இது பெண்களுக்கான அற்புதமான மருந்து-கழற்சிக்காய்|Health Tips for Women in Tamil-Physic Nut

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  1. Hii mam useful video mam …enaku irregular period iruku mam apro karumuttai valarchi illanu sonaga doctor ipo edha na today la irunthu start paniruka mam romba kasapa iruku mam ….na pregant aga change iruka mam. Pls reply mam ….im waiting mam….pls mam

  2. Replay

  3. Period time la sapidalama.na 1 week saptutu etukan.ipo period aaiduchu..so ipo continue pannalana.illa na yapo thirumbaum yeathana nall kalichu sapidrathu.solluinga

  4. Period time la sapidalama..pls.solluinga.

  5. k mam thank u

  6. Can it be used for cervical ulcer

  7. Mam…itha etana nal continuous ah edukanum…periods vara varaikum nama edutukalama etana months venalum sapdalama ?

  8. mam kalarchikai saptum podhu pragnecy Ku try panalama nalla result varuma. ila kalarchikai 48 days saptdu mudicha piraku try panalama slunga mam

  9. evvala nal sapidanum

  10. Please rply..cuz I'm using it

  11. Is this really good….some are saying may contain any poison

  12. Hai mam….kalachikai green colour la iruku atha sapdalaa ma mam

  13. Enaku thyroid iruku thyroid tablet podure daily .apdi irukum podhu kalachikai sapudalama?side effect varathuma ena??plsss rplyyy mam

  14. Hi, yenaku september marriage aachu October month 45 days la abortion aageduchi. PCOD illa ana ipo past 4 months period irregular iruku karu muttai valarala nu sonnanga na itha sapdalama.

  15. How to use this seed, please explain me in English,

    How many times do I have to consume it in a day.

    If I don't get pregnant after 48 days then again can I repeat this remedy or not.

  16. Hi mam.enaku 6month baby abort aiduchu.8month aguthu ana innum consive agala.so na itha eduththukkalama

  17. Periods oda ethanavathu day la irunthu sapdanum mam…na baby ku try panren evlo days sapdanum epo sapdanum…knjm sollunga mam

  18. Sapdrathuku munadi sapdanuma… Sapdathuku apm sapdanuma mam…

  19. Ennaku 5cm neer katti eruku sari akituma

  20. Guyz i took this up and i got periods within 11 days but it didnt stop what should i do please help me

  21. Amma na thyroid tablet sapdaren.. Ithaium sapdalama.. Plz rply pannunga

  22. This seeds not available in Hyderabad, please anyone can send me these seeds, call me or what's app me if anyone wants to help me 7729851960

  23. Indha marundhu saapidumpodhum saapaad asaivam eduthukkalama
    Enak marriage aayi 6maadham aach periods regular illa. Naan idhe saapit paakaporen nalla result kedakkum apdeen nenakiren

  24. Hi mam. Enaku 1st babyku apram pcod irunthathu after treatment 2nd baby poranthu 1 year aguthu but ipavum pcod symptoms theriyuthu. Nan babyku feed pandra ipo nan intha remedy try panalama mam

  25. Fridge la vaikabuma sis

  26. Itha epellam eduthukanum rendu velaiya mam pls say

  27. hi

  28. Mam naa ida crt ta 10 days a follow pannitu vara but naa innum menus aagala 2 months a na period aagala idanala edhavadhu problem varuma plz…Solution Sollunga mam enaku 20 age aaguthu

  29. Is kalarchikai is also known as (guskai) ha mam plz plz reply mam its my doubt.

  30. Mam naa ippo nombu pudikkiren. So Naa mrng 4:00 manikki sapadu sapta apro intha kalachikkai a sapduren athanaala entha prblm illai la… Apdi sapdalama Nu slunga Mam…

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