इस दीवाली सेहत और स्वाद दोनों साथ साथ | Healthy And Happy Diwali Wishes & Tips |

Welcome to health care at home Diwali is coming, So I decided to wish my all the lovely viewers This Diwali, we must celebrate the festival as it spread happiness so don’t compromise on your happiness But make sure to not to burn excess of crackers as the environment is already polluted Try to not to add more pollution in the environment Also don’t spoil the kids festivity mood, please don’t do that Let them burn 1-2 light crackers as they this chance once in the year So please don’t stop their festivity happiness Sweets! Yes, we must eat sweets after all its festival time But try to eat Jaggery made sweets or eat some jaggery before sleeping As jaggery works really wonder to balance the pollution in the environment If you have carrot available, try to have it in salad also its juice is considerable This will detoxify your lungs and balance it with all the bad breath going along with crackers burns During Diwali lot of exotic dishes are made You must eat them and enjoy as its festival time but Do eat 2 tsp Psyllium and drink lot of water throughout the day Drink at least 3.5 liter water in a day So just enjoy your Diwali with this simple health tips as I am enjoying too May we all have goddess Lakshmi’s blessings forever May we all get lot of prosperity and with this wish I wish you a very Happy Diwali We want you to stay healthy, busy, relax and be with us To meet us you have to subscribe to this channel If you want to stay healthy forever, do subscribe to our channel & do like and share our videos Thank you & Happy Diwali


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