Гимнастика Бориса Князева (урок 1) / Boris Knyazev’s gymnastics (lesson 1) + English subtitles

Hello dear friends! I would love to start our first meeting from something very useful. And in my opinion the most useful thing for a ballet-dancer and for any other person who wants to keep fit is Boris Knyazev’s gymnastics. His methodology makes it easier to recover from an injury, easier to get in shape or just to keep fit. And the point of all this is that we feel our body. We begin to understand it, begin to control it and even solve some problems. I mean if one has problems with joints or one is not flexible enough or just wants to feel good. For a ballet-dancer the most important thing in this method is to learn to feel the inner thighs. People often ask me how to hold legs at 180 degrees. Not just lift and drop them but really hold them in that position. The answer is simple: you need to train your inner thighs. Actually the whole Boris Knyazev’s methodology is based on it. And that is what we will be doing now. I will start to explain and show you the exercises. And I hope it will be easy to understand and useful for everyone. Before we start our exercises we need to warm up. My favorite warm-up is the warm-up for the back, because the back is responsible for our legs and for everything in our body. That is why first of all we will stretch our back. We are not just bending forward, we need to imagine that we have some kind of an obstacle here. Like we are doing it over the ellipse. We are bending forward and stretching our back. We need to feel it stretched here. Feet together. We get back slowly, now with our feet shoulder width apart Stretching our back very slowly. Making a full circle. This way. And the other way round. After that we get into this position and just bend keeping our back flat. Your need to hear a click right here but I do not have this click anymore because I have already done the stretching. Same for the other side. And after that we put your feet shoulder width apart again and we reach forward. Head down, just forward. It looks like that in profile. Stretching our arms and legs – to the other side. I will show it to music And a circle. The position is like that. Bending here. To the other side. Far forward. Reaching our arms forward. Hips back. It will look like that in profile. Good. Now we are ready. The first exercise that we are going to do we will do lying on our back. We don’t need a mat, we do not need anything apart from the floor. Just lie down. Straighten your legs We will lift our knees. And together with our knees we will lift our body. Meanwhile we need to keep out back flat. Do not do like that and do not arch too much. Back straight. Down and up. Then turn your legs to the side to warm up your back. It is very important to keep your knees together. Never do like this. After that we will touch the ground with our toes. We can repeat this exercise twice. Or even three times. Actually doing it once is enough as well. Then we roll over and do the same exercise. Well, almost the same. You can also repeat it two or three times. If you wish to do it and if you are able to do it Our first battement tendu on the ground. Again. Wonderful! The point of this exercise is to make these muscles work. These are our inner thighs. This is what will help us to keep our legs up not loosing height and in general do ballet to improve your health and not to harm it. The same the other way round. Actually, even doing it once will give you a hard time that is why I do not recommend to do it twice. But if you wish you can increase it. In a few words the exercise we are doing now is something instead of a plie. I mean I see no reason to do the real plie as we do at the barre because in that case we are using other muscles and now we need to concentrate on the inner thighs. That is why the combination will be as follows Repeat this exercise two or three times. The same once again. Roll over. Excellent. Also do it two or three times. The next exercise we will do is very good for the hips. We will lie on the back and from the sixth position we will rotate our legs. Turned out and parallel. Then we do the same at a low level and the same at 90 degrees. After that we will lower right and left legs alternately in turned out position and then extend both legs at the same time. But it is important not only to spread your legs wide apart but also to get them together feeling your inner thighs. These very muscles, they are very important to us. Excellent! The other way round. Excellent! When we do the exercise the other way round we will need a towel. We put the towel on the ground not to feel pain when these bones touch the ground. Next move. I forgot to do it and it hurt. So. Next move. Let’s do it to Adagio because it is slow and calm. Lying in the Fifth position. Legs straight in front of you. Développé 45 degrees. Spread out. Lift. 45 degrees to the side. Forward. To the side. Rond de jambe. Rond de jambe. And close. All the same the other way round. Développé. Open 45 degrees to the side. Forward. To the side.
Forward. To the side. Forward. Cou-de-pied. Open. Put down. We start with the left leg. It is very important to work not only with your legs but with your abs as well. Well, as always. Music, please. All the same at 90 degrees. Again. One more time. It will be very good to stretch after the Adagio. Let us just sit like that. We will stretch our back and our leg. Then let us lie on the back. Legs pulled to your chest. Let us lie like that. Around 50 seconds. Then pull your knees very tight to yourself and start to open your legs to the Second position. Like that. And put them down. You can do it around 7 times. Just reach toward your feet. Feet flexed like that. We better stay like that for around a minute. It’s not easy. But very useful. And all the same the other way round. At 90 degrees. Likewise we should do the stretching after that. I suggest that we do it like that. After that it will be good to stretch the back like that. Reach forward as best you can pushing your hips backwards. At the same time extend your arms forward. That is the best way to straighten from this position.

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