গর্ভকালীন সমস্যা ও করণীয় | Pregnancy Problems | BRB Sorasori Doctor Ep 79 | Health Talk Show

leadership shakashaka – janaki bullshit elevation in shadow solution pejorative shastovich Oh constant BRB hospitals limited ability to cherish redacted etiquette poor be Pradesh Madhya Pradesh has it had no immediate effect especially social Michael II should this issue pretty big egg or creating our shellfish – under job issue under the British Navy Junior tag or vocal in show me I looked into only shorter Donna Tartt's develop our own code to hide the holy it should Stosh under she's repeat Natasha – Akash engulfed vocal in shoemaking international in show machete he corny oh baby shalini erotica Daniel Misha Kotik illusion a mirage c'mon transiency be sure I dunno to the Mississauga vehicle to get shots and I want a shot a political entity a mother shot her chin professor dr. Cameron Nessa consulted about with hug your proton guy knee and prasuti big hug BRB hospital limited donated to Tirupati entomology – vamos todos acapella art injera gore vocal in Schumann an eternal never approached Narada tachyonic show misciagna a lotta chanting each other cuts she gets a predicate a toccata hub a scroller the connemara medication should afford good to have it I'm shadow tomodachi available I can count like hello etymology al hamdulillah poverty actually cushioned early TV show Nia caught a Volvo car booty my – Amish are assumed at a mansion oniy only question tacky at making pizza me shaytanic to deter spotted a man of surety estate 800 or a patient the protein linear prediction Monica already complained est the mother cook common problem glue Kiki ball a second actually a margin pregnant – Tara licked her nail problem pseudo Shruti ki-moon ionic problem fiscal tahime a cable terribly slippery litter Akiko beta-catenin normal Nikita abnormal condo problem thermo directorships a common problem would say early pregnancy they were committing by baumyj Tamara Malia Obama will be Bob Yamashita protect American be shiitake answer cara cara de hi JJ cook salmon with a cake into California has a problem tonic Bishop or Iman ahoy the hunter a problem taniyama the Kakashi a joke on coke all positive vomiting Takeda America to counseling coefficient K each was didi a pepper day the amount vision camera polish shockable early morning mainly symptom goal ahoy at certain early morning efficiency guitarrig am rapidly to hot remove in court they even crikey to hell uppity actor dr-dos biscuit ricono they'll share a biscuit Judy shake hi all palpably panic highs only you know she vomiting gonna teach at acuña comment Judy come to nausea vomiting knock Omaha lambda teacher diCiccio Nakano problem are Sakina at sir Takayama teacher drag a cannot say no guna pregnancy safe with Raghu Lombardi notional meeting Tacoma no junior Eva Dugan do key to patient identity a adverse bowler for you kachou who cake how a drug there were poor you started vomiting home China that's a repeated way that civilian heater Jonathan either johnnycakes is avoid lawsuits a patient dehydrated major shape is mutated without set up a number we take a hyperemesis gravidarum believe abdominal efficient catalyst for the booty Roger no talkin Takayama patient came hookah Cabana D selenium a premium injectable J antiemetic buh-buh-buh middle shoe – a comedy theater forum ratio efficient take a municipal but it's the nutrition to lack peace it won't be funny if ever after manage kakuka moon Krishna Babu booty of Myra my dear Jay Garrick in a proton-proton hit a pair inaba died tequila come how did Sean tan among tyranny of halogen community pressure she commented a question John McGee Cabo Madame Natasha a Bellini provoked image attacked a hormonal jewellery no shear vomiting the be she would say I'm only Jetta Joe totaku parish a copy but something much egg don't attack a Dean do push the cock of approach or kitabi eat an opposing did but she genetically but the nutrition Papa my body thicket and extra food or canonical you de Meyer excessive weight loss I am the bomb attack on my kitchen normal capacity bully but egg them the attack of ischemic who wrote your kehta hai batana the normal Java to go Hal Oleg a doctor tweak have a pro something must I reported that Canada team merge twelve weeks per vehicle a formula prophetic Ichiko me talk on deck area nausea vomiting automatically co-mediator and so Connie Jake had the political amrapali extracted to calorie katha jamming aagadu – Octonauts cocoon 'due tomate scurvy a gay actor deem killer she did adam kappa sin chota shakeel rishi externally connect the average weight gain that I caught the her pregnancy the healthy pregnancy had to enact a healthy baby journal Mortimer Tamra Balaji around 11 kg weight gain I got a key to weight gain Jota her back to my today Hildy momentum at her head shower John Harper jr. politician ID 11 kg weight gainer denote a key key to extradite me the high protein vegetable Yamla carpaccio development enjoy know there's a gendarme ee didn't show calorie shakes that in Shutterstock awake stock hobby a github Akito to fluid Abby she had a bully free admission a clinician when I had a pregnancy brain infection to barber hoteth arcade a genomic problem high-minded normal died a shake – so much you like habit Obama did a pregnancy to initiate Corey Jay by Lee Jacob our Beulah attack the body junk food go like the Mefford cocaine typology food sketch out particular by – when I am rising acuity to her hey England America mnemonic fish in particular jaundice near she attend a party II don't Fatima more alert Thank You Maria to pick her up – she's your number bully je ma chez toi big hurry Tori tail motion a comb in to push T guard at show hoods but it cover gluttony be Nina pot covered critical Albert Gore Babu's type my tactical common problem when she goes to catch enema constipation who attack a ordinary she came through that icky icky solution ligature goes to a true national could be problem create Cory which is called a highly pregnancy tea like I necessarily pregnancy take Hobart a comic I a bomb jiggler covered her in Costa Katrina dual core chasing locate the Parana Georgia no Costacurta neutronic village a Tom Rossiter my dear bully Bouree Bouree or product of hepatica b+ gigolo take was – gotta know dual hegemony to shock or more ago stroke Hebei a pre-show boo boo she hit the parents to warm money hakushin Gorham du jeu de Deauville Ekta Kapoor achhi the league rotate Acosta gotten a dual hobby he come to the grotto na hotel I may consume it is indeed so my listeners I'm okay keel in what should i do know the reject attack Victor or nectar from shasta daisy on aqui buluttekin t pi upon yashima should know today that cat's-eye igor Papa staged a target she Dona Iranian Ashley Karen Kiba resolution kids actually pregnant my pipe Ania sure equity pregnancy john-boy pioneer separateness the key to bloody change high Hitcher octonal ear teacher Jane's Polly bottom high-frequency John no Dada Dada Kennedy pregnancy T alpha paneer slippery my day interview data could be she either lambda such gotta have education to pressure develop or chicken ataxia hypertension to the develop orisha theta or later preeclampsia volume rate only preeclampsia tacuba dangerous ever preeclampsia treatment now holy kitchen hood say it oku be dangerous path Jeremiah no this is general edema Jetta Chattahoochee normally Jota panic into joconi remember pipe Aeneas December aboard with your abortion doctor the surgeon he met I take in normally pregnancy general chain Nikita mother pressure agenda Jose by excessive weight gain or no problems you know chata such culpa doctored it for acne treatment adjourn that's it ionic a brush to ecology exercise garage a máquina Bobby she cut he thought on a car that I could apartment abalone catch college Japan a high activity movement bone to holiday cards by exercise contraindicated nap and a pregnancy to Judy Hindi pregnancy hoi dilation or multi household work goo lagoon Toshiba chacorta Barbie April regular exercise Dakota Marvin she did finish meet heart attack on a problem Matson normal exercise cooler she could ever begin to come hard exercise jiggle-jiggle at I repeat a better core a hard exercise maharaja pina who be she Jorah Dora no English word quota of the jumping over to the beach a normal regular hata regular exercise how old household work Jubal college curricula Cory you Lakota Party nominee Joe the economy gentle Cano complication tacky yeah I want collocation or step array that are reading hooks my mother she teaches no sugars any problem II have a spontaneous e assalamualaikum toshiaki attend Hamid II shot Hayden Bullock each at the temple yeah walaikum Salaam shoot the Patsy yeah Toby acted me show you should know both women I will not just a kick each other that's a gonna be sure that we dispense everything is a medicine tonight today be sure to allow okay Marie T koruna car until mission Kuchiki choker core emotional chichi llama – aunty Tecna be sure to make art about see Ashley Jetta Hayashi Fumio Tea Party calico Duty tire cover taj mahai evoke data hi j pregnant interest on Iqbal oh ho – taka taka not a cardinal take a job Derek hit on from the hi JJ we all poked our kilometer and need a passcode to Fernando Bhoomi Jota Bonnie she kept to the terrible body Romeo should chill Katy Perry act accordingly shatter shatter shatter call BJ egg boy die basica Birkebeiner all Popo creek have a evolve it to get big happy at city hall neurologist shake it etiquette alligator ha bj attack opportunity to get past them on a balmy go to that day she's you know shop are a very old port book available routine check on the poor poor hubby that's the only stomach team devoted into Gator hunters home well again say show matter dear sheikh hamad answer even Tapani tab if she could accompany have a paniculata Havilah covered the territory phosphoric whenever mother cetera kindergarten martinis assalamualaikum – okay our cinema – Athena Bullock is at the jumble didn't meet that acute it wouldn't suit the Patsy I'm gonna show Louis ready to wrestle Oh a tattoo parlor – Lickety that's him I think you know again good that's a piranha such a common tool especially for money he pipe organ that's tickets I'm a – at a time when our baby shouldn't be called Hopalong chimin that's a political vendetta by Roberta Marie delay approach invisible she get a midget a quarter parent daily at least the glass dude can do shackled biggle do the demon it appropriate or control tag be it won't happen or junto barfing – coca-cola hit apparently no protein gel to cover doll much monkey to be sugary kind of rodent about me that's it no I'm a GU to boomys jihad is Adama pika how important activation and equitable scene and Hakeem habitat are killing a solution to have it at key bowler at CB showed any actually covered Lee a minute about your pregnancy their proton decay hormonal Jenna be she vomiting to high velocity cajeta hi dear cover stomata cap a school in paraná sheet agenda Bischoff or meeting I dunno last 8 oj egg brave Ishikawa Nike or swimming shorts but you dig Lochaber Georgia hojomachi cover gulag hora to recover a college in America a wholly evil actor kept 18 th are canta abdomen old bucolic abu saleh mother died so much to hope inertia answer when I called the pregnancies it could be important action actor be sure who change NBC show good ticket shock around an attacker among regular doctor came easy to Cora he shot a computer programmer boutique into own in Cheltenham on holiday to boost the China but boost a para una but who know should I kick you back to go to that actually coated in powerful dr. Biesecker out Bathsheba might you know do join us join name hello her baby shut it to date about cool director question CJ a mother I want the nanny daddy da da da that I came to go 14th ecology I'm not the one who dr. Casey giant now Halldor can attack on over lactic acid Jetta hobby into a convection approach a I'm gonna show Madara a mother in my regard Oh booty ho Chin and Arunachal Authority the hombre I can pressure as Jedi abusers to say the pre pregnancy teen are under a problem reading Hawaii abortion who AJ even but jacket addicted several but Jack on the night alone Ishmael John Moe go to to teenage on March 8th Cibola Jota Jota Jota better growth hosana the problem below judy Umrah solution is GTI only every actor shoes to Marsha's to buttered idiom which I now wish I wanted ignorant little take apart a hobby predict Tamaki the near is disinterested she can ignore checkup quarter regular checkup embryology who w-h-o a who World Health Organization in a bullet at least chapter visit a mother quarter Hammacher the activities both home HR machine month Egbert visit Colby she dr. K a bumper prosciutto bitch they got a shop tag but mostly shop they even took the shop tank measure of OSHA doctor visit Corbin that's him they didn't importance to collect a magical plankton magical doctor cancer she I'm Reagan to a patient can his teeny cash for Monday that I get pregnancies on Monday evil that got a family taken low pressure diabetes Zbornak on the bottom a gherkin of disease at Sakina is tubular running that rotation camera examination called idiopathic emulsion totaku no problem our chicken on a controller problem they are taking a faggot pigmentation agglomeration of pitcher SS Corey Corey America Chu investigation Corey investigation basic mystery of mast after lag for thicker pregnant man over shaker table a investor and Koriyama Dickey little rock to show noted Sakina that jaundice our chicken at that diabetes are suggesting a pregnancy there but you really upon infection art signal even infection I took OB border problem kendama that made their pregnancy that they ate or do they afternoon not that he and vomited eater now the he reignite a caponata I mean it is gonna call him doctor nada get a legitimate today it had you know job the complication Osama there Meyer then what the hood chip at all should stop pushed over to develop put us J my deliberation we only get only problem would say the hombre avoid garage you know a bushy regular internal checkup in class were put link a bull book I predict them the deccan absent the nearest intuitive ocean checkup or pain even shaken a data Javed a check-up reported you – a doctor or Monica rage after this special kono doctor to visit darker of a senior car no consolation darker Tekonsha who can take away those different shoulder hospital balan back the tertiary center Duvall and Medical College eyeballin specialized hospital Ashera for curbing into at least after catchy dr. DeSalvo she did the hobby assalamu alaikum – okay anima – Athena Maliki and the devil well it's a no I'm alone in my machine table here Jubilee to the backseat I am otherwise I can ask my students amar Chaudhary amar why period riot much about the Indian Territory just water put it in chocolate have editorialize party will worship de pinna legally that's mighty Ghulam Ahmed about when it's politically correct oh okay I could shoot down an ultimatum monarchist again no I could have to get a machete time penalty no shock do no bar – legit aha specifically turtle Vita mineral put the pan in every terminal of a virgin with a cake to push sticker covered then team do protein gel to cover them it will take an Akula acne at least do a team deglass dude corn hmm put your panic horn among shocked Alberta helper GG got it it doesn't happen like it should have DeNiro bhh I don't calcium calcium corn a particular after wife Kay you push to Kolkata then a security William G Money a cottage it I'm gonna bully dick – vitamin C kit that seaweed cater for a daily act according to law gonna go dump and hakuna core temperature art much i phone call or dr. katz corner jumper share to shake to AG vitamin c have a vitamin B company robe Ebola meter Hebei a bombshell regular that the brush Corp a Hooley called Authority Kojiro that's it tickets I'm gonna maybe be shot a I'm nasty changes I'm JB shot any coral chillum iconic Jemile show Michelle who Tea Party Jake you know tiny problem Joe last a very pregnancy or to abstain city back to pre or kick it holiday show Michelle actually thought cannot shame up which were J tire problem hoochie a tactic each other Cassidy through a bebop Chunkin clue Kiki at reach a bleeding breakdance the bleeding Judy ho Jake you know show my the early pregnancy to Hope Valley pregnancy oj gonna show a pregnancy video day you know I must have been a motive Jacana so much the bidding height a copy alarming over should our Gazette hubachek another bidding it for a Judy the agenda patient Alicia the Capri mother shot it seemed to be shown in the magenta today do Madame de to cover everybody opposition did they take a little gets tricky problem hatch a bit foolish I guess to grow food it depends you know interested Plaskett a parish a seed up and enter success the chomsky mighty I should invite America today instance of me presumably presumably grew PDT / a the fantasy plus the CFK dicta / a the Chalmers could add anything back how are they going to operate happy to hear providing 2kd coke JJ covered for Hosanna Hosanna acidity would say tacoma kina a decent adjourn auditable chain shooter happening to stool culture Coretta hijae pre-beta Oh Chico not a doctor like a surgeon we have this tool called chakras decay they critique our only third part but could eat a whole chain but I did kobato hodja hodja and the city they come to the hotel elevator now apne better whole chicken second you need a problem to chanted it said the chair mushy chapter Takamoto tinta it's an erect I mean seven month to appear like a chicken Enoch Eric – okay team Aloha healthy addictive / – no mathematic or a community Chris Aki mother with her surely do depreciate genin ahoy the holy SH half Mushaf Nemeth I'm a third generation director paracetamol template called dick the parent Commissioner each other package you give better high up ladyship stairs did you know math about that hotel in the engine called a hoot savolta sir they're actually a coma Talbot a convention Takamoto hobby Oh lovely to next attention and Oceania Cory Talia show Cory Martha weather Takumi debate and say mother started chillin detailer the cage antedates and a new owner act macho didn't come pregnancy can do only gonna sign symptom Victor partner she could to call to DJ or decide seem to make Department back on the phone company objective even taste coded they can pregnancy positive in the positive for socket I live a better with cherish of the podía pick out a solo graphic movement erection of the peninsula's seven weeks which I bet the fond of me but single kina valtor's lithography Deepika chew nothing Curtis department you have me but that a pregnancy to Hilda kina ACTA watch ever do taboc shekinah even but that interests are thinking about second problem articulate a flea I like ships operate ultrasonographic only up to boost ever produced in a quiche indicator is to commercial judge here mother Dara who Goomba had sent other children boom ah Hotel voltage at Tina mother for emoticons it as a happy pregnant whore Aggie and young guy need consolation Joker Joker on a poem apneic a deck they can and jabber Kuno disease are chiquinha well data American political P conceptional counseling Volvo booty horn Agia P dr. Cashion I'm rapid chica pulpo : hundred pregnancy rakia prakruti CJ 1 diabetes at Sakina thyroid emotional Sakina a prageeta Capri sharp oh no problem rock to schemata erotic you know Brigitta k SS Karina boy and they were for it thankfully I'm Raj attack or ejecta folic acid D Eric they're not prejudicial Ithaca really pregnancy just so Sean ten originally the perimeter map according to know but or like best suit or whatever the show I did said no no no showcase you know what they're asking I'll understand any eventually she I can be enabled overhead the congestion chillin pregnancy pure could be sensitive attribute aka mr xu so much that Justice Antonin Judy kill a shock or attack and she could say poori Barracuda manapouri Barry ro Jarrett and my shut Ishita Jarrett's in Shaba key to shorter to knowledge it's a Metallica record see the shock a very ambitious to should not have a Taketa Yagami Lord Buddha Harriman Tanzania they make any maternity that the proportion to Schwab I'm hollow talk men should sort of been near about it had been Bush Academy at a time it could happen you


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