Dear Friends, I welcome everyone on the channel IZMAN PRO! Today we will see the Little Secrets of a great professional arm wrestling Alex Kurdecha professional athlete of the category top 8 2019 year in Kiev I agreed to conduct an easy training session before the match with Krasimir Konstantinov. It was part of his plans and record it all on video! let’s go train with Alex Kurdecha and ask him questions, he will answer us! look at the secrets of professional Arm how many repetitions will there be? – I do repetitions only for warming up no specific number of repetitions depending on well-being, from the gym air temperature – maybe 20, 24 reps – why do you need it right now, on the eve of the match (vendetta) – I’m doing everything the same as I did before now – at about the same time as the vendetta – warm-up training doing a workout with very small weights 5%, 10% – 10 kilograms per block – yes, this is “nothing” This is to turn on and warm up The day after such a training, this gives some kind of “leap” for the base strength What it gives – when you go out (for a vendetta) – you don’t need to warm up too much and the body is already ready for a big load of physical – I can’t call it any specific technique, I can call it your personal experience – the secret of Alex Kurdech, based on his personal experience – this is a “test”, not the fact that I will not change this in the future there is a specific training schedule that I am making I follow, at a particular stage, what is the result and see what affects the result. This system gave a certain result. I adopted this technique I try to pay maximum attention to all the minor nuances that will allow me to perform better at competitions maybe it even gives me a better “mood” before the tournament when you warm up in training the day before I already got into the habit of such a “warm-up training” – I’ll make an assumption now. Can today’s training be called a distraction from thoughts about tomorrow’s vendetta? – let’s do the bench press, I’ll tell you everything – I want to know if there is a psychological effect from this training? – there is a psychological effect that you get some confidence and at the last moment you know how you feel it gives a good feeling of “self”, gives a “mood” and of course gives that feeling of confidence Feel that tomorrow you will “turn on” there is no such thing that tomorrow I will turn on or not turn on, will I react to the start or not you know that you did it before and everything worked out before and you know that now all this will work out! here is such an interesting technique from Alex Kurdecha this is the first time I’ve heard that professional athletes have lost their mind after rest usually, athletes show high athletic performance in arm wrestling after a long abstention from power loads arm wrestlers often rest 7-10 days before the competition but what we see is what Alex shows it’s also a novelty for me this is a new technique for connecting to the competition when the athlete is summed up with minimal weights, makes his control points in order to feel your body better the next day let’s see what secrets Alex will tell us in the next exercises see tomorrow what it will give, but I will tell you again: it makes it feel like “drive the blood” perhaps this gives a feeling if you saw the guys who lift the biceps they are at their maximum in lifting the bar for biceps do about 80% on the bench press It would seem – where does the bench? I could compare and check all this … in the previous step, I can understand that it helps me to “turn on” be faster and stronger see how it works now last time – it helped what other exercises will be today? today there will be more biceps normal and block – regular biceps and block and it happens “unusual biceps” so unusual – like Denis Tsyplenkov – for me, normal biceps is what I always do it means without any isolation without any specific special exercises I like to train “regular biceps” on the hammer – is it such a grip when you press the barbell with your thumb? – Will you do the whole training in a jacket to keep warm? – Yes, I should sweat a little now, and when I’ve warmed up well then take off, it all depends on the air temperature in the room while Alex is doing, I will ask our operator to take a close-up of your grip because it’s a “special” performance I also use it in my training and for athletes who wrestle on toproll, I want to focus on this particular exercise finger position between fingers keep your finger open and work with little weight the main thing to keep an eye on the elbow I see that your elbows are pushed forward and the second option – with a little pronation it cannot be called pronation – rather, it is a partial flexion of the hand bending the brush goes quite a bit so that the stereotype of movement is not violated so that the “direct” movement does not line up because during the struggle you do not direct movement I suggest you already share in the comments how do you think Is this really effective for fighting toproll? or you don’t need to use it in your training process – I think you need to discuss it! write comments! this is also an exercise with micro weight because the movement itself is important here it can be done without a handle but when I do this in the gym with a handle, I still warm up the shoulder joint brush with elbow we have in american football when we play


  1. Несмотря на коронавирус, Илья делает видосы))респект 👏 . Братья и сестры, берегите себя и оставайтесь ЛЮДЬМИ в любых ситуациях и испытаниях 🙏.

  2. Алекс очень позитивный чел👍

  3. Грамотные вопросы для начинающих

  4. Подскажите толкового тренера пожалуйста, к которому можно прийти и довериться на все 100% по армреслингу в Киеве

  5. Алекс: Мне кажется мне кажется мне кажется….
    слишком много мне кажется🙂

  6. Алекс вроде умный и думающий богатырь,но умудрился проиграть Дыдыргали и Красимиру ,которые слабее его)))

  7. Его вес как у добротного хряка , около 160 кг

  8. Алекс , где ноги?)

  9. Мало весь плохо очень

  10. Мелковат викинг…

  11. Я извиняюсь Курдече тренируются или нет 🤦‍♂️

  12. Ждём Алекса на злотом туре и потом опять в топ восемь

  13. Я знаю Илью лично и он на моем фоне ВЕЛИКАН -боюсь представить размеры Алекса )))))

  14. За видос лайк, Курдеча классный чел и спортсмен, НО я думаю что его непонятки в тренировках и с таким весом проигрывать значит что-то треньки его неэффективные, и вообще когда он говорит, такое впечатление что он сам себе не верит и не знает как нужно и неуверенный какой-то, надеюсь он поднимиться в рейтингах, всем бобра)

  15. Алекс крутой чел, но с такой антропометрией он должен был как минимум в тройку попасть.

  16. Илья согласен насчёт того что Алекс ещё покажет хорошие результаты 💪🏻

  17. Кусок мяса) 😉

  18. Уебищней тренировку я не видел, делает до прогрева но не запампить это как. Делает так все коряво понятно почему углы у него расходятся, но он все равно молодец силой тащит

  19. Откуда Он так хорошо русский язык знает ?

  20. Притоком весе масе, надо пахать наращивать силу, работать над мышцами на свякамм

  21. где тот поединок будет происходить? там что нет коронавируса?

  22. Изман обычный парень по физухе который несколько лет назад занимался каким то спортом чисто для поддержания формы

  23. Друзья всем привет, Ильюха)Этот тип тренировки называется "тонизирующая" с ним сложно не перейти грань,чуть больше нагрузок и "закислился" и всё пропало! зная результат у него не сработало.Илья как всегда привет с России)

  24. Наконец-то ролик на 30 минут!! ❤👍💪

  25. Молотки гантелями тоже считаю эффективное упр., для армреслинга.

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