चिंता का इलाज ध्यान और योग के साथ | Anxiety Treatment With Meditation By YogaGuru Shambhu Sharan Jha

Hello, Welcome to F3 Yoga Meditation Channel Myself Yoga Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha & today I am going to talk about Anxiety Why does it happen? Let’s take this topic and discussion ahead There is merely a difference between Anxiety and Funeral (Chinta and Chita) Its said by our elders that with that mere difference Anxiety is as equal as funeral Why does it happen? Now a days time is aspiring and every human is highly aspiring and they should be But when those aspirations are not fulfilled then human is hurt Due to that emotional hurt he began to think about his future and reputation in his family and society He get completely lost in this fear and anger He completely lost himself and his mental status become so worst He lost his self confidence also due to that he had headache, low & high heart rate Stomach disorders and many more sudden problems In morning he feels body pain, lethargic , non energetic, When he meet and get his test done but none comes out in the test Doctors advice them to have medicine, then he takes sleeping pills Till the time pill is working, he’s calm but then again his mind starts running around those insecurities As in this situation he has no control over his mind and keep on thinking about that only No body has the treatment for this problem, a doctor can give you sleeping pills Though you will sleep but while sleeping your mind is round around that Because of no proper sleep as the pills works as per its dosage How to get rid of this anxiety ? As entire man problem is troubling entire man kind Especially our teenagers, working people but let me tell you a simple solution Just do Naadi Shodhan Pranayama continue for 10-15 min Close your eyes and take long and deep breath. Do this process for 5 to 15 mins After 15 mins you will realize heat in your body When you’ll oxygen then you might feel vertigo but then don’t panic When the oxygen goes into our veins then we do feel different After doing this,if you feel so or not even then its absolutely ok Do Naadi Shodhan Pranayama for 10-15 mins and after that sit in a happy mood and concentrate on your breath Don’t move your body even less than a needle point, set a timer in your body in close your body for 15 mins Also do remember one thing that your lumber spine should not be bend Don’t move or do like this sitting in 15 mins in meditation means that you are under treatment So just don’t your move your body even less than needle points for 5 mins only with set timer You’ll notice that within 15-30 days you will fight against all the problems with your confidence You have to nothing instead doing this pranayama for 15 mins keeping your stiff body like needle point Make sure you are completely dedicated towards this Just sit straight for 15 mins keeping your lumber spine straight and since you have self confidence Our body is like a temple and our is like a god they never leave us in trouble When the energy and fire will increase then the entire world be energetic And you’ll achieve what you want to achieve and you will remain successful and happy So today we share one of the smallest way to get rid of anxiety Do follow this as this is 100% tested and many people got relive by this solution so as you will get too Thank you

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