remove the ball from the stability
ring and use it alone. The stability ring makes this product a perfect
option to use in place of an office chair, according to one Amazon buyer. The ball’s exterior is not sticky, yet it
provides a good grip, making it very stable with or without the ring. The UR Superior ball also comes with resistance
bands that attach to the stability ring, so you can perform a host of exercises with this
ball. However, several Amazon reviewers say they
could not fully inflate the ball, and it won’t fit in the ring unless it’s fully inflated. This exercise ball comes in just one size
with a 65 cm diameter, and it’s only available in gray. And for our last pick we have the best budget
exercise ball which goes to the Wacces Fitness and Exercise ball. With some low priced exercise balls, you may
feel leery about placing your full weight on them for fear of an exploding ball that
leaves you crashing onto the floor. But the durability of the Wacces Fitness and
Exercise Ball gives you the peace of mind you’ll need to use this inexpensive ball to
its fullest. Even though it’s less expensive than other
options, this ball is still quite durable and has a good grippy surface. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t support
as much weight as more high-end exercise balls. Most buyers really like this exercise ball
for its affordable price and say it works quite well. One Amazon reviewer says this ball stands
up to constant use for exercise and for sitting at a desk. In its review, Gym Ventures says its a good
durable ball, but it does need to be re-inflated more often than others. However, a few Amazon reviewers say it’s extremely
difficult to fully inflate it initially. You can pick between three different sizes,
ranging from 55 cm to 75 cm. It’s also available in eight colors, including
black, blue, gray, green, pink, purple, red, or yellow. So that sums up our top exercise balls of
2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
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