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hello a very good evening I'm dr. Doty speaking fertility expert yo junkman ammu IUI IVF and exceed the differences they ain't DNA team Arthur Compton surgeon got a couple appeal ll ante planning chess cannot approve are gay usually Runa treatment IUI IVF IXY so then the different st. eme you Schalke commander or the Quran Matta so I am today it's called intrauterine insemination a process no husband Docherty sperm me munching of process GC non-throwing apostles and me separate chassis the best motility sperms me lady okay girl bashyam blow insert system on water so it's a very simple procedure and the cost could a child cocoon today and very economical and the procedure put I recall it as an office procedure he procedure key it could jog rattle out someone that normal girl lady Sochi procedure okay – our perfidy thorough toka – Rs 2 1 now or no procedure and refer they can go do the routine activities so job Kalevala kuda morning Gucci are you a procedure tastefully they can even go do the regular job so next I be a fun evening I'll be a funny the procedure in turn take it is called as in vitro fertilization he procedure no ladies in the egg miminum by Tata stomata and then husband sperm in such a spa what 20 are the culture a group big response me we just incubator that so 24-hour sirata baby for Matheny but accelerate intern take X by 2 TC director sperm the inject Chesham I'll just show you through a chart so first procedure monomer you a master con Omkara are you a yellow MJ saman thing this is lady the garbage in Manmatha this is called as nutrition man – so picanha – tube something enter Matta or under shame over a stone type so I you real oh ok me we usually try to get it big gonna – so second and in ciccone tablets injection Ichi are the round tends to 14th day long it becomes mature Mancha are they a good size Manchu the airport thing so scans testimon aki idea till sedan mata employee the rupture out of any our time okay injection CT 36 hours law this is I you a catheter he catheter Guara what we do is we are you a catheter this is called us are you a catheter he capital or husbands for me process chase okay process chase in terrassa mortem he kept that our Lord Rajasthan chase Connie then what we do is with the help of an insulin syringe of the bay so he garbage am law ex release I in 36 hours slow the inserter not so him a chest someone take the brush him opening occurred or in the cervix honey but they Oh Danny pass chasing then we insert normal Oconee situation lower has been a trifle no consent Ibaka Muslims constable deposit our search Oliver ku it gets confirmed by the coup de LAN matter so II 20 situation ie a will trespass the cervix so garbage low prep deposit totally so chances of pregnancy definitely increases on water but then i ually success rate anything 20 to 22 percent per cycle longer to so this is how i you i is then procedure chasing Taraka half an hour ladies here is to this court of Directors Amato so next intent the IVF so I me a flow what we do is second and into latex can chasey egg sanity we take many and they are yellow one or two X knee we usually try and get but I be a flow okay we enter work almost took a 7 to 8 X robber tank economy injections couldn't chew it could all this come on r2 but side-effects lake on the triskin Tamil the 10 days no x-man cheetah arrived I had to prove big you one injection but they will do the lower tummy 36 hours low okay needle Guara are the Medici pain later they come by we get the X own exhibit a teasing occur to three hours errata sperms and a remote the mana petri dish no we just put the sponsor home so 24 hours response what happens if it goes inside by itself and look a baby is formed 24 hours local babies form and then that is called as IVF but Connie conditions no Exige a Alison now somewhat of a yogi Exige a le under key exits in the worst remember ooh sperm lurch all at the coup problem under the anti sperms count channel of takuna promote ility takuna pro what we do is directly in copyright through egg slow plus for me inject cheese so it is called as intracytoplasmic sperm injection the insert Jason Taraka pregnancy fertilization NAB Thunder the outta the and then 24-hour so we see the baby formation so definitely under key only procedure hours from one bathroom so the surgeon go fasta we usually suggest i you i that's a little not very artificial on water it is just one step in the treatment normal the almost so shocked under key i you a success Holly than 10 and you will problem they we suggest IVF in cocoon email condition low spunk on chala taco and motility Tala the Cunha bro we suggest for week see thank you you


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