పీరియడ్స్ లో ఈతప్పులు జరగకుండా చేసి ఈప్రోడక్ట్ వాడితే PCOD వెంటనే తగ్గుతుంది| Treatment For PCOD

[Applause] [Applause] namaste welcome to our Channel PC body my lonely waiting just saw Marcelo is evocative Marie EPC wood is summer say no at the Comanche della PC what is Sam mr. O'Connell in 20 chakra tell this collie PC woody which interval tau e 20 treatments on the bottle online ok ill aunty Beryl Ann in chunky eros monitor partner ooh human care foundation youichi dr. Ajit curve what energy are we related else Cunha mr. doctor welcome thank you doctor take a knee Mahalo Lu a deacon the body part is a muscle OPC would you ever catch up don't are Asli pc wouldn't take this off this you need a polycystic ovarian disorder they need PCOS and have polycystic ovarian syndrome good antara EP C or D or PCOS or any unit a ok hormonal changes wala watching some diseases some group of diseases in the kanga pretty money lucky or a TV window no massacred her mom late rubber on it on the rubber dam Hitler Oh cops are you bleeding a quaver demotic of boredom and irregularity purgatory Rondo the impulse unwanted he PC worrisome a Sunni entity were some a co-manager at center Evi dealer bunch of the election gesture and called a indigo are you very inconsiderate condition finishes worries sister the consumer will not put a Mundell Dora when she makes ourselves or one of these t-shirts the negligence which Eddie Trotta operation Pinot Grigio sorry folks are eager for sensible officials you know venturi idiot a surgical und income very points low infertility round commentary plus obesity PC what is so massive a general election are you are the character star only dente infertility some cell isn't a at the kangaroo burrito unwanted here and in Kyle and election on primary election a loose a period so Gina Pro carbon appear a bottom later periods irregularly okay latina arteaga bleeding over an IT director sravanam liquid sorry spot would I can pick for them it'll end election I don't I unwanted here upper lips are about them and pimples Ravana you could have attended from uppsala lady kept impulse was soon ante up Concha yeah sue squall Rodney Lakota EPC woody samasource Anantara aha what's R&D and and theyíve Iran do somewhere someone um Laguna and a weight will episode it out Oh sir P suitable weight gain God's let me get maintain Chapter eleven day Kenny king say lifestyle stress column low are over lucky it's a las Tres I Tony student life low education stress intelligent what a job stress notary night duties entail a night duties low-rent Jairaj JC much n'importe quoi Dante it in each area and we pretty guy potent it and the junk foods you know them so many ok sorry piece of wood is summer sanity if I shouldn't you start out only a voice over lake okeechobee kasam only route but knowledge a no later than PC what is someone say one then you go to engine key in the company lacks knowledge apparel so also on Technica treatments along nicer treatment law human Care Foundation wondered a mahealani up mundo and and a single teacher he Mahalo powder drug appear in Manila my little cappuccino someone suppose so money my Hellenic a repeater epigenomic retro postpone peanut mundo with water tea squally Dean topper token some yoga pranaya exercise celli and a harem low potato brinjal Jen forts you wanna Manisha Mahela any drug everything up on Justin under you co deity in there except inner tube when you're okay Roku knock on your Oh God make say what you say in look weakness good aura Salamone my healthy weakness or sorry Solana calcium decrease gripe a dead body law result body pains joint pains condom and icky McClement equator so Eva Hillel Oconee mandala Hitler and energy theorem body low energy but I'm body low calcium separate correctly the chair tell about turning okay soon tell about that local language medical only you creator assault even a condition on my learning just around the PC Buddhism's una mala low-mileage Allah aunt a vitamin deficiency could a car Naga manage for a chantara ante in the sense body Chalabi capita on chapter neuroticism Oh week a Potter books are calcium deficiency unitary the man seeking whatever depression Laura bottom fluently more change about and frequent more changing and especially periods time later Inka quit changing we're actually a great sugar or swathi condition auntie Mahina drug drug Matisse code Amala anti nutrition gato pubertina sorry the only ashwagandha under gravity ashwagandha man a second I am mentally this is logotype workout today and I'd like a weakness that's a llama Chile in Los Zetas Orion is grown today Elementary Sarika PC wooden ELISA Monsieur a mango juice come take any harmonic balance below soon and shift over so my heel on a drug Monty is gonna prove Harmon balance out an entire hormone balance a boat okay pcod will irrigate a problem so Chinna you like upper lips Robert I'm chairman Rogers our the only hormonal imbalance eleven I think we were just early periods would have corrected that which is further and take a key Mahela Connie sadly pcod lacunae Ghani thyroid problem taubira we read circuit a correct there was Olivia Malik a while ago died you Milan my he Lani I'm mahealani meet I just need Rodney everything go about it center PC would have no my Hillel about at UPC would Elena my Hallel could have added to a Harmon so masamune American of our dojo and concept owner so you emails me everything about Alli Danville a cure a mega Tavia delay in T Mahela multi-purpose use a year dragon D in low hormonal imbalance watch in a row Gallo like thyroid though period irregular go Adam Atlanta Prague already use it today Rondo the pcod will you just in the communal discretion at or an election a leisurely low unloader work rated mood of the weakness okay sorry he broke a moon doesn't pc oriented hormonal imbalance am under the INA quantum on the ardor lacking only because of stress company stress katsu education stress goes astray so libera period sanity correct Rao Waldo Buddha you say yourself catcha Tonga lifestyle changes come to mahealani and such in a drug Nevada to UM take a knee cut you tango PC would be summer soon are the Comanche achoo Akkad anwar awad Chiana kiveat in Lakota name chess coach kacha tanka Harmon balance goes on punches on algebra thank you so much sorry in too much information on each other then you had a loser so to cerca de I devalued Apogee chimera topic to Mallika rhythm video can commiserate they'd like to initiate chain D Marini interesting we'll discuss on my channel a topic our subscriptions Conde

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