இதய அடைப்பின் அறிகுறிகள் | Heart attack health tips in Tamil

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automatic glucose it occurs it or not I want to paint on the mic and I like to play around how do you have you see Yuma are they so me learning in Alice opting here but Donna yeah I kill no undo my cover Marva good sorry can you micro matter GOP no no a lotta white girl as you know now being a creeper Neutron I'm gonna use here sama dama sue Thomas off camera button up my water my I got the hot guy and I was an analyst out that is no no wonder and I can my camera murder now on the keel of Larimar the guy okay another resonator love being at a budget 11 the Hartzler hard club blogger cuz they're gonna wipe you love you in my garden have been hard pumpin automatic a buco salami brain ik bone brain opera active autumn be active or no heart pumping power 11 days I see pressure now mansion are under Ottoman do where Yama male cuckoo calico poem the car must not apar thing you know boom I go or Mario want the gurukul circuit on I want this other brain rectum Alima ^ the girls hard to undo what they be putting an awesome Alan olive on the softer the corpora methodically micrometer gets out to the copper now being a bachata basic penny come on our lovely how did the mega mega mu came on a machine patina way to wear what anyone do believe our NARM lawanda walking for a pure alone the water opioid here a pure 11 the heater there appears a mile away curvy very we see Hanuman do not a conditional oregano yep American arm will conditionally argan Davina patina okay with where we've done even the valley over understand me teleporting in are on another one do in the pine to number 10 Zeke when they make a mana you see a car my mail on my way to China are they on the heart ler blocker the katakana are you real are all walking no 11 do vanilla you know were not in the war up you are aware we are methyl aware once in a candy / a heartless person every car you know I figure who knows how to do in the patina while on the car why air Camilla on the muscle so purse on the throat muscles I'm on this a lot of time but you know what Caramba Jamari I per annum Mary Samantha I record on the heart attack on are you a little onna one Dunedin tell you later what are you recording best one with thon mania +1 the car away limiting a muscle cell haven't put your being everyone's over heart attack on are you real moon earth Allah warrior Tamela pain or no thunder +1 the kind of I plus 1 the patina is a young is the moon earth me worried I'm love pain 1 this now in the coordinates are under clear new or a timely pain I'm somewhere in a heart attack Connor are you Ariel so in the video number sanam re how did I can are you real part on +1 the birthing not in the recent not a heart attack what was a being about thorium are they on the path you know yeah a heart attack what are they kind of IPL are you nobody know but oh so in the moon who singling in a proper attention away patina will heart attack who are they gonna wipe you from the water number baden-baden am player in the person he loves the carpathian Briana 1 this cancer heart attack in the on the Nikita Colonel Amina 1 do room boom awesome on over do you see my Margaret at the top Athena Butler knowledge where you are right now they're in the personnel my own all a number and they were seen with 10 years you got more in on plug in the my personal number to you via buzzes equipment inventory


  1. Ninga solra inda pain wandal soon as possible hospital ku poradu than best idea I have got second heart attack last month, left hand and shoulder heavily pain same time I went to hospital then 5 days iam in icu ward now iam ok, so please stop smoking

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