☕ The Major Health Problem With Energy Drinks and Caffeine – by Dr Sam Robbins


  1. Thanks from Egypt 🇪🇬

  2. Only the caffeine gives you energy. Interesting, thanks.

  3. just bought an energy drink and i saw this in my notifications, this is definitely the last time. thanks a lot!

  4. but aren't there studies that show that caffein lowers the risk of erectile disfunction?

  5. I was never so much attracted to it. and you helped me make my decision. thanks doctor, you are so caring!

  6. Then why do FDA approved them?

  7. Just ordered your "all in one" formula, thanks Dr Robbins.

  8. Perfect Information. I am 19 I never tried any energy drink and never will. Thanks for more confirmation doctor.

  9. Thanks and thumbs up, Dr Robbins . . . this is what I suspected about those energy drinks all along 🙁

  10. I want to know about co Q10

  11. outstanding video Dr. Sam, I'm subscribed!

  12. i knew all that but nice voice

  13. Subscribe!!! Tank you Dr Robbins!!! I use to Drink 2 Liter a.day every day .. !!!but now? No Energie Drink anymore .. tank you from Germany

  14. good stuff thank you…..

  15. Good stuff doc! I knew those damn energy drinks were a sad joke lol

  16. Damn

  17. first veiwer

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